Impact Wrestling Results (12/10/2019) – Shamrock vs. Callihan


Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing December 10th, 2019. Check the link if you missed last week’s results: December 3rd

Tommy Dreamer is the special guest referee for the opening contest.

#1. [Old School Rules] Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Rhino – Winner: Rob Van Dam with the 5 Star Frog Splash

Katie Forbes saved her boyfriend from losing the match after a Gore through a table, by giving Tommy Dreamer a clothesline after pulling him to the outside.

– Sami Callihan wants everyone to get on their phones and get Impact trending. He says The Crist Brothers are going in to the tag team challenge, as it’s about time they got them titles back. Callihan picks Madman Fulton as Tessa Blanchard’s opponent tonight. And he hasn’t forgotten about the dream match with Ken Shamrock. He respects Ken, but at 55 years old he’s not getting a win over him. oVe and are taking over everything! Thumbs up! Thumbs Down.

Josh Mathews announces ODB is added to the title match between Jordynne Grace & champion Taya Valkyrie at Hard To Kill.

#2. Moose vs. Acey Romero – Winner: Moose with The Spear

– Father James Mitchell is with Suzie. As he talks, she disappears while he’s trying to tell her something important. He runs after her, and begs her not to run away again as he needs to be safe. Suzie explains there’s a nice lady she wants to see, but Mitchell says the lady with the big smile is not nice. She sees the noose (that Havok previously used to hang her) and touches it, sparking flashbacks from when she was Su Yung.

– Michael Elgin backstage interview. He’s done playing management’s games, as he’s gone through everything they’ve put him in front of him. The only man that deserves the World Championship is him, and at Hard To Kill.. he will show Eddie Edwards isn’t so hard to kill.

#3. Raj Singh (w/ Rohit Raju & Gama Singh) vs. Fallah Bahh – Winner: Fallah Bahh with the Banzai Drop

Desi Hit Squad attack Fallah after the match, but TJP enters and saves his friend by taking care of them by himself. They do a fun little handshake which catches the fans attention.

Joey Ryan In Wrestler’s Court!

– Joey Ryan is tricked in to the men’s bathroom.. where he walks in to Tommy Dreamer’s Wrestler’s Court! A narrator describes Joey Ryan as a famous “dick” wrestler, and he’s been summoned to answer to the crimes of breaking kayfabe. His representative is Johnny Swinger. Tommy Dreamer is the judge and asks what Ryan has to say. Ryan thinks this is dumb and more like a kangaroo court; but Swinger says that’s offensive to Australians.

Dreamer decides to make the court more spacious by moving it outside. Swinger summons Dee Lorian Brown (D’Lo Brown). He can’t believe that in 2020, Wrestler’s Court still exists in Impact Wrestling. Madison Rayne also gives her thoughts on how Joey puts people off watching Impact. Gama Singh only has one thing to say.. which is to attack him! The boys break it up. After all the craziness, Joey Ryan has something to say.

He’s used to having his name dragged through the mud, and is glad he’s not from the old era when people took themselves way too seriously. He just doesn’t think wrestling should be that serious.. and he hopes his doubters can keep an open mind. Maybe he’s not the reason for all their problems? Swinger screams “Bull****!”. Acey Romero randomly walks in. But his defense isn’t enough, and Tommy Dreamer says Joey is found guilty of crimes against wrestling. KM stands up randomly and objects (didn’t know he was back). Dreamer decides his punishment is to face Acey Romero next week. Ryan can’t believe he signed with this company.

*Willie Mack picked up a serious knee injury halfway through the next match.

#4. [Tag Team Title #1 Contender] Rich Swann & Willie Mack* vs. The Crist Brothers vs. Reno Scum vs. Dez & Wentz – Winners: Rich Swann with the roll up

– Taya Valkyrie is not happy because everyone is getting at her. Why in the world did Jordynne Grace get involved with her match last week? She mocks ODB before reminding everyone who she is. The champion is confident she will leave Hard To Kill with the title.

– Brian Cage is with Jimmy Jacobs. It’s been a rough couple of months since losing the World title, and Jacobs asks him what’s next. He said it was easier to win it than defend it due to his injuries. Bound For Glory was the peak, but it crumbled after that. You can’t win them all and Tessa deserves to be #1 contender. Cage is thinking of going back to the beginning by making his way through the Impact roster.

Randomly.. Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes start making out hardcore on the sofa next to them. Jacobs asks them what’s going on, but they didn’t seem to notice they were there. RVD gets up and says they’re going.. but notices the cameraman is rolling. Just for the record, and so there’s no confusion, he reminds everyone Cage stole all his moves and lost to a girl; which he finds amusing.

#5. Madman Fulton vs. Tessa Blanchard – Winner: Tessa Blanchard due to The Crists forcing a disqualification

#6. Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan – Winner: Sami Callihan by referee stoppage*

*Madman Fulton does the damage while the referee is knocked down.

Fulton continues to destroy Ken Shamrock. After dropping Ken brutally to the outside, Callihan gets in his face and tells him no more. He calms down as the referees see to Shamrock.

–Impact Wrestling Results 12/10/2019–

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