Impact Wrestling Results (11/19/2019) – Elimination Challenge


Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing November 19th, 2019. Check the link if you missed last week’s results: November 12th

#1.The Deaners vs. The Rascalz vs. Reno Scum vs. Desi Hit Squad – Winners: The Rascalz

After the match, Ace Austin join Reno Scum in taking out The Rascalz in front of Trey’s mom.

#2. Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Bravo – Winner: Jordynne Grace pins Bravo after Taya leaves her partner

– Gama Singh tells the Desi Hit Squad they need to start winning or else. After he walks off, they take their frustrations out on Fallah Bahh. They repeatedly tell him they are not losers.

– Rob Van Dam via smartphone? He’s got an update for the fans. Remember when he said to tune in this week as he’d be on the show? Oops, there’s too many parties going on so he won’t be there. RVD laughs at his girlfriend Katie Forbes as she can’t be on TV like that… get some clothes on girl.

– Father James Mitchell encounters Suzie and introduces himself. He asks what a nice girl like her is doing in a place like this. She doesn’t know, but everyone’s been really nice. He advises her to find some protection, and offers to take her under his wing. After offering a ride, she quickly decides to go with him. Suzie walks away (to his vehicle I assume) and Rosemary steps in. She knows what he’s up too… and The Boss won’t like it. Ominous words, and Mitchell doesn’t look too thrilled.

– The Rascalz are in the tree house. Trey didn’t expect the expected or the unexpected. They’re trying to figure out what’s up with Reno Scum getting in their business. After psyching up to take them out .. Trey’s mom walks in and gets Dez & Wentz all hot and bothered with her entrance. She’s worried about them though, as those big guys beat them up earlier. She tells Dez & Wentz to call their mothers to let them know they’re okay.

#3. Johnny Swinger vs. Buck Gunderson – Winner: Johnny Swinger with the Swinging Neckbreaker

Immediately after, Ken Shamrock storms to the ring and gets in Swinger’s face. Johnny tries to kick him, but goes down to the poorest dragon screw I’ve ever seen. It’s not long til he’s screaming in agony to the ankle lock. I guess the lesson here is… not go #2 in Ken Shamrock’s bag?

Johnny Swinger limps backstage. Joey Ryan gives him a tip… don’t let Shamrock touch your dick.

– Apparently next week, Impact Wrestling is time traveling back to 1983 for IPWF. It will air Tuesday, November 26th

#4. [#1 Contender Elimination Challenge*] Michael Elgin vs. Rich Swann vs. Moose vs. Brian Cage vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga – Winner: Tessa Blanchard

*This is a gauntlet match: Moose vs. Daga = Moose vs. Rich Swann = Rich Swann vs. Michael Elgin (no DQ) = Rich Swann vs. Brian Cage = Brian Cage vs. Tessa Blanchard

Brian Cage shows his class by holding up Tessa’s arm afterwards. She can’t believe it, but it’s happening: Blanchard vs. Callihan for the Impact World Championship.

–Impact Wrestling Results 11/19/2019–

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