Impact Wrestling Results (12/3/2019) – ODB & RVD Returns


Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing December 3rd, 2019. Check the link if you missed last week’s results: November 26th

Michael Elgin is making his way into the building and is asked about what he has planned after losing out in the Elimination Challenge two weeks ago. He says someone’s gonna’ get it tonight.

#1. Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: No Contest due to Elgin’s interference

Was a good match til he entered the ring and double clotheslined them. Officials have decided they are changing it to a triple threat.

#2. Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin – Winner: Michael Elgin with the Elgin Bomb

– “Tree House” Rascalz segment. Trey is pissed about some of the comments made about his mom on commentary a couple weeks ago, but Dez & Wentz just find it funny. Trey’s Mom enters and sits down, but Trey thinks she needs to go home and leave them to it. She asks if she’s an embarrassment and a distraction? But Dez avoids replying. Trey ends up feeling sorry for her and says she can be at ringside anyways.

– Moose thinks he owns Ken Shamrock now. He walks down the street with no doubt in his mind that he’s the greatest sports athlete of all time. Once again, he gets to show us how great he is, as he shoots hoops on a street basketball court. Luckily the players know who he is and let him join. As he’s about to take a 3 point shot, one of the guys asks him about what happened on the tennis court a couple weeks ago (when he attacked a guy).

Moose threatens them and demands they watch. He goes for a 3 pointer and scores! Moose celebrates with them.. til he’s done playing and attacks them. He enjoyed playing basketball, he might have to do it more often. As Moose leaves the court, we see one of the players hanging in the net of the hoop.

ODB Returns

– ODB is here to talk about her food truck donations. It’s been a rough couple of months. She’s been traveling and bringing ODB’s meats all across the country, but sadly her truck was torched. Instead of turning to her insurance company (who can “kiss her ass”), she’s turning to the fans. She wants to thank them for everything.. but here comes Taya Valkyrie with John E. Bravo. The champ says it’s such a sad story.. but honestly, the bitch is back. She puts ODB over as one of the most memorable Knockouts Champions in Impact history.

Since she’s been gone though, Taya’s become the longest reigning champion in history; and this is her show. Taya’s wasted more money on spilled mimosa’s than what she’s spent on the food truck in a year. But she’ll be nice, as she’s kind enough to donate enough money for a fire extinguisher for the next time her truck catches fire; or when her career ends. Taya demands she leaves.. but ODB attacks the champ! Taya escapes and ODB stands tall in the ring.

World Championship Address

Josh Mathews talks up the match at Hard To Kill for the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. Scott D’Amore says this is about making history, and at Hard To Kill they get to continue this legacy. He believes Tessa’s an inspiration to many, male or female, and has earned the right. The champion Sami Callihan insists she addresses their match first. She says Sami is destructive, but he’s one of the best she’s ever faced. Nonetheless, on January 12th she will make history by becoming the World Champion.

Callihan tells everyone to look at him as he says this. He doesn’t dislike Tessa for any other reason.. but for being a spoiled brat. She’s had everything handed to her, and he should be looked at as the only real hero in this company. Don Callis and Scott D’Amore may say this is about making history. But this ain’t history, this is Sami Callihan with another successful title defense on the way to becoming the greatest champion of all time. At Hard To Kill, he’s gonna crush her skull in.. which makes her irate and they almost come to blows; but they are quickly split up.

#3. The Rascalz vs. Ace Austin & Reno Scum – Winners: Austin & Reno Scum with the rollup

– Jordynne Grace wants to talk to ODB, but she’s not interested. ODB gonna’ kick Taya Valkyrie’s ass all over the Impact zone, Bam! Jordynne says OK.. well, just wanted to say she’s a big fan, is looking forward to the match tonight; and she’d like to donate to the truck. Grace isn’t sure where to donate her money.. so she just slots it in to ODB’s cleavage.

– Joey Ryan is on his phone, and Johnny Swinger sits next to him. Swinger says these young kids Ken Shamrock and Petey Williams are killing the business for guys like them. He’s got a great idea, they should form a clique. He’s gonna give him a nifty hand signal later on and they’ll work it out. Joey Ryan agrees! But only so he will leave him alone.

Rob Van Dam Returns

– Rob Van Dam is back with the curvaceous Katie Forbes. They aren’t shy in sharing their love for each other. Forbes introduces the sexist man in the world, the whole F’n show Rob Van Dam. He knows he should probably explain his recent actions, but it’s not like anyone could relate (as they’re not him). RVD still claims all the wrestlers today are just copying his moves, and the fans should be ashamed of that. They shouldn’t be expecting him to raise the bar any further, and the crowd boo him. Here comes Tommy Dreamer to play match maker.

He suggests they go old school next week, and have he & Rhino settle it like they used to back in the day. RVD’s not interested though, he wants to move forwards.. not backwards. He gets that every time the old ECW guys get together people love it.. but he don’t want that anymore; he doesn’t want to be held back by all that. Thanks for the offer though. Rhino enters and is clearly not done. They square off in the ring, but security rush out to hold Rhino back while RVD & Katie Forbes slowly escape.

– In the next segment, Ethan Page tries stirring the pot with Rich Swann & Willie Mack, but they aren’t buying any of it.

– Fallah Bahh is feeling down after being attacked last week by the Desi Hit Squad. After a few “Bahh!”s, he talks properly. Calmly and softly, Fallah says he’s still here and he will keep fighting back.

– Father James Mitchell is with Suzie (fka Su Yung) and he introduces her to Havok. She goes to shake Havok’s hand, but Mitchell reminds her that she is very protective of her personal space. So long as she remembers that, they will become the best of friends.

#4. Johnny Swinger vs. Petey Williams – Winner: Petey Williams with The Sharpshooter

Swinger called for Joey Ryan’s help, but predictably didn’t get any. For next week, Sami Callihan has chosen Madman Fulton as Tessa Blanchard’s opponent. To counter that, Tessa has chosen Ken Shamrock to face Callihan.

#5. Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) vs. ODB – Winner: ODB with a rollup, after a distraction from John E. Bravo and Jordynne Grace

–Impact Wrestling Results 12/3/2019–

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