Impact Wrestling Results – 11/16/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling results page. Please do not post spoilers. Some of us like to actually enjoy the show without knowing what happens ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding.

Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr, & Desmond Xavier def Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley & Ishimori in a six man tag match. Desmond Xavier hit the Final Flash on Caleb Konley to pick up the victory.

EC3 def Fallah Baah to retain the Grand Championship. Fallah Baah dominated the first round very easily, 30-27. Fallah continued the onslaught early in round 2 but EC3 turned the tables when he dodged a splash in the corner and controlled the rest of the round to win Round 2 decisively. Fallah Baah came close in the 3rd round but EC3 pulled him off the ropes before he could hit the Yoko drop, and then put his feet on the ropes in a roll up.

LAX def OVE & Sami Callihan in a great match with all kinds of back and forth action. OVE & Callihan were setting up a 3 on 1 finisher when Homicide made the save, taking out Callihan. LAX then countered OVE’s finisher set up and hit their Blockbuster Powerbomb combo finisher for the three count.

Dan Lambert comes to the ring. He says he’s giving Impact Wrestling one last chance to grant Lashley his release. He goes on to rip pro wrestling and the fans. Moose comes out to attack Lambert but American Top Team makes the save and jumps him. James Storm comes out for the save and clears the ring and smashes a beer bottle over the head of one of the MMA guys. He cuts a promo about how he lives and breathes pro wrestling.

Backstage, KM approaches Dan Lambert and wants to join ATT. Lambert tells him to go back to the circus. He begs Lashley and Lashley says he needs to prove himself.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake. He cuts a promo about how Petey Williams will always be the Canadian hero but he’ll never be the world champ.

A nice tribute video of Gail Kim plays. JB is in the ring and he brings Gail out. Allie also comes out. Gail talks about how she has lived her dream and is at peace with her decision to relinquish the KO title and start the next chapter in her life.

Backstage, Joseph Park finds Grado. He promises that he’ll never see Abyss again and gives Grado his visa. A Mountie shows up asking for Grado. He tells him the visa isn’t valid in Canada and he’s getting deported. Park then says he can’t help Grado because his jurisdiction is only in the US. He then blames Abyss as Grado is taken away.

Eli Drake def Petey Williams to retain the World Title. This was an incredible match. Petey started off hot and then Eli capitalized on a mistake and kept things controlled for a good portion after. Petey attempted the Canadian Destroyer twice but Eli escaped both times. Petey got the Sharp Shooter on and Eli was close to tapping but made it to the ropes. Eli tried his springboard moonsault but Petey moved and hit his springboard code breaker. He goes for the Canadian Destroyer and he hits it. Eli Drake kicks out at a very close two. Petey does a suicide dive out onto Chris Adonis. He goes for another springboard but Drake catches him and goes for the Gravy Train. Petey counters out but Eli catches him with an inverted facebuster for a close two. Petey counters Eli again and delivers a tornado ddt. He goes for the Canadian Destroyer again but Eli counters into the Gravy Train for the three count.

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