Impact Wrestling Results (12/8/2020) — Kenny Omega Arrives


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing December 8th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Mack vs. Bey

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We begin with Impact Wrestling showing a replay of what happened between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley in this week’s AEW Dynamite main event.

#1. Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page) vs. Chris Sabin (w/ Alex Shelley) — Winner: Chris Sabin rolls him up after Ethan distracts his partner

Josh Mathews continues to plug what happened with AEW. We see replays of the incident with Don Callis again. They are on the bus, but what have they got planned for Impact?

– Moose is focused. Chris Bey would like to go over strategy, but Moose isn’t interested. Bey gets annoyed at being ignored… and Moose threatens him. Bey says he will want to have a conversation with him after he wins the Impact World title this Saturday. Let’s wait and see. Following this, they advertise Hard To Kill PPV for January 16th.

AEW Paid Ad – Ft. Tony Khan & Schiavone

Next up, Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone show up on screen! Khan is happy to be there due to this paid commercial ad. He understands Kenny Omega is going to be on the show tonight? If he wanted, he could’ve stopped him appearing on Impact by filing an injunction. Instead, he wants to help Impact with this ad. The only thing he didn’t like was how Kenny won the belt.

He’s looking forward to seeing Omega this Wednesday on Dynamite. They plug a bunch of matches for tomorrow’s Dynamite. Also, apparently there are some rumors that Khan might even buy Impact? Remember when Tony Schiavone was in Impact? He appeared for one night then quit the wrestling business for 18 years. They also let us know that Schiavone caught up with Sting, which was the first time he has talked to Sting in about 20 years. Tune in tomorrow night for Dynamite.

#2. Brian Myers vs. TJP — Winner: Brian Myers

– Cody Deaner is focused on Eric Young. Cousin Jake tells him we got this. But Cody says this isn’t about “we”, it’s about “me”. He has to go out there alone. Jake says Young will have Doering out there, so at least let him have his back. Cody says if he wants to come out then it’s OK, but no matter what, he has to promise not to get involved. Jake promises.

– Rohit Raju teases TJP after his loss. He’s not doing so well. 2020 isn’t his year. Raju says this is his year, he’s the greatest X-Division Champion of all time. Anyone can challenge him on the final Defeat Rohit challenge except him. TJP wishes him luck.

#3 Cody Deaner (w/ Cousin Jake) vs. Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering) — Winner: Eric Young with the Piledriver

The match is over, so Eric Young & Joe Doering beat up Cody. Jake gets in the ring to save his cousin, but to no avail. Rhino’s here! And he’s got a lead pipe equalizer. Young & Doering quickly scarper.

– Backstage, Tommy Dreamer is trying to calm John E. Bravo down. He’s got a kendo stick and is ready to handle Larry D. The big guy says he was set up. He proposes a match between himself and Dreamer. If he loses, he will get taken to prison. But if he wins, he will be allowed to walk away scot-free. Dreamer accepts with no hesitation. Larry D asks how they can get away with him not going to prison for attempted murder if he were to win? Tommy says he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Tommy Dreamer meets with Scott D’Amore in his office. He saw what he just did, and he can’t stand wrestlers making matches. But nothing can sway Scott’s mood tonight, so the match with Larry D will go ahead anyway. Dreamer is worried about what’s happening with Don Callis and Kenny Omega. Tommy is concerned about how it’s going to affect the roster, it has happened before. This kinda thing never ends well and Callis is out for himself. Scott says even Lance Storm is happy about this, and he’s never happy about anything. D’Amore is insistent that this is a good thing for the company, and while it worries Dreamer, he tells Scott he loves him and accepts his word.

#4  [Knockouts Tag Team Tournament] Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie — Winners: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

– Alisha has got way more important things to worry about right now than Tenille Dashwood’s marketing. If she was a real friend, she would have noticed her husband got nailed by a baseball bat the other week by Sami Callihan. Because she doesn’t have time for them, Kaleb says she is out of the team. Alisha is happy with that result, but let’s do it later. She walks off to find the man who took out her husband.

– Purrazzo & Lee are unhappy with how they have been treated in Impact Wrestling. They share their grievances with Scott D’Amore. He feels so sorry for them… but seeing as they lost, he thinks they can focus on the Knockouts Championship now they are out of the tournament. She has something to prove, so at Final Resolution she will defend the title against Rosemary.

Alisha Confronts Sami Callihan

– Sami Callihan is in the ring. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the highest rated Impact Wrestler of them all? Sami Callihan. Ding ding, that is correct. Best in the ring, on the mic, wrestler on the god forsaken planet? You’re looking at him. He has carried this company on his back since day one. Impact Wrestling needs “The Draw” a lot more than he needs them, which is why he can get away with so much.

Remember TMZ? All the coverage in the dirtsheets? The baseball incident. When he struck Eddie Edwards in the eye… it was the best moment of his career. Seeing as he is so giving, let’s show the footage. It gets better every time he sees it. Eddie Edwards never learns, he sticks his nose in his business and gets his ass beat every time. Let’s hit him in the skull with the bat again and watch the ratings go up again. It got Shamrock suspended, but he needed a vacation anyway.

Let’s roll the footage of the recent baseball bat incident. But the footage doesn’t appear… because Alisha enters instead. He tells her to stay away. Last time she got in the ring, she almost got spiked with a piledriver by Eric Young. If she gets in the ring, he will break her freaking neck. Guess what Sami? She didn’t come alone. Eddie Edwards jumps him from behind and seeks revenge. Sami reaches out for his baseball bat, but Eddie grabs it and Callihan rushes on out of there.

Backstage, Eddie is elated to have Callihan’s baseball bat. Alisha says they took care of his problem, now it’s time for hers.

#5. Moose & Chris Bey vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack — Winners: Moose & Chris Bey (with Bey pinning Mack)

– Rich Swann is told by security he can’t go to the parking lot because “the champion” has a list. He asks if Moose is being an idiot again. But no, the list is courtesy of Kenny Omega. Swann is pissed about being treated this way.

Kenny Omega Interview

Kenny Omega & Don Callis meet up with Josh Mathews in the AEW truck. Callis has a treat on behalf of AEW & Impact fans, they are going to change the nameplate on the title because it still says Jon Moxley. Josh asks how long this has been in the works. They ignore him while Don shows off the new nameplate for the champ. Omega says Josh was close with Ambrose back in WWE right?

Callis explains this deal began 27 years ago, when he was trained as a professional wrestler by The Golden Sheik, Kenny Omega’s uncle. He took care of Callis as a young lad, so he looked after Kenny like The Sheik looked after him. Don didn’t get back in to the business five years ago to do a podcast. Or to be a color commentator in Japan. All of it was part of the plan. He is such a good guy that Tony Khan invited him to his house. Most people outside of wrestling don’t understand how much of a family they are.

He booked the match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega in Japan. For all those people who love AEW, thank you because they made it happen. Tony Khan’s said many times that was the match which inspired the creation of AEW. What they did last Wednesday night was change the course of history. Some are calling it the biggest screwjob since the Montreal Screwjob, but Callis doesn’t see it that way. They made history together. Some people make matches. Others like to make memories. But Don and Kenny? They like to make history.

With all that said, Josh wonders if what happened on Wednesday tarnishes his legacy? His question quickly angered Don. Kenny asks Josh to repeat the question. He does… but Kenny turns it around and asks Josh a question. What if someone struck his father for no reason at all? Wouldn’t you pick up the microphone and hit that guy? Yes, he had placed a gentleman’s agreement on the match. But when someone lays their hands on your family, what do you expect him to do? He doesn’t like Josh’s arrogance (he call tell he’s from “that place” aka WWE).

Omega’s had the best matches of all time. His name is on the list of all of ’em around the world. Him coming here to Impact, Josh should start treating him better. So what is he doing here? And why the bus? Don says Kenny asks better questions than Josh. He is there because he can. He’s feeling like the old him again. But why Impact Wrestling? Because as a child he was a collector. He collected comic books but had to quit. Why? Because no matter how much money he spent, he could never get the rarest. Now he has a new hobby and has the most prized of them all.

Omega talks about some titles he might want to collect. Don says they have championships in Impact. They have 24 hours til AEW Dynamite and there are more announcements to be made there. Oh, wait on… let’s finish with Kenny doing the thing! You know it right? “Goodbye and—” *kisses finger gun* “—good night. BANG!”. This interview is over. Kenny says Josh actually isn’t that bad, but Don disagrees and calls him a stooge.

I guess the announcement is that Kenny Omega may be interested in claiming Impact Wrestling titles? Let’s wait and see. Perhaps Kenny will challenge Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship down the road? Going by what happened just before the interview, it seems logical. As always, thank you for following the results here! And see you tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite.

— Impact Wrestling Results (12/8/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (12/8/2020)

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