Impact Wrestling Results (11/25/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing November 25th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: November 18th

Impact Wrestling Results (11/25/2021)

We start with Wrestle House 2 and Father James Mitchell narrates an intro. It’s going to get chilling on tonight’s Impact Wrestling. Disney wants nothing to do with this special. Let’s take a look at how we got here… they recap the previous Wrestle House and the demise of Swinger’s Palace.

Johnny Swinger’s having a mental breakdown, he’s not having a good year. Rosemary seems to be possessed. Oh yes, and no one can escape, although Kaleb seems made for this. Hernandez demands answers from Rosemary, who says they are there until Johnny Swinger feels happy again. What’s wrong with Wrestle House? Everyone loves it, except the dirtsheets. And does anyone really like Swinger? No one admits to this.

Oh yeah, there was meant to be one more person here. Chris Sabin enters in slow motion after a steamy shower and Havok gets flustered. Alisha rushes to claim a bedroom as she had to sleep on the couch last time. When everyone moves on to find their rooms, Bravo asks Rosemary if they should tell them what’s really going on here, but she tells him to be quiet.

Kaleb hits on one of Swingerella’s before Sabin slow motion walks his way in to the shot. Johnny Bravo isn’t allowed to use Tommy Dreamer’s “match time” thing, or Michael Buffers “Get Ready to Rumble”, he has to make up his own thing. They get teleported to a ring inside an unknown venue.

#1. Chris Sabin vs. Kaleb with a K — Winner: Chris Sabin

Madison Rayne is already getting frustrated that the others aren’t trying harder to make Johnny Swinger happy. Decay lets us know that they have unfinished business against The IInspiration at Turning Point, so they will be leaving to do that. Chris Sabin will be coming with them. While they are away, Alisha & Madison come up with a plan to help him. It’s called IPWF! They show some footage from last years vintage show.

Apparently, Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack) was great friends with Johnny Swinger back in the day, so they need to reunite them. Bravo & Hernandez goes to find Swinger and tells him they have something to show him. They put a blindfold on Swinger and get him in front of Daddy Brown, who is also blindfolded. They take the blindfolds off and it turns out they hate each other! Apparently Swinger slept with his step daughter Cinnamon. Daddy Brown wants to come out of retirement! But we’ll take care of this in the morning, he goes to sleep at 6:30. Right after the break, we’re getting this match between two old timers.

#2. Downtown Daddy Brown vs. Johnny Swinger — Winner: Downtown Daddy Brown

Alisha lets it out of the bag that Swinger is the only reason they are there. He responds by saying he will never be happy and walks away.

Chris Sabin continues to impress with his piano skills. Alisha likes it, but are they going to be stuck there forever? Rosemary says there could be another way. Madison Rayne says they aren’t stuck there because of Swinger, but because of Rosemary, who could just teleport them out whenever she wants. Rosemary says they all agreed to this, and she has to do as the devil says.

The house is divided on who wants to go home or stay there. Madison, Alisha, Kaleb & Hernandez are the only housemates who want to leave. They may be able to get out if they win their way out in a match. Alisha wants to make it fair, so they ask for Eddie Edwards to be on her team. Rosemary teleports him to the other room so he can make an entrance. They all happily sing the lyrics for his theme song, and Sabin sets us up for the next tag team match.

#3. Eddie Edwards, Alisha, Madison Rayne, Kaleb & Hernandez vs. Rosemary, Havok, Black Taurus, Crazzy Steve & Chris Sabin — Winners: Decay & Chris Sabin

Looks like no one is going home, and Eddie Edwards is here to stay too. As promised, Madison Rayne isn’t going to make anyone’s life better. Rosemary thinks Swingerella #1 has feelings for him, so she wants to help. They have got to make him jealous, but first, they will have to speak to the lord of the manor. And oh no, it’s Lawrence D. They are trying to make Swinger jealous of him? All he can direct at him is a lion sized belch.

Crazzy Steve says we can now play the Wrestle House 2 theme because the whole cast is here.

Wrestle House locker room talk? Johnny Swinger is Madison Rayne’s co-host. She tries cheering him up with her next guest. Welcome their guest, the lead singer of Kiss, Gene Simmons! The Kiss Demon comes in and is asked to sit down, which he says has never happened before. Swinger tells ‘Simmons’ that there’s some copycat running around trying to be him. The Demon gives him some advice, to follow his heart and find a good woman. Swinger accepts the advice and goes off to think about it.

Meanwhile, Alisha and Eddie Edwards are getting it on in the talk room.

Johnny Swinger professes his love to Swingerella #1, but Lawrence D isn’t happy about that. Swinger wants to fight for her honor, so let’s get it on. Chris Sabin “LOVES THIS MATCH!” Here we go again.

#4. Johnny Swinger vs. Lawrence D — Winner: Johnny Swinger

After the match, Swinger eventually proposes to Swingerella #1, and they kiss after she accepts. Rosemary says humans rush in to things without reading the fine print. No one is  going anywhere until they get to the altar!

Alisha wants to make sure Eddie Edwards does not screw up the wedding, because the last time they went to one he was drugged by Ace Austin. Swinger asks Hernandez if he will be his best man, and he accepts, although he still thinks something funny is going on between Rosemary & Johnny Bravo.

Hernandez overhears Rosemary talking to Bravo about taking his soul after Swinger gets married. Rosemary teleports them to the ring for a match, with Hernandez taking on Black Taurus.

#5. Hernandez vs. Black Taurus — Winner: Black Taurus

Rosemary says that Hernandez won’t ruin their plans, before touching his head. He gets flashbacks to his LAX days, and starts talking about finding Homicide so they can take out Team 3D, who must be up to something.

We’re up to Thanksgiving Day and Swinger’s wedding. Eddie Edwards overhears Decay & Bravo talking about their plans and wants to tell everyone, but Rosemary touches his head. Eddie reverts back to the drugged state he was in at the last wedding he went to.

Kaleb blows off Swingerella #2 to go with Madison Rayne, but Chris Sabin has her back. They will go to the wedding as friends. At the wedding, Hernandez is wearing the classic TNA turkey suit. Father James Mitchell is summoned to conduct the ceremony. Let’s get this over with so he can get back to rehab. Chris Sabin plays the piano as Swingerella #1 and Swinger enter.

Johnny Swinger says his vows, which is him mostly bragging about how many women he has slept with. Apparently Swingerella #1’s name is Brunhilde? Swinger prefers the nickname. Just as she’s about to reveal some of the bad things she had done, Eddie Edwards rushes in and takes down Swinger. He’s still drugged up and tries to tell Alisha the plan. Hernandez gets his memory back and reveals what they were getting up too.

Oops they did it again, which brings up a bunch of Britney Spears references. Oh wait, John E. Bravo isn’t a virgin? Rosemary thought his blood smelled funny. Swingerella #1 confesses that she is the one who has been sleeping with Bravo. Swinger isn’t bothered, #1 rule is you don’t fall for the rizzats, daddy. After he gets out of there, Bravo proposes to Swingerella #1 and she accepts. Father James Mitchell proclaims them husband and wife.

In the end, we have Mr. & Mrs. Bravo and it’s not chilling in the least. An unexpected turn. Others got what they deserve. Over a Thanksgiving dinner, Swinger gives a toast to the new married couple, and he could not be more thankful for that.

They wrap this up by finding Black Taurus. Willie Mack shows up as Santa Claus. There’s still time for celebrating before Christmas. Every new beginning starts from another beginning’s end. And this concludes a crazy, festive, and downright entertaining episode of Impact Wrestling via Wrestle House 2. Thanksgiving everyone!

–Impact Wrestling Results (11/25/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (11/25/2021)

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