Impact Wrestling Results – 10/26/17


Welcome to Thursday Night Impact. Please refrain from spoilers. Thank You

EC3 and James Storm def Fantasma & Texano from AAA in Mexico. Near the end of the match, Texano and Fantasma were fighting with each other. This allowed James Storm to deliver The Last Call Superkick for the win.


Backstage, Dutch Mantel is arguing with Eli Drake about not showing up for his scheduled media appearances. Eli Drake tells him off and walks away.

Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore are arguing. Mantel says Eli Drake is not returning marketing calls, not showing up for appearances and wants to withhold his paycheck. D’Amore says they can’t do that. They have momentum. James Cornette comes in and repeats everything Mantel said word for word. D’Amore says he’s going to work on the show and they should figure out what to do with Drake. Cornette and Mantel talk about getting retribution on Eli Drake at BFG.

O.V.E. def Banks and Atlas in Border City Wrestling in Ontario Canada to retain the Impact Tag Team Championship. The match was joined in progress. Banks and Atlas made a match of it. Banks nearly got the win after catching Dave Crist with a cutter outta nowhere and a flying elbow. Crist blocked a hurricanrana and Jake came in and delivered a kick to the head and set up the spike tombstone finisher for the win.

Eddie Edwards def Marufuji in Pro Wrestling NOAH from Tokyo Japan. Hard hitting match. There was a spot where Edwards straddled Marufuji on the guard rail and then did a suicide dive from the ring and both men landed hard. Edwards landed on his face in the crowd. They countered a lot of moves and then Eddie hit back to back powerbombs and then a move called Die Hard Flowsion for the win and retain his NOAH World Championship.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell catches up with Eli Drake for an interview. He doesn’t let her ask questions but just blurts out answers to what he thinks are the usual predictable questions. Then tells her to leave.

Petey Williams def Idris Abraham, Tyreek (spelling), and a wrestler from Japan in a fatal four way from Border City Wrestling in Ontario Canada. Petey Williams delivered the Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Johnny Impact & Garza Jr def Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Impact pinned Adonis with a roll up after Adonis missed Impact with a clothesline and accidentally hit Drake. There was a spot in the match where Impact hit a springboard corkscrew dive onto Adonis. Drake avoided Impact for the majority of the match.

Trevor Lee def Super Ninja in Crash promotion from Tijuana Mexico to retain the X Division title. Ninja hit a few nice moves but Lee’s reign was never really in danger. He won with a double stomp.

Moose vs Lashley ended in a DQ when Dan Lambert came in the ring and hit Moose with a trophy. This brought Stephan Bonnar to come in and take out Lashley. He had Dan Lambert cornered when the rest of American Top Team came in and ganged up on Bonnar. They took him out but Moose came in with a chair chasing most of the team out of the ring. One guy was left and he took a chair shot and Moose powerbombed him over the ropes and onto the group outside the ring.

Moose took a microphone called for the tag team match at BFG to be a Six Sides of Steel match.

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