Impact Wrestling Results (11/10/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing on November 10, 2022. Did you miss the previous episode? You can catch up with the results here: 11/3

“I Believe In Joe Hendry” -Everyone


Joe Hendry says the Digital Media Champion should inspire, and Brian Myers isn’t doing that. When he becomes the new champion, all the comments sections will say “We Believe”.

#1. [Digital Media Championship] Brian Myers (c) vs. Joe Hendry — Winner: Joe Hendry becomes the new champion! (I believed)

Gisele Shaw has an overly egotistical video package made up to hype her ahead of the Knockouts Championship match.

Violent By Design appreciate their new members and violence enough to share that with us.

#2. [X Division Tournament] Trey Miguel vs. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey — Winner: Trey Miguel by disqualification after Kenny King attacked him

Rosemary looks to motivate Jessicka by having her embrace her negative feelings after taking her first loss, but a comment from Taya Valkyrie encourages her to go drown her sorrows in alcohol.

#3. Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Gregory Sharpe — Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

Rhino & Heath are happy because they are tag team champions, but then Rhino sees Josh Alexander in the corner of his eye. He walks up to Josh and tells him that he has known Bully Ray for over 20 years and he’s a real piece of shit. No sugarcoating!

#4. [If Mickie loses she has to retire] Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) — Winner: Mickie James

Steve Maclin wants a match with Josh Alexander, so he bangs on Scott D’Amore’s door. Tommy Dreamer says he isn’t here, so he should act like a locker room leader and set an example. Maclin isn’t interested in being a leader, he wants to be the world champion. Dreamer asks if he wants a match and he agrees. He’ll get in contact with Scott and make it happen.

#5. Bully Ray vs. Zicky Dice (w/ Johnny Swinger) — Winner: Bully Ray

Moose low blows Bully after the match and spears him through the table that Zicky Dice set up during the match.

Not so surprisingly, Sami Callihan likes violence as much as Violent By Design. He has one of their yellow hooded goons hostage. They ruined his return, so this time let’s do this the right way. No NPCs. No minions. One-on-one with Eric Young, so nobody can ruin it. He’s going to bash his brains in and make him a mess. He has come up with a new concept called “Death Machine Double Jeopardy”. Are you up for that? Thumbs up. Thumbs down.

Chelsea Green has her bags packed and tells Deonna Purrazzo she is going home. It looks like the end of her time in Impact.

During the break, Bully Ray challenged Moose to a tables match at Overdrive.

#6. [Knockouts World Championship] Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Gisele Shaw — Winner: Jordynne Grace retains

After the match, Masha Slamovich viciously attacks Jordynne Grace with a chair. She introduces several chairs and drives her down hard on to them with the Snowplow.

The last thing we see is the hand of PCO rising out of the ground. He’s not dead yet!

Impact Wrestling Results (11/10/2022)

Impact Wrestling Results (11/10/2022)

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