Impact Wrestling Results (10/7/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing October 7th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: September 30th

Impact Wrestling Results (10/7/2021)

#1. Bullet Club, Chris Bey, Hikuleo & El Phantasmo vs. Fin Juice, David Finlay, Juice Robinson & Chris Sabin — Winners: Bullet Club

– Josh Alexander says the dynamic between him & Christian Cage would usually be a privilege, but instead there’s an issue. At Bound For Glory we’re going to find out who the face of the company is. Christian thinks he can play mind games, but tonight he is going to deal with Austin & Fulton and show him what he has to look forward to.

Heath’s Address

Heath has had a crazy year. He was so close to getting his contract, and the rug was pulled from under him. Thank goodness he had his wife and kids at home, to be doctors for him. “He’s Got Kids!” chant. What makes him sad is that he lost his best friend. He heard from Rhino for a month, and then he cut him off and never got any calls or messages. It’s not the Rhino that he knows, VBD has brainwashed and abused him, and it’s really pissing him off. He’s out there today to call out his best friend Rhino so they can talk.

Here comes Eric Young and Violent By Design. Rhino is nowhere to be seen. What part of this don’t you understand? The Rhino Heath knows is gone. Eric made him better, stronger, and more pure. How many times do they have to get rid of you? Young speaks for Rhino. “You’re Not Rhino!” chant. Heath says Rhino doesn’t belong to anybody. Eric says the Rhino he knew is gone forever. He’s not going to say this twice, he’s going to lower his eyes, leave the ring and never come back, ever. Heath says with all due respect, he isn’t holding his head down for anybody. He has busted his ass to get back here and he won’t walk out.

Young hears him, but he’s going to leave or he will force their hand. Heath asks who wants to try him? He attacks Joe Doering, but VBD run over him in no time. Young told him, and Rhino isn’t coming. They put Heath down in to the ground and cover him with their flag.

– Backstage, Willie Mack is looking forward to the X-Division tournament. Brian Myers students interrupt them, which is enough for Rich Swann to go and ask Scott D’Amore for a match with these fools. They go ask Brian Myers for his blessing, but he won’t be at ringside because it’s a dumb idea.

#2. Kimber Lee, Brandi Lauren & Lady Frost vs. Mercedez Martinez, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans — Winners: Martinez, Steels & Evans

Alisha wants Kimber Lee! Gail Kim gives her that, but she also gives her two others in a Monster’s Ball match in honor of Daffney at Knockouts Knockdown.

The Influence invite Decay for their “It’s All About Me” show. They piss off Tenille Dashwood to the point she goes on a long bleeped out tirade which shocks everyone, even Decay. The Influence don’t seem interested in any questions, so they are dismissed. Rosemary says the show is theirs now, and they could use a new host body for an upgrade… while she touches Tenille. She gets very itchy and paranoid about that and runs away.

#3. Steve Maclin vs. Black Taurus vs. Petey Williams — Winner: Steve Maclin

– Christopher Daniels gets in Christian Cage’s face and lets him know that one day he wants an opportunity for the title he never held, the Impact World Championship. He’ll let him think about it.

– Johnny Swinger is feeling down about Swinger’s Palace shutting down. Fallah Bahh says they got what they deserved. They show off some images of former owners Dixie Carter & Jeff Jarrett, referencing Swinger’s jokes from previous weeks.

#4. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Zicky Dice & Manny Lemons — Winners: Swann & Mack

Brian Myers & The Learning Tree rush to the ring and take out Swann & Mack. The numbers game is too much for them. Myers wasn’t in their corner, but they still take care of business.

– Scott D’Amore has Deonna Purrazzo in his office to give her a reprimand for attacking her on the farm last week. Mickie James bursts in and wants a piece of her. D’Amore has had enough of this, so he puts a no-contact clause on them. If Deonna touches Mickie, she loses the title, and if Mickie touches Deonna, she loses her title shot. Gail Kim has a plan for them at Knockouts Knockdown. They will “pick their poison”, so they each get to pick an opponent for the other at the PPV on Saturday.

#5. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Christian Cage & Josh Alexander — Winners: Christian Cage & Josh Alexander with the Killswitch

Cage nodded to Alexander just before hitting the Killswitch on Austin. They stare each other down before shaking hands. Josh doesn’t let go at first. He lets Christian go after they show each other respect. And that’s all folks! See you for Knockouts Knockdown on Saturday night.

–Impact Wrestling Results (10/7/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (10/7/2021)

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