Impact Wrestling Results – February 8th, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing February 8th 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments will be included. Check out the following link for last weeks results: February 1st

This weeks episode airs from Mexico. And we’re straight in to the action with a tag team match.

#1. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Jake & Dave Crist (oVe) – Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack with the 450 Splash.

Not as good of an opener to previous weeks, but not bad either. Swann doesn’t care for the Crist brothers .. and for a change, Sami Callihan was not at ringside helping them out.

The Lucha Brothers hype up their title match with LAX later in the night. Pentagon Jr says he would’ve liked to see LAX’s faces had Konnan decided not to accept their challenge. He says Konnan wants to keep the titles within “La Familia”, which is right .. except The Lucha Brothers will be the team to hold them. Cero Miedo!

GWN Moment Of The Week: (3/16/2017) LAX return and make an impact by taking out Decay.

#2. Dark Allie vs. Kiera Hogan – Winner: Kiera Hogan

A short match, and Kiera only won because Allie was looking for Su Yung after Jordynne laid her out on the outside. No Rosemary this time.

– When Johnny Impact enters the building, he’s given news that his match with Brian Cage at Uncaged is now a four-way including Killer Kross & Moose. Johnny’s angry and kicks his luggage over in frustration. Cage pops in to say it sucks to be screwed, and he’ll see him next week.

– Allie walks to the back with Su Yung to look for Rosemary. On a chalkboard behind them, the words “The witching is upon us, don’t say we didn’t warn you” magically appear.

#3. Rohit Raju (w/ The Desi Hit Squad) vs. Trey (w/ The Rascalz) – Winner: Trey with the falling double knees in to a pin.

Another quick match, but Rohit’s work rate, Trey’s athleticism, and outside interference helped it along nicely.

– A very brief Scarlett Bordeaux clip hypes her wrestling “debut” in Las Vegas.

#4. Puma King vs. Sami Callihan – Winner: Sami Callihan with the Piledriver

A surprisingly good match, considering Puma looking slow at times. I’m sure many will agree Callihan is disgusting. The Crist Brothers were absent, but Sami didn’t need ’em anyways. After this, a video package hypes next weeks Street Fight between Tessa Blanchard & Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie.

– Eli Drake wants to “talk to ya” with Eddie Edwards. He shrugs off the point of being a hypocrite last week, as it was the Gravy Train which finished the match. Again, Eddie tries persuading Eli to do what he wants (be hardcore) and they’ll win. But Eli is adamant in wanting him to go back to his old ways, with the old tights, old boots (etc.), while leaving “Kenny” the kendo stick at home. Eddie does not look happy with his persistence. Where is this going?

– Killer Kross & Moose talk about the four-way title match next week. There’s a tease of dissension, as Moose jokingly says they should be co-World Champions .. but keep the belt in his trophy case. Looking unimpressed, Kross says it’s a good analogy, but he prefers the one about the frog & the scorpion. Moose likes the sound of it.

As they’re in Mexico, The Lucha Brothers get a unique entrance plentiful of Mexican tradition.

#5. *Main Event for the Impact World Tag Team titles* Ortiz & Santana (LAX) vs. Pentagon Jr & Fenix (Lucha Brothers) – Winners: NEW Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Brothers

It’s always great when these teams collide. At least twice the pace of any other match on the card. Nonstop from start to finish with no rest periods. Santana kicked out of an incredible amount of Package Piledrivers and double team moves. Pentagon & Fenix had an answer for everything, as they targeted Santana while keeping Ortiz separated on the outside. Despite showing admirable toughness, Santana was left at the mercy of The Lucha Brothers.

Afterwards, Konnan demanded LAX shake the hands of the new champions. They did, while showing determination to regain the belts very soon. Pentagon Jr popped the crowd with a celebration in front of the former champs. This rivalry may continue throughout 2019, as Konnan looks to keep the titles “in the family”. If you’re going to watch anything from this episode? This is it. See you next week for the “Uncaged” fatal four-way, to decide the Impact World Champion.

Impact Wrestling Results (2/8/2019)–

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