Impact Wrestling Results – March 1st, 2019


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing March 1st 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments are included. Check out the following link for last weeks results: February 22nd

*As I watch on Spike in the UK, it airs earlier than other international broadcasts (starting 11pm GMT 6pm EST). Avoid the post if you do no want it spoiling.*

Recapping last week. Airing from Las Vegas again, and we’re straight in to a match between Willie Mack & Jake Crist.

#1. Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist (w/ Dave Crist) – Winner: Willie Mack via DQ due to Dave’s interference.

Tommy Dreamer runs in with a kendo stick and helps Willie out. He gets on the microphone and says for almost thirty years he’s been trying to right the wrongs of professional wrestling. Tommy says it starts right here, right now in Impact Wrestling. As you know, anything can happen in Las Vegas. And what is that old saying? Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. He challenges oVe to a tag match against himself and Willie.

#2. Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer vs. Jake Crist & Dave Crist – Winners: Willie & Tommy
with a Death Valley Driver & Frog Splash combo

Tonight we learn about the history of Rich Swann & Sami Callihan from Sami’s perspective. Johnny Impact is standing by backstage.

– There’s speculation Johnny is handing out title shots for anyone doing him favors. Fans are saying he’s changed lately. He claims the fact he’s a fighting champion makes people uncomfortable. He blames Moose & Killer Kross for the reason Brian Cage hasn’t got his title shot, and tonight they’ll take care of them once and for all. We pan to Reno Scum looking ready to return to in-ring action.

#3. Fallah Bahh & KM vs. Reno Scum – Winners:Fallah & KM with a unique throw in to a Samoan drop combo

Reno Scum are sore losers and blind side Fallah & KM post match. Apparently they are putting the tag team division on notice .. but they were just beaten fairly easy.

– Glenn Gilberti (Disco Inferno) asks Ethan Page where the management office is. It’s right behind him, so he finally makes it after getting locked out last week. D’Lo Brown pops out the door. Glenn tells him he needs to talk to management right away, so D’Lo tells him to go inside. One of the officials tells him he’s a week late. The camera only shows Glenn; not the other people in the room. Glenn pitches a tournament where wins & losses really matter. Management insults and makes fun of him. Gilbertii desperately says he used to work for Vince, but they laugh at him more. He misunderstood the position .. which is not head of creative, but someone who makes the coffee. He wants to talk to Don Callis about this BS.

– KM says for two years they’ve been scratching & clawing their way up the ranks. He’s pissed about what Reno Scum did, and Fallah angrily shouts “Bahh!!” and “No! No! No!” a lot. KM promises they’re going to make Reno Scum pay for what happened.

GWN Moment Of The Week: LAX vs. Willie Mack & Killshot at WrestleCon 2018

– Eddie is backstage with Kenny. Eli gets in his face again. He admits Eddie won, but so did he. Eli told Eddie he never needed hardcore, all he needed was to be like the old Eddie. They both won last week, so in future they can do so together. He believes they’ve got something special which could get them some tag team gold. But Eddie outright refuses, saying his only tag team partner is Kenny .. so it’s never going to happen.

– Scarlett Bordeaux looking seductive in front of a mirror. She says the wait is almost over, and hopes the unlucky opponent she announces next week will be ready for the most anticipated debut of all time. She puts some lipstick on before kissing herself in the mirror.

#4. Tessa Blanchard vs. Delilah Doom – Winner: Tessa Blanchard with the Buzzsaw DDT

Tessa talks to management through the camera, further demanding a rematch for the Knockouts title. She wants it soon, or else. We’ll have to wait to find out.

– Brian Cage in an interview. She asks if he’s ready to co-exist with Johnny in the main event. He’s positive they can, as they have a long history. Brian confirms he will get a title shot if they put an end to Kross & Moose; as it’s promised in writing via legal contract.

– Rosemary speculates how many soldiers Mitchell will bring to the dark war. Kiera Hogan tells Rosemary she has a team right here, in herself & Jordynne Grace. Rosemary’s response is it’s not her fight. Kiera shows her frustration (because Allie was her friend) by getting in Rosemary’s face, showing how ready she is to fight for her. Rosemary caves in and agrees to let her fight, but wants to make it a promise they will get the “bunny” (her pet name for Allie) back.

#5. Ethan Page vs.Wentz – Winner: Wentz with a flying cutter

– Glenn Gilberti finds Tommy Dreamer backstage. It’s his first day on the job, but no one seems to know what he’s doing. Tommy introduces him to the “Anthem” room he’s standing next to. Glenn’s curious and walks in, but quickly backtracks as an owl attacks him (we never see it). It’s the “Anthem Owl”, and after Tommy’s unnecessarily long explanation of it, he shoves Gilberti in and shuts the door. Dreamer smiles and walks off. We hear the owl attacking him for a few seconds, before he manages to escape covered in feathers.

– Ace Austin hype video. Next week. Moving on to Sami Callihan. He’s the hero in this story. Rich had no one growing up, and he did literally EVERYTHING to help him. Rich wants to turn his back on oVe, but he can’t see how it’s possible. He claims Rich used him for EVERYTHING he had to offer, before turning his back on him. Sami put Rich in the hospital because he loves him. He wants to welcome Swann to the oVe family.

– Killer Kross talks to Moose. They’re in a tough spot, but arguing won’t solve anything. He says Johnny weasels out of stuff all the time, and he’s not going out there to be a loser again. Moose describes Johnny as a hot chick at a bar who winks at guys, only to walk away when they come over. He’s promising everyone a title shot, but it doesn’t matter .. as anyone he gives a shot too, they’re going to take out.

– LAX segment. Santana explains his actions last week to Konnan, but he’s pissed the family is breaking up. He wants to get ’em another rematch (so last week was not the last time ..). LAX wants to fix this.

#6. *Main Event* Brian Cage & Johnny Impact vs. Moose & Killer Kross Winners:Killer Kross & Moose via TKO as Cage passed out to the Straight Jacket choke.

Moose enters with a hilarious robe .. I don’t want to explain it as I can’t do it justice. Luckily Cage kept his Terminator stuff at home.

Halfway through the match, Johnny appeared to suffer a neck injury, and Cage was busted open from the head. Being more like a handicap match, it gave a huge advantage to Kross & Moose. As officials saw to Johnny, his wife Taya Valkyrie made her way to his side.

Cage shouted for Johnny, but Taya told him he’s hurt. Moose speared Cage, as Kross had his straight jacket choke locked in on him. The team promising to take out Kross & Moose, were in fact taken out by their targets. And that’s all for this weeks episode, thank you.

–Impact Wrestling Results (3/1/2019)–

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