Impact Wrestling Results – 10/19/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results page. No spoilers and no politics. 

Show opens with Lashley and America’s Top Team coming into the Impact Zone.

Johnny Impact def Chris Adonis with Countdown to Impact in a lackluster match. After the match, Eli Drake tried to attack Impact but Johnny was waiting for him. He ripped off Drake’s pants and took his belt and started whipping him. Adonis back up and they double teamed him. Garza Jr came down to make the save and chased Drake and Adonis off.

Texano def EC3, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, and Fantasma in a Five Way Match in AAA. They showed the entire match and Fantasma delivered an inverted tombstone piledriver to EC3 but Texano stole the victory after knocking Fantasma off the apron.

Desmond Xavier def Andrew Everett w/ a double back springboard Pele kick. Afterward, Trevor Lee held the belt up and taunted Xavier.

Grado comes to the ring. He calls out Joseph Park. He yells at him for stealing his money and taking advantage of him. Joseph Park admits it and reminds Grado he owns his visa. Grado wants his freedom and Park offers him a contract for a match at BFG. Grado signs it and Park says he didn’t read the fine print. The match will be a Monster’s Ball match and it will be against Abyss.

Outside, Grado is worried about the match with Abyss. He gets in his car and turns on the radio. After switching the channel a few times, Abyss’ theme comes on and Father James Mitchel is in the backseat.

O.V.E. def Black Diamond and Black Danger in a televised match from the Crash Promotion in Tijuana Mexico. They won with a spike tombstone.

America’s Top Team comes to the ring. Dan Lambert cuts a promo ripping the fans and talking about how he is the biggest professional wrestling fan. He opens a duffel bag and has many old school wrestling championship belts from the 60’s and 70’s. Titles that were held by the likes of Jerry Lawler, Bruno Sammartino, and Ric Flair. He continues ripping the fans something fierce. He issues a challenge to Moose and Stephan Bonner at BFG.

Moose and Bonner come out but Lashley attacks them from behind. The MMA guys from America’s Top Team gang up on Bonner and take him out in the ring. Lashley take out Moose before sending him into the ring. He spears both men. Lambert continues to rip the crowd, calling them mindless sheep. Security comes down but he laughs at them. Shera comes down but the MMA guys take him out and Lashley Spears him. Andrew Everett comes down but Lashley hits him with a powerslam and then a spear. The group poses over a fallen Moose and Bonner.

Taya Valkyre def Rosemary with a double stomp. The end came after Taya delivered several kicks ala Daniel Bryan and Rosemary did her rise up and attempted Red Wedding. Taya countered out and rolled into a double stomp for the three count.

After the match, Rosemary misted Taya. She takes the microphone and says at Bound For Glory, they will see a different shade of red. The shade of blood. She says they’re going to paint the town with Taya’s blood.


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