Impact Wrestling Results – 10/5/17


Welcome to the Impact Results page. No spoilers or politics. And remember, IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOWN!!!!

Eli Drake comes to the ring with Adonis. He cuts a promo about how he took out Johnny Impact last week. He says he has the night off but tells Chris Adonis he has a match. Garza Jr comes out and Eli Drake joined the commentary table.

Adonis def Garza Jr by DQ. Adonis dominated most of the match. Garza fought back and was ready to take the victory but he missed a moonsault Johnny Impact came to the ring and attacked Adonis. Garza pulled Impact off. Impact attacked him in the corner then turned and attacked Adonis again. Refs and security broke it up. Jim Cornette came down and announced that Garza Jr will face Impact next week. Winner gets the title shot at Bound For Glory.

Moose is talking on the phone. He’s in search of Bobby Lashley. He said Lashley doesn’t get to lay him out in the ring and then leave wrestling.

Backstage, Konnan is pissed at LAX. They argue a bit but Konnan says he’s going to handle it.

O.V.E. def two jobbers in a complete squash.

Sienna comes to the ring. She talks about not having a match at BFG. She says she’s going in the HOF. Gail comes out and challenges her. Taryn comes out and she wants a shot. Allie comes out and she wants a shot. Karen Jarrett comes out and announces a Fatal Fourway for Bound For Glory.

Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal def Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Caleb Konley. Matt Sydal was battling with Everett near the end and he hit a hurricanrana followed by the Shooting Star for the win.

After the match, Sonjay challenged Trevor Lee to an X Division Title match at Bound For Glory. Petey Williams took the mic from him and demanded he gets the title shot. Matt Sydal takes the mic and said he already earned his title shot. Trevor Lee shook his head No and went to the back.

Moose went to America’s Top Team gym and went after Lashley. King Mo punched him and the team beat him down and dragged him out of the gym.

Fantasma and Texano def James Storm and EC3 after Pagano interfered and took EC3 out. Storm attempted a suplex but Pagano pulled his legs out and held his feet behind the ref’s back for the pin.

LAX clubhouse. Konnan and Low Ki decide that the rematch for the tag team titles will be a 5150 Street Fight. They all hug and make up and leave to go to Diamante’s club.

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