Impact Wrestling Results – 12/7/17


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Ishimori def Caleb Konley with the 450 splash. He countered Konley’s fireman’s carry driver finisher with a reverse ddt. Then his the 450 for the win. After the match, Trevor Lee attacked Ishimori and it was a 2 on 1 until Desmond Xavier came out to make the save.


Rosemary def Sienna and Allie to advance to the finals of the Knockout’s Title Tournament. Allie and Rosemary got Sienna into a double submission hold where Rosemary had her legs locked and Allie had her arms locked and both were in a bridge. Rosemary and Allie finally faced off and exchanged punches and ducked kicks. Sienna charged but they both ducked and Allie hit a code breaker and Rosemary hit a German suplex taking Sienna out. Allie attempted a code breaker on Rosemary but Rosemary held her up and countered into the Red Wedding for the win. Rosemary faces Laurel Van Ness in the finals.

O.V.E. is in the ring. Callihan has the mic and he goes on to rip the fans and Canada and Mexico. Music plays and D.T.D., a Canadian tag team, comes out to defend Canada. They take out the Christ brothers at first but Callihan comes in the with a Singapore cane and lays them out. He delivers a pile driver to one and they set up chairs. LAX hits the ring and a brawl starts. O.V.E. escapes and LAX holds the ring.

EC3 and Matt fought to a split decision draw. EC3 retains his Grand Championship. EC3 dominated the first round to easily take it. Matt Sydal used a lot of speed moves and counters and was able to keep EC3 at bay to pick up the second round. The third round was back and forth. EC3 hit a sit down powerbomb for a close two. Matt Sydal hit a series of kicks to take EC3 down. He went to the top for the Shooting Star but EC3 got up on the ropes and attempted a superplex. Sydal countered and knocked EC3 off the ropes. He went for the Shooting Star but EC3 moved. Sydal landed on his feet. He turned around and he and EC3 knocked heads and fell backwards as time expired. The first two judges gave a 10-9 third round score to each. The third judge, Fallah Baah, scored it a 10-10 draw.

Lashley and Dan Lambert def Moose and James Storm. Lambert tagged in twice throughout the match, just to try and get a pin, before tagging right back out. Moose made the hot tag to Storm who took it to Lashley with several big moves. He was lining up for Last Call when Josh Hartnett got in and stood in the way. Moose took him out with a brogue kick. He pressed him over his head and threw him out of the ring onto the other members of ATT. Lashley took Moose down with a clothesline and then hit a spinebuster onto Storm. Lambert tagged in just as Lashley delivered the spear. Lambert made the pin.

Johnny Impact and Petey Williams def Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Drake and Adonis controlled a lot of the match, beating down Petey until he made the hot tag. Impact took the fight to Adonis. He hit an inverted neckbreaker for a two count when Eli made the save. Petey Williams came in and Drake with the springboard code breaker. Johnny Impact hit Starship Pain for the win.

After the match, Impact and Petey were celebrating outside the ring with Drake inside the ring. Alberto came out of the crowd and attacked Eli Drake from behind. He delivered a ddt onto Drake onto the title belt.



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