Impact Wrestling Results – 11/9/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results. Please no spoilers. 

Eli Drake comes to the ring and cuts a promo about how he’s still the champ and has the night off. He says he’s leaving Canada because it’s garbage. This brings out Petey Williams who challenges him. Adonis goes out after him but Petey ducks and lays him out with a kick. He gets in the ring and he counters move by Drake into a Russian leg sweep. He goes for Canadian Destroyer but Adonis pulls Eli Drake out of the ring.

Matt Sydal def Sonjay Dutt with the Shooting Star. The match wasn’t as fast paced as expected and after some nice early moves things slowed down until near the end when Sydal counter a flip into a front driver and hit the Shooting Star.

After the match, EC3 came out. He cut a heel promo on Matt Sydal about how he wins and wins until the lights are brightest and he chokes. He says he doesn’t have the killer instinct and says that he’s just a nice guy.

Eddie Edwards def Fantasma to retain the NOAH GHC Championship in a very good match. Edwards hit the Blue Thunder Bomb and the Tiger Bomb but Fantasma was able to kick out. Fantasma went to the top rope but Eddie ducked and hit the Boston Knee Party and then the Die Hard Flowsion for the win.

OVE & Sami Callihan destroyed three jobbers quickly. After the match, LAX came through the crowd and stood outside the ring. Homicide came into the ring behind OVE and Callihan and took down Callihan and the brawl ensued. LAX got rid of OVE and Homicide went for the Vertebreaker but Sami slipped out and escaped the ring. LAX stood tall.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell attempted to interview the winner of the Global Tough Enough. Johnny Impact attacked him and looked into the camera to tell Alberto he’s coming for blood.

Allie def KC Spinelli in Toronto for Border City Wrestling. Spinelli missed a moonsault from the top rope and Allie delivered a death valley driver for the three count.

Backstage, Alberto was asked what he thought about Johnny Impact looking for him. He laughed it off.

Backstage, McKenzie attempts to interview Alberto. Johnny Impact attacks him from behind and a very, very long backstage fight ensues. Braxton Sutter comes out to see what’s happening and Johnny Impact beats him up. Caleb Konley comes out and Alberto beats him up. Impact and Alberto continue to brawl and Sutter and Konley start fighting each other. Security and some wrestlers try to stop Impact but he dives of a building fixture onto everyone.

Back from commercial and they’re still fighting. They battle down to the ring. Security breaks it up and Alberto tells Impact they’re going to fight and he dares Impact to get into the ring. When Impact does, Alberto walks away. Impact says Alberto isn’t even the pride of his own father. Alberto snaps and attacks Impact. He attacks security. He hits Impact with two DDTs and then the cross arm breaker over the ropes. Refs come out to break the hold. Impact is in pain while Alberto wipes his sweat on the Impact symbol on the ramp.

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