Impact Wrestling Results (2/2/2021) — Fulton vs. Alexander


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing February 2nd, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Matt Hardy & Private Party

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Impact Wrestling Results (2/2/2021)

#1. Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan) vs. Havok (w/ Neveah) — Winner: Havok with the Tombstone Piledriver

We get footage of what happened after last week’s show went off the air. Ken Shamrock punched his partner Sami Callihan and continued his Ankle Lock on the referee. Security rushed out to stop him but received belly to belly suplex for their troubles.

– Scott D’Amore tells Sami Callihan that Shamrock’s gone too far and is suspended. Sami says good! He was going to fire him anyway. He thanks Scott for doing such a good job and walks out.

– The main event for tonight will be Tommy Dreamer & Rich Swann vs. Moose & Chris Bey. Swann & Dreamer talk about it. The champ asks Dreamer to let him handle this, he wants him to be at full strength for their title match. Tommy respects that, but lets Rich know that he will pull his weight.

– The Good Brothers are hyped up about main eventing AEW Dynamite Beach Break tomorrow night. Even more so that they get the chance to “BEAT UP JON MOXLEY!”. Anderson says that Matt Hardy are leading Private Party in to a slaughter. The Beer Guns, James Storm & Chris Sabin turn up and want a title shot next week or they are gonna beat them up right now. The Good Brothers want to get a good night’s sleep though, so they will see them next week to figure it out.

#2. Josh Alexander vs. Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) — Winner: Josh Alexander

Brian Myers makes his way to the ring to let us know what’s on his mind. Now wearing an eye patch, he feels partly responsible for being in the condition he’s in. The Most Professional Wrestler Bryan Myers versus the most unprofessional Eddie Edwards. He once was a well-respected worker, but his trainer Killer Kowalski would be turning in his grave to see what Edwards has turned in to.

Myers challenges him to a straight up one-on-one match, but unfortunately cannot do that as he holds up what could be a doctor’s note. Edwards comes out and attacks Myers. Hernandez appears out of nowhere and saves Myers. He tells Eddie that he will face Hernandez at No Surrender. Matt Cardona rushes out there to make the save.

– We’re back in Johnny Swinger’s gambling room where no one wins but him. Johnny Bravo is lucky he even has a job on minimum wage after accusing the Swing Man of shooting him.

– Eddie Edwards suggests to Matt Cardona that they go to management and ask for a tag team match with Hernandez & Myers. He likes that idea.

#3. Crazzy Steve (w/ Rosemary) vs. Larry D (w/ Acey Romero) — Winner: Larry D

Rosemary intimidates XXXL away from the ring.

– Trey Miguel says he had two crutches before he got to Impact the first time. But now, there is no time better to show everyone that he can stand on his own two feet. Callihan appears and says he’s not here to fight. Sami said they wasted a goodbye on him.

Those two “crutches” have been gone for a cup of coffee and he’s already throwing them under the bus… no loyalty. When things get tough he tucks his tail between his legs and runs away. Callihan says they only want guys with passion here in Impact Wrestling, which fires Trey up. Sami tells him to go home, look at himself in the mirror, and figure out who he really wants to be.

– XXXL fears nobody and are not afraid of Rosemary, they are simply gentlemen who would never hit a woman. Tenille Dashwood heard everything they said, so if they want someone to hit Rosemary for them she’d be up for that. No Surrender is just around the corner, so they would like to team up with her so long as Decay can find someone as freaky as them to join up with.

#4. Jordynne Grace (w/ Jazz) vs. Susan (w/ Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee) — Winner: Jordynne Grace with the Grace Driver

A brawl ensues between the five of ’em. Here comes ODB! She’s in the house… BAM! Way to even up the odds. She scares Deonna Purrazzo’s crew away from the ring.

– Matt Hardy & Private Party are back. They are worried about their tag team title match, but big money Matt needs them to have faith in him. This time he is saying there will be a “bonus” (not a bounty) if they win the tag team titles. Private Party will win millions of millions of dollars, so there’s nothing to worry about. He’s got everything under control, all they need to do is show up and be the second greatest tag team in history. Anything is possible.

– Tony Schiavone & Tony Khan are back for the most exciting three minutes of the show. Beach Break will be a huge event tomorrow night. Apparently he upset a lot of people with his comments last week. You might not like it, but he’s making decisions that he never would have made before. He’s an emotional decision maker, and these props (coconuts) might be a joke, but tomorrow night won’t be. They plug AEW Beach Break. Khan is very angry with you, so get ready for more of the same next week.

– Jazz asks ODB if she’s back for good? She’s only got one answer for that. Grace, ODB and Jazz grab their boobs and collectively “BAAAM!”

#5. TJP vs. Rohit Raju — Winner: Rohit Raju with an assist*

*TJP went under the ring to switch to Manik again, but Mahabali Shera was waiting under there for him.

– Eric Young says their violence is by design. This is family, and Jake is family. The salvation is not for everyone. This could be your family, your protection, and your cure. He can remove the sickness, he can do that for you, but in the end the choice is yours. In the end if he wants it, Eric can baptize him in the holy waters of change.

– Cousin Jake isn’t sure about the invitation, but this is the craziest thing that’s happened to him lately. Next week, he will Violent By Design their answer.

#6. Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer vs. Moose & Chris Bey — Winner: Moose & Chris Bey with the Spear

Moose sends a statement by spearing Tommy Dreamer as well. He grabs both World titles and holds them up high, before throwing the Impact title at the befallen Rich Swann. See you next week!

— Impact Wrestling Results (2/2/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (2/2/2021)

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