Impact Wrestling Results (3/30/2021) — Storm vs. Young


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing March 30th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: March 23rd

**These posts will be more timely when Impact moves to Thursdays next week**

Impact Wrestling Results (3/30/2021)

Before the show, we see footage of FinJuice gloating with the Impact Tag Team titles in Japan. We also get a recap of the feud between AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and undisputed Impact World Champion Rich Swann

#1. Havok & Nevaeh vs. Fire N’ Flava, Kiera hogan & Tasha Steelz — Winners: Fire N’ Flava with the Frog Splash

Post-match, Navaeh attacks and spears Havok, It seems that they weren’t on the same page after all. She calls Havok the weak link.

– James Storm is ready for his 1000th match in Impact Wrestling. As much as this should be a celebration, it’s more of a dedication because for a man who has had that many matches, he wasn’t even supposed to have one. He & Chris Harris were taken in by Bob Ryder (who recently passed away) and they were used, and the rest is history. Tonight, he’s bringing it to Eric Young and his friends. He has some friends of his own in Chris Sabin & Jake Something. They pop in and have a surprise for him. It’s Chris Harris! America’s Most Wanted are reunited. They hug it out and Harris congratulates him.

– Deonna Purrazzo is with Susan. Since she became Knockouts Champ for a second time she has become unstoppable. Susan thinks Jazz is reckless for taking out Kimber Lee and deserves more than what she got. Jazz blindsides Susan and knocks her out.

#2. Sami Callihan vs. Larry D (w/ Acey Romero) — Winner: Sami Callihan with a Rope Guillotine Piledriver

Acey Romero attacks Callihan from behind and leaves him laying. Sami is laughing and smirking. Apparently Trey Miguel passed the test?

– We get more footage of FinJuice, this time performing in the ring in New Japan.

– Don Callis thinks FinJuice are looking good, but The Good Brothers don’t understand why he is impressed. Don says they don’t have the belts, and he wants to put the One Winged Angel video on again. Anderson’s seen it eight times already. They do a bit of whispering to keep something secret.

– Sami Callihan finds Trey and says he isn’t there to fight. He helped him out last week, so why wouldn’t he return the favor? Callihan does everything for a reason. This is what Trey needs, he needs to use this anger and take it to the next level. One chance, he wants to be Trey’s mentor. He is offering Trey the chance to carry Impact Wrestling in to the next life span, but he doesn’t give a damn about any of that. He wants to wrestle XXXL next week and wants Trey to be his partner, but his reply is “Hell No!”. Callihan tells him to think about it.

#3. Suicide vs. Brian Myers — Winner: Brian Myers with the Roster Cut lariat

Brian Myers grabs a mic and says Matt Cardona challenged him to a match. But he can see through him, he just wants the rub. But it’s not going to happen in Impact Wrestling, because it’s his. He is the franchise of Impact and it does not include him.

– Jazz asks Tommy Dreamer if he has seen Scott D’Amore. He wants Deonna Purrazzo. Dreamer asks her if she remembers Ultimate Jeopardy from ECW. He asks if she wants to face Deonna and if she wins, she gets the title. If she loses, then she has to give something up. She offers to put her career on the line. Dreamer thinks that’s a little far. But Jazz is positive that’s what she wants and won’t lose.

– Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are back. Dynamite is going to be stacked this week. There’s going to be some great wrestling. Khan says when Kenny Omega becomes Impact World Champion, their problems will become his problems. He controls the wrestling world, he is the forbidden door, and all bookings for Kenny Omega go through him… that’s what AAA found out. Schiavone tell us the rest of the card.

– Swinger’s Palace daddy. John E. Bravo tells Swinger the bets for Rebellion are looking great. He pleads with Swinger to let him go to the toilet, but he’s just given a cup. Don Callis and Kenny Omega walk in and Swinger says he remembers this guy from TNA. Don thinks they are going to need to be tested after visiting this place. They have come to find out what the odds are of Omega winning. Don shows Swinger the One Winged Angel video and the odds for Kenny go through the roof. The Swingerella’s look impressed. Callis places a big wager on Kenny winning and Swinger is happy to be rolling in cash, daddy.

#4. TJP & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton — Winners: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

– Don Callis catches up with Willie Mack. “What’s Up Fool?” says Mack. Don has big plans for Willie… he wants to show him a certain video. Mack doesn’t look impressed with the One Winged Angel. Rich Swann walks in. Apparently, Omega loves his finishing move and can’t wait to kick out of it.

Rich says if Don wasn’t his boss he’d slap the hell out of him and mocks The Original Sheik. Callis takes off his glasses and says for the next few minutes, he is not his boss. He wants to go with Rich right now! But it’s a trap. Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers attack Swann & Mack. Eddie Edwards jumps in and they fight ’em off.

– Rohit Raju wants to team up with Hernandez, but he doesn’t want no part of that unless he has money. Raju quickly backtracks out of there.

– Eric Young finds it funny that Storm challenged him in his 1000th match. Violent By Design have been cleansed by the holy waters of change. You want to know what a thousand matches means to him? It means Storm is too far gone. This company was built on the backs of men. The future of this world hangs in the balance. This world doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to us.

– Tommy Dreamer gathers the Knockouts Division and announces Jazz’s challenge to Deonna Purrazzo. Tommy asks Susan about her friend “Su”, but she has no idea what he’s talking about. Susan doesn’t like any of his ideas… she gets a headache and walks out. Dreamer turns back to the Knockouts and tells them there will be a Scramble match to decide the #1 contender. Oh, and weapons will be allowed.

The Knockouts are happy about this, all except Tenille Dashwood, because you don’t put weapons around a masterpiece. She & Kaleb will talk to Scott about this. Havok tells Dreamer she loves this. Rosemary gets in his ear and says… “Match Time!”. Alisha Edwards asks Tommy what the rules are for this? Tommy asks Scott & Eddie to come get Alisha, he doesn’t get her appeal.

#5. James Storm (w/ Chris Sabin & Jake Something) vs. Eric Young (w/ Violent By Design) — Winner: James Storm with the Last Call and an assist from Chris Harris

James Storm dedicates this match to the late Bob Ryder. RIP.

— Impact Wrestling Results (3/30/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (3/30/2021)

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