Impact Wrestling “Uncaged” Results – February 15th, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling (titled “Uncaged”) airing February 15th 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments will be included. Check out the following link for last weeks results: February 8th

*As I watch this on Spike in the UK, it airs earlier than other broadcasts (11pm GMT 6pm EST). Avoid this post if you do no want it spoiling.

We’re still in Mexico. They open with highlights of the last few weeks. Tonight we find out who wins between Team Impact & Team AAA. Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie in a Street Fight. Also, the main event is a four way for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.

#1. Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard in a Street Fight for the Impact Knockouts Championship – Winner: Taya Valkyrie Retains with a double stomp through a table

Sweet opener., an intense fight with many chairs used. No need for the flimsy board in the corner though. Next up, commentary takes us through other advertised matches before the (shortened) GWN special.

GWN Moment Of The Week: (11/05/2017) Team Impact (James Storm, EC3 & Eddie Edwards) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano and Texano) at Bound For Glory.

– Sami Callihan appoints himself leader of Team Impact. He walks off after the others don’t agree. Eli Drake says Team AAA can’t lucha like they can, and that’s just a fact of life. Fallah says bahh in agreement.

#2.  – Willie Mack vs. Ethan Page – Winner: Willie Mack with a stunner

A short match to make Willie look good, and it worked. Not seeing anything special from Page.

– Killer Kross says divine intervention has not been Impact’s forte. Kross says Johnny needs to be focused or minds will wander and become susceptible to being assaulted. He will annihilate ..and he’s not going away.

– After his match, Willie can be seen walking in to a room. The Crist Brothers follow him in.

– Team AAA say they are coming for the cup. They wrestle for pride and the flag. They are pumped up to take the win from Team Impact.

– Callihan is in the ring calling out Rich Swann. Everyone knows they are “brothers”. He says Swann ran his mouth last week, but much of what he said was “fake news”. Sami’s pissed that he keeps turning down his offer. He says if their relationship meant anything he will come out and accept the offer to join oVe. The X-Division Champion makes his way to the ring.

Rich refuses to accept and throws the shirt at him. Sami clocks him in the face with the microphone. He goes for a piledriver but Rich slips through and counters with a spinning kick. Sami tries to escape, but Swann flips from the turnbuckle to the outside. They scrap on the outside, til Callihan rakes the eyes. He takes Rich up the ramp and finishes him with a piledriver on the stage. Commentators guess Willie Mack is unable to help due to The Crist Brothers. Sami throws Rich off the stage through a table. Callihan looks happy with the result.

#3. Team Impact (Sami Callihan, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards & Fallah Bahh) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo Del Vikingo, Aerostar, Puma King & Psycho Clown) in an elimination match to claim the World Cup Trophy – Winners: Team AAA thanks to Eli Drake’s interference.

Eliminations: (4-3 AAA) Eli Drake rolled up by Puma King /  (3-3) Vikingo pinned after a strong powerslam from Fallah Bahh / (3-2 AAA) Fallah rolled up by Aerostar / (2-2) Aerostar pinned by Eddie after a Boston knee party / (2-1 Impact) Puma King out via Callihan’s piledriver / (1-1) Clown rolls up Callihan for the pin / (1-0) After Eli Drake hits Eddie with “Kenny”, and Clown executes a backcracker, Psycho rolls him up to end the match.

I do like Vikingo. It was a strange match though .. as a roll up seemed as strong as an F-5 or End Of Days. There’s hardly any build for winning the trophy .. and we didn’t get to see Team AAA celebrate with it either. Basically, they put it together to get AAA guys on the card and further Eli’s feud with Eddie.

– A video package announces the Reno Scum tag team is returning to Impact Wrestling in two weeks. They show highlights from the LAX vs. Lucha Brothers main event from last week.

– Konnan’s frustrated. He blames the title loss on Ortiz for opening his mouth. Konnan says he will go to the Lucha Brothers and ask for one last shot at the titles on their behalf.

– Allie is with Su Yung. Allie says “Shadow” is playing mindgames. She is disturbed by a presence in the air, and Su Yung does nothing as usual.

– Scarlett Bordeaux is “sleeping” in bed with not much on .. her cleavage very much on show. She’s woken up by the cameraman and quickly moves on to hyping her Las Vegas debut in two weeks.

The challengers make their entrances for the main event. Brian Cage uses his Terminator attire again from Bound For Glory.

#4. *Main Event for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship* Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage vs. Killer Kross vs. Moose  – Winner: Johnny Impact Retains with a botched Starship Pain

What is it with Johnny screwing up the ends of matches? Seriously. He completely missed Moose and pinned him while Cage was busy nailing Kross with a Drill Claw. Not a bad match til the ending .. which spoiled everything. Johnny continues to undo everything with finishes like that.

Baffling how they’re keeping the title on Impact, and the more you watch him the more you understand Austin Aries flipping everyone off at Bound For Glory. They even showed a replay of the botch! If it were me .. I’d have cut it from the broadcast and made them perform the spot again til it looked good. Disappointingly embarrassing.

–Impact Wrestling Results (2/15/2019)–

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