Impact Wrestling Results (12/15/2020) — Omega & Callis Return


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing December 15th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Kenny Omega Arrives

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Impact Wrestling Results (12/15/2020)

#1. Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. Alisha (w/ Eddie Edwards) — Winner: Tenille Dashwood

ICU! It goes dark in the Impact zone. The lights come back up and Sami Callihan is on the screen. Their feud can’t go on forever, so he suggests they end this after Eddie takes a couple of weeks off to enjoy Christmas and the New Year with family.

– Motor City Machine Guns are disappointed they might not get to wrestle The North again, they were a good team. Shelley congratulates XXXL on losing some weight. And as for The Good Brothers, they never pinned them for the tag team titles. There’s only one machine gun in Impact Wrestling and it’s not Karl Anderson.

– In the AEW travel bus, Kenny Omega & Don Callis are disgusted with the Motor City Machine Gun’s comments. Omega tells his good buddy Karl Anderson to “go get ’em”.

– Melissa Santos has returned to the Impact Twitch stream after being absent last week. Management chose to plug the Impact Plus app while the show enjoyed a ton of new viewers.

– Karl Anderson bumps in to Rich Swann. He’s on his way to knock Chris Sabin’s lights out. Swann asks him if he always does what Omega commands? He soon changes his tune, but tells him Omega is his friend and the real champ. MCMG walk on up alongside Swann and Anderson doesn’t hang around.

Moose Provides Willie Mack Update

Moose is in the ring with a tuxedo and the TNA Championship. He says Willie Mack won’t be cleared for a couple of weeks because he hurt him. And the funny thing is he hasn’t even gotten angry yet. You know what makes him angry? The fact that after everything he has done to Willie Mack in recent weeks, is that people still talk about Rich Swann. The difference between Moose and him is he stays hurt, while he hurts people.

Moose wants him to do one favor. Ring his friend and ask him what pain feels like. Willie Mack’s entrance music starts up and he walks out with a mic, saying he doesn’t know what pain feels like. Security stops him from getting to the ring. Mack isn’t mad he lost, but what pisses him off the most is when a referee decides he can’t go no more. He’s going to take matters in to his own hands. No one’s going to stop him from doing what he wants. At Genesis he wants an I Quit match. Moose doesn’t think he’s being smart, you don’t want an I Quit match with him.

Mack shoves the security aside and gets after Moose, but security do their best to separate. Moose breaks free and drops Mack to the mat. One of the security guys accidentally rips Moose’s suit and he loses his cool. Moose attacks security til some of them plead with him to leave. Moose lwalks backstage and straight in to an interview. He’s tired of all these “independent wrestlers” coming out to the ring and putting their hands on superstars. Independent wrestlers trying to get opportunities, make this clear… don’t you ever put your hands on him. Next time it happens, just like Willie Mack… you will get hurt.

Chris Bey & Raju / Tony’s Return / Eric Young & Cody Deaner

– Chris Bey stops by to congratulate Rohit Raju on no longer being the X-Division Champion. He returns the favour because Bey didn’t win his match against Rich Swann. Raju wants to know what his plan is. Bey says if he pulls the mask off Manik and proves it’s TJP, he is sure that management will have to hand back the title. Raju loves the idea, great minds think alike. It’s perfect. Bey is on the way to wrestle Manik, so maybe he can go with him? Raju will roll with him to the ring.

– Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan are back with another paid advertisement. They enjoy helping out by paying toward the show. He likes seeing Kenny Omega on Impact, because he is one of the top 2 wrestlers in the world with Jon Moxley. Don Callis hasn’t taught him any lessons because they had a high rating on Dynamite last week, and they have a champion doing free press for them. Khan invites Callis to join Omega on tomorrow’s Dynamite. Tony Schiavone takes over by plugging upcoming matches on Dynamite. In closing, Khan wants to teach Callis a few things about the wrestling business.

– We are back in the penitentiary with Eric Young. A sickness took his Mother away from him recently. It can’t be torn down, it can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bought, and it cannot be scared away. He has found his true purpose… he’s going to baptize Cody Deaner in the holy water of change. Cody is handcuffed to the table.

#2. Manik vs. Chris Bey (w/ Rohit Raju) — Winner: Chris Bey

– Ethan Page owes Josh Alexander an apology for losing at Final Resolution, He says everything will be fine! But Josh cuts him off. He’s telling Page this because he loves him… He needs to figure this out by getting help. Ethan says we will always have his back. We? Page walks off without explaining what he meant. Brian Myers quickly jumps in and tries to convince Josh he would be a suitable tag team partner. However, Josh would rather kick his ass.

– We’re back in the AEW travel bus. Kenny Omega tells them to forget about Rich, he’s not even in their league. Callis says he’s not going to take this, right? Anderson promises he will handle Sabin. But you can tell that Omega is getting a little agitated at Swann… is he about to take matters in to his own hands?

#3. [Knockouts Tag Title Tournament Semi-Final] Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary — Winners: Kiera Hogan& Tasha Steelz with an assist from Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee

– We return to the penitentiary. Young says when he was younger they had stories to help us. But they were lies that told of a deeper truth. They told us that wrestling is sick and has a disease. Cody has loved wrestling since he was a child. He has given it everything, but a disease will never give back. Sickness cannot provide… it will only take from you. The parasite latched on to Cody and he never saw it. Cody repeats his words.

Kiera & Tasha are celebrating their win. But Kiera quickly changes the subject by asking where the money is (they stole from Fallah). Tasha opens her purse and shows there is nothing inside. Johnny Swinger’s here daddy! He wants to chill with the girls but they want nothing to do with him. What’s with all the heat? They can’t get away quick enough. He picks up a gold fanny pack and checks the ‘kayfabe’ compartment. It’s a whole wad of cash! Look out… it’s party time tonight daddy. I believe he’s the fifth holder of it now? After Hernandez, Rhino, Fallah Bann, and the team of Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz.

#4. Josh Alexander vs. Brian Myers — Winner: Brian Myers by disqualification*

*Ethan Page attacked Myers as his alter ego “The Karate Man”. Alexander is pissed off and leaves him to it.

– Eric Young is offering the truth, nothing more. You thought their smiles and adulation were real? Cody was wrong, he has a disease. The fans were not laughing with you; they were laughing at you. Cody can see that now. Young baptizes him in the holy water of change. He is no longer sick or contaminated. Things are clear. Cody Deaner has transformed. He is free. The world doesn’t belong to them… it belongs to us.

– Acey Romero thinks Larry D has been set up because he has known him since he was a kid and he’d never shoot somebody. Dreamer tells him to go prove his innocence. He goes away and both Cousin Jake & Rhino come to see Dreamer. Rhino tells Cousin Jake that Young & Doering beat up his tag team partner, so he understands what he is going through. Dreamer says we’ve seen this before and asks if they are scared… if not, Rhino needs to do something about this and end it before it gets any worse.

#5. Karl Anderson vs. Chris Sabin (w/ Alex Shelley) — Winner: Karl Anderson rolls him up and grabs the tights

Rich Swann saw what happened and isn’t happy. Callis says he’s the champ and does what he wants. Omega agrees… watch what a champ does. Backstage, MCMG attack Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows returns to save his partner! BOOM! Kenny Omega clocks Rich Swann and shoves the AEW World Championship in his face! It’s on now.

Kenny tells Rich that it may be his house, but so long as he is a wrestler… this is his world. Let’s reform the old Bullet Club… there’s three of them. Don Callis makes a match at Hard To Kill. Rich Swann & The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers. There you go folks! Omega will be on Impact Wrestling’s next PPV Hard To Kill. Thanks for joining us.

— Impact Wrestling Results (12/15/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (12/15/2020)

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