Impact Wrestling Results – March 15th, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing March 15th 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments are included. Check out the following link for last weeks results: March 8th

*As I watch it on Spike in the UK, Impact airs earlier than other international broadcasts (starting 11pm GMT 6pm EST). Avoid if you do no want it spoiling.*

Buildup to Impact and Cage’s title match tonight. Also recapping storylines from last week. oVe are the first to enter. Rich Swann follows, and is joined by his tag team partners Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer.

#1. oVe vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer – Winners: oVe with Sami Callihan’s piledriver

What an exciting opener! And Tommy brought a ton of entertainment poking fun at himself.

– Brian Cage confronts Johnny Impact backstage and asks if he will be ready for tonight, but Johnny’s still wearing the neck brace. A promise is a promise though.

– Smoky Rascalz segment. Moose pops in and says he likes the mask idea from last week. He asks what the smoke is all about .. is someone cooking? He asks if Melissa the interviewer is around. The Rascalz joke about him getting turned down last week .. but after laughing with them, he eventually remembers the disappointment. After punching The Rascalz in their heads, Moose happily shares his love for these guys.

– Disco Inferno is in the ring asking for a clown. He gets Kikutaro .. and they’re having a match. Please save us.

#2. Glenn Gilberti vs. Kikutaro – Winner: Gilberti with the Chart Buster

– The weird interviewer from last week has returned, and is with Taya Valkyrie. She’s anxious about her husband’s health.

#3: Fallah Bahh & KM vs. Reno Scum – Winners: Bahh & KM with Fallah’s belly-tobelly

– Reno Scum’s return to Impact has not been great. We go backstage with Konnan & the Lucha Brothers. He asks them when LAX’s title shot is. Pentagon puts his hand sign in Konnan’s face with “Cero Miedo”. They walk away, and Konnan can’t believe they did that.

– LAX are waiting on Konnan. They’re thinking about the rematch. Konnan storms in saying it’s on! His “sons” disrespected him .. so they’re going to war! They don’t have the title shot yet .. but he’ll get it.

#4. Tessa Blanchard vs. Jordynne Grace to claim #1 contendership for the Knockouts Championship – Winner: Jordynne Grace with the Grace Driver

It was only a matter of time with her strength. The end came from nowhere and is easily her biggest victory to date.

– Tessa Blanchard’s having a meltdown. She taunts people at ringside. She grabs the ring bell guy and throws him in the ring. He begs for mercy. She picks him up and cleans him off .. before punching him in the face. Tessa continues to beat up this poor guy, which cues Gail Kim to rush down and start a brawl! Somehow, she completely misses an elbow drop. Gail fights Tessa out of the ring. Is she coming out of retirement? Tessa doesn’t try getting her own back, instead choosing to walk away with a look of disdain at the Impact Hall of Famer.

– Tessa’s backstage having a go at Scott D’Amore. Gail storms in and Scott gets between them up. D’amore scolds Kim for crossing the line as an Impact official and retired performer. He demands she go home for a week. He reassures Tessa and asks the doctor to check her over.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Brian Cage vs. Eli Drake at Wrestlecon 2018

– Allie’s rehabbing from the dark side. She tells Rosemary “the bunny” is dead. Rosemary warned her not to give in to the dark side, but she never listens. Allie laughs and calls her pathetic. Rosemary leaves her, frustrated with the fact she’s not getting the bunny back as easily as expected.

– oVe cam. Callihan’s pissed Swann turned them down. Swann messed everything up. He promises to take everything away from Rich. First, it will be his X-Division title. Secondly, they will take over Everything! Everything! Everything!

#5. Desi Hit Squad vs. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards – Winners:Drake & Edwards
with “Kenny” the kendo stick (Eli passed it to Eddie)

So for weeks, Eli didn’t want Eddie to be hardcore .. but is now encouraging it to get wins? Eli likes it, and Eddie does too.

Apparently, as he’s entering first, Johnny is playing mind games tonight. Wait? Where is he? Killer Kross has him! And a cinder block. Kross has a steel chair too. Johnny is unconscious with a neck brace on .. what’s left to hurt? Security come out to stop Kross, but he throws them around. He chokes the last one out in seconds. Valkyrie & Cage come out. She runs to Johnny’s aid, covering him so Kross can’t do anything, while Cage watches from the ramp. Taya strikes Kross, but it has no effect. Cage runs in and takes out Kross with some kicks and steel chair shots.

Cage looks bemused though .. as he wanted a title shot tonight. Taya sneaks up behind Cage and low blows him! Johnny takes off his neck brace, revealing he was never really injured .. it’s a setup! The champion grabs the cinder block and places it on his head. He strikes the block with the steel chair. Kross laughs hysterically on the outside; he loves this. He was in on it too. Don Callis calls Johnny a piece of garbage. And that’s all folks, see you next week.

#6. *Main Event for the Impact World Championship* Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage  – Winner: Did Not Start

–Impact Wrestling Results 3/15/2019–

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