Impact Wrestling Results (12/16/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing December 16th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode which I covered* here: November 25th

*I was on a two week hiatus. This is why there have been no Impact results.

Impact Wrestling Results (12/16/2021)

#1. Rohit Raju vs. Josh Alexander — Winner: Josh Alexander

#2. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Joe Doering & Doc Gallows — Winners: Joe Doering & Doc Gallows

#3. [X-Division Championship] Trey Miguel (c) vs. John Skyler — Winner: Trey Miguel retains

#4. Chris Bey (w/ Hikuleo) vs. Laredo Kid — Winner: Chris Bey

Gail Kim announces that Deonna Purrazzo & Mickie James will face at Hard to Kill in a Texas Deathmatch. Whoa!

#5. Tenille Dashwood (w/ The Influence) vs. Jessie McKay (w/ Cassie Lee) — Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Next up is the contract signing for the Hard to Kill PPV main event.

Contract Signing

W. Morrissey is the first to sit down at the table. D’Amore says he looks ready, just like the next guy, Matt Cardona, who enters with his girlfriend Chelsea Green. The World Champion Moose is the last to enter.

Scott says it’s time to get to business. One year ago, Cardona debuted at Hard to Kill. His entire career, a World Championship has eluded him, and he has a chance to put that right. W. Morrissey snatches the contact and does not let Cardona sign it first. He says we all know how these things go. Like he said before, he did not come here to play games or make friends, he came here to become the Impact World Champion.

At Hard to Kill, that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Morrissey signs the contract and walks away. Cardona says he’s not wrong, the past few weeks has been full of trash talking and mind games. Moose said he was all of these different things, but there is no one in the history of this business who has been counted out more times than him. He’s Hard To Kill, but his passion is impossible to kill. Cardona says he has never been more ready.

He signs the contract and we’re two thirds of the way there. Moose picks up the mic and wants to ask Matt a question. Do you really want to do this, to step in the ring against the great world champion in all of professional wrestling? Cardona says the more he delays this, the more he proves how scared of him losing the title. Moose says he will fail like he always does, and will never be anything more than he is now. He signs the contract, and tells Cardona he is in the main event of Hard to Kill.

Moose says Chelsea has a tough challenge. He admires how loyal she is, because she wakes up every morning and decides to stay with a man who has been average his entire career. She is so loyal because she sees so much in Matt, that he can be a top guy in this business. When Moose crushes Cardona’s dreams at Hard to Kill and proves he is “Mid-Matt Cardona”, will she stay with him, or leave him like the whore you are? Cardona leaps up and attacks Moose, but the World Champion gets the upperhand and drives him through the table.

As it looks like he’s walking away, Moose returns to the ring and puts Cardona’s neck in a chair. He’s looking to end his career. Chelsea grabs the chair Moose is looking to use to strike Cardona, but he pushes her away. Matt rushes after Moose and misses him with the chair that was around his neck, hitting Chelsea Green instead. Moose laughs and walks away. Cardona is apologetic and pleads with officials to get a doctor out here.

–Impact Wrestling Results (12/16/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (12/16/2021)

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