Impact Wrestling Results – February 22nd, 2019


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing February 22nd 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments will be included. Check out the following link for last weeks Uncaged results: February 15th

*As I watch on Spike in the UK, it airs earlier than other international broadcasts (starting 11pm GMT 6pm EST). Avoid the post if you do no want it spoiling.*

Recap of last weeks Uncaged. – Johnny Impact kicks off the show from Las Vegas. It’s a rare thing in this business, when someone does what they said they were going to do (winning the title). There’s talk of things not going his way, and some worries from his wife about his health. But where he stands now .. on top of the mountain, he can look down it a little bit. At Uncaged he shut up three mouths, and closed that chapter. Time to move on to the next contender .. so Moose enters.

Johnny boy .. the only thing Moose hears from backstage is wah wah wah (crying). He labels Johnny the worst World Champion Impact Wrestling’s ever had. Moose blames his defense on Brian Cage and Killer Kross, which prompts the latter to make his entrance. Crowd chants “Kross is gonna’ kill you”.

Defiler. Betrayer. You son of a b***h. Moose should know better than anyone not to cross Killer Kross. He says it’s taxing on his patience to deal with Moose and his stupid outfits. Moose gets offended, and they bicker til Johnny breaks it up.

Moose reminds Kross he worked in the football league, and he benched Kross after failing to beat Johnny for the world title. Johnny jokes about how it’s hard to be friends in this business. There’s always an “A” talent, and a “B” talent, and he wouldn’t mind seeing a match between Moose & Kross; with the winner becoming #1 contender. Kross compliments Johnny for stirring the pot. He plans to lay one on Moose, but gets beaten to the punch. Looks like the World Champion has booked the match and it’s happening.

#1. “No. 1 Contender match for the Impact World Championship” – Moose vs. Killer Kross – Winner: No Contest due to Johnny Impact’s interference.

Kross & Moose get back on the same page to dismantle Johnny. Here comes “The Machine”. Cage takes ’em both out, and double super kicks from him and Johnny send them packing. Another stare down between Cage n’ Impact. He motions wanting another title shot. So with nothing resolved, the chapter hasn’t ended after all.

– They cut to a podcast between Don Callis & Konnan. Callis announces the hiring of Glenn Gilberti.

– LAX backstage. Konnan reminds his boys they are like scarecrows standing in a field. Win, lose or draw, LAX will shake hands with The Lucha Brothers afterwards. They’re pumped for tonight’s title match.

– Backstage, Johnny thanks Brian for helping him out. He knows everyone thinks Cage deserves another title shot. It’s a shame they can’t have a straight up one-on-one match due to their problem (Kross/Moose). Cage says he can’t trust his word anymore after doing him so many favors. Johnny hands him a contract to sign, and if he signs it, Cage will get a guaranteed title shot if he can help Johnny to get rid of Moose & Kross for good.

GWN Moment Of The Week: WrestleCon 2018Dezmond Xavier, Andrew Everett & DJ Z vs. King Cuerno, Drago & Aerostar

– Smoky Rascalz segment. They book matches for themselves next week. Gama Singh pops in outta’ nowhere. He says The Rascalz have no chance against the Desi Hit Squad, and they have a lot to learn. Gama pulls out his personal bong pipe and lets them toke on it. Wentz coughs up like a little boy .. and none of ’em can handle his stuff so they pass out pretty quickly. Gama says that’s how real men did it back in the day.

– For the second week Impact hypes the return of the Reno Scum tag team.

Gama Singh is in the ring introducing The Desi Hit Squad. Josh says The Rascalz might not be in the best shape after what happened earlier. Rascalz don’t look too perky, but alive enough to compete.

#2. Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) vs. The Rascalz (Trey & Dez) – Winners: The Rascalz with Trey’s double knee stomp in to a pin.

– Eli Drake wants to “talk to ya”. Thou shalt not raise thy hand toward Eli Drake. When you sin against Eli, he comes down on you like nothing else before. Don’t get mistaken, don’t get lost in that sauce. He hasn’t got a problem with Eddie, but Eli wants to take him by the hand and show how using hardcore makes him a loser. Eli is wrestling. No one can touch what he does. No one can stop The Gravy Train .. not even him. He’s gonna’s show everyone what Eli Drake’s all about, and that’s not an insult .. it’s just a fact of life.

– Sami Callihan visits Rich Swann in the hospital. Sami says he is not living up to his potential, but Rich doesn’t want to know. Callihan repeatedly demands Rich look at him. What he’s here for .. is to tell him he has balls for standing up to him. He gets this is hard, but his big brother is here. Sami reminds Rich that even though he was in Japan, he was the first to hit him up (on the phone) when things happened in his life. Rich needs to step up and reach his potential. The nurse enters and tells Sami only family is allowed to visit. Before leaving, he tells Rich to call him in the morning.

#3. Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: Eddie Edwards with a roll-up.

A good match. Eli tried using “Kenny” again, but Eddie dodged and rolled him up for the win. I remain unsure if this rivalry is doing what they’re looking for.

– We cut to Tessa Blanchard coming out of Impact’s management room. She is frustrated. Management won’t give her a rematch for the Knockouts title. She reveals the “big scoop” of officials only caring about Gail Kim, and that’s why they won’t grant her another shot. She’s gonna’ do anything it takes to get that match.

– Glenn Gilberti AKA Disco Inferno shows up and asks a guy how to get to the management room. He gets a little confused with the directions. Glenn walks out of the building and gets locked out. He’ll have to find another way in.

#4. Alisha Edwards vs. Delilah Doom – Winner: No Contest due to Tessa Blanchard’s interference.

Callis buries Gilberti during the match. Nothing special about it .. as Tessa pops up to send a message to management by destroying Alisha & Delilah.

– Delilah Doom challenges Tessa to a match next week. She’s not a one-time deal.

– Impact plugs the partnership with Las Vegas Chapter’s “Caring For Kids”, with NFL Alumni.

– “Father” James Mitchell is with Rosemary, Su Yung and Allie. He says Rosemary is trying to take something which doesn’t belong to her, and possession is nine tenths of the law. Rosemary asks if they can come to an arrangement. Mitchell likes deals, especially in sin city.

Mitchell wants Rosemary’s soul in exchange for Allie’s; but she’s not going for it. As an alternative, and seen as she previously pitched a dark war, he suggests they assemble their own dark armies for a “Winner Takes All” match. If Rosemary wins she gets Allie’s soul .. but if she loses, Mitchell gets her soul as well. She wastes no time accepting the terms.

– Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie plans on not responding to Tessa’s temper tantrums. She talks down to Tessa like a spoiled brat, and is not getting anything from her. Next up is the “Last Time” LAX & The Lucha Brothers square off for the tag titles.

*Main Event for the Impact World Tag Team Championship*
#5. The Lucha Brothers (c) Pentagon Jr. & Fenix vs. LAX, Ortiz & Santana – Winners: Lucha Brothers Retain with the package piledriver & footstop combo.

Another solid match, but not as competitive as previous outings. LAX offer handshakes .. but The Lucha Brothers turn them down! LAX retaliate. They take the masks off Pentagon & Fenix, holding them high in the air as the show comes to an end. This isn’t over by a long shot.

Impact Wrestling Results (2/22/2019)–

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