Impact Wrestling Results: 1/18/18, Barbed Wire Massacre, Motor City Mayhem, Ishimori vs Desmond Xavier


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results page. I will only post the results and not a PBP tonight. Don’t forget, immediately following Impact, tune in to their new Twitch channel for Barbed Wire Massacre featuring LAX vs OVE. No Spoilers. 

Ishimori def Desmond Xavier to retain the X Division Title in a very good match.

Kongo Kong crushed the younger Park brother.

Eli Drake vs Alberto El Patron vs Johnny Impact ended in a no-contest in a BCW event in Detroit, MI

Rosemary def K.C. Spinelli in a not so competitive match. A virtual squash. After the match, Rosemary cut a promo about coming back for the title and Hania attacked her from behind. She hit a spinebuster on the outside and an inverted DDT onto the steps.


LAX def O.V.E. in Barbed Wire Massacre. The match was brutal and full of nasty spots. The end spot saw Santana drive wooden skewers into Dave Christ’s head and then superplex him off the top of a ladder through two tables for the win.



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