Impact Wrestling Results – March 8th, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing March 8th 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although talking segments are included. Check out the following link for last weeks results: March 1st

*As I watch it on Spike in the UK, Impact airs earlier than other international broadcasts (starting 11pm GMT 6pm EST). Avoid if you do no want it spoiling.*

Recapping last week. Airing from Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, NV. We begin with shots of the excited crowd, before Rich Swann enters for a singles match with “All Ego” Ethan Page.

#1. Rich Swann vs. Ethan Page – Winner: Rich Swann with the Phoenix Splash.

Good opener .. but here comes Callihan with his thugs. The crowd reminds oVe how much they suck, and Sami tells them he would appreciate if they shut up for a minute. Spoiler alert! Tonight is the night Swann finally joins oVe. The fans hate on him more, so he calls them sheep. He throws another shirt at Rich, but tells him to wait while he explains that family don’t always get along .. but it is “everything”.

Swann embraces him with a hug, and Sami excitedly announces the newest member of oVe! Rich puts the shirt on and they celebrate .. but with his back to him, Rich kicks Sami in the back of the head before taking his thugs out. He runs off, leaving Callihan absolutely livid.

– LAX segment. They seem happier than last week. Still blaming Ortiz for them losing the titles though. Konnan tells them to scout the Lucha Brothers match with The Rascalz tonight.

– We cut to an interview conducted last week with Brian Cage when he was taken to the back following the main event. The interviewer asks a dumb question, so officials kick him out. For some reason, commentary ask where Glenn Gilberti is. Here comes Ace Austin for his Impact Wrestling debut.

#2. Ace Austin vs. Jake Atlas – Winner: Ace Austin with “The Fold” (Running Blockbuster)

Yeah he’s pretty good. Would fit nicely in the X-Division. We go to an interview conducted (via satellite) with the World & Knockout’s Champions.

– Hernandez Miles conducts this strange interview. Johnny says he will be a man of his word and give Cage his title shot if he doesn’t need fusion (surgery). I don’t know what to make of it .. it’s like they’re trying to make the champion look like an idiot. Hernandez takes full credit for this “interview”. No words can describe how bad it was.

– Reno Scum say Fallah & KM’s win was a fluke. Get ready boys to be silenced by the violence, Oi! Oi! Oi!

Eli & Eddie?

– Alisha gets on the mic. She thanks Impact Wrestling for her time, but her contract is expiring soon, so it gives her the perfect opportunity to ask what’s next. She thinks maybe it’s time to stay home and start a family. The Desi Hit Squad enter. Rohit makes a sexist comment about her being right to return home to be a housewife. Gama’s protege says she’s doing the right thing too, going one further by stating literally all women wrestlers should go home. Gama says she should serve her man.

Eddie Edwards pops up with Kenny (kendo stick) and gets some shots in, but the numbers advantage is too much. Here comes Eli Drake .. Desi Hit Squad invite him to help them beat up Eddie. He shakes their hands, but tricks them and hits the Gravy Train. Gama begs Eli not to hurt him before escaping. Eli gives Eddie a smirk as he walks away.

– The interviewer Hernandez catches up with Cage, but he doesn’t like what he did last week. Hernandez says he’s only doing his job of asking the tough questions. After Hernandez shows him something he recorded, Cage tells him he’s a shit-stirrer and barges him out of the way. This guy is getting under people’s skin.

– Eli meets up with Eddie & Alisha backstage. Eddie thanks him for having his back. Eli’s not trying to be the bad guy, he just wants Eddie to join him to challenge for the tag team gold. Alisha’s sick of Eddie being stubborn, telling him to do what’s right and team up with Eli. Eddie finally caves in to one match scheduled for next week, to see if they have what it takes against the Desi Hit Squad.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Eddie Edwards vs. Jeremiah Crane (Sami Callihan) at WrestleCon 2018

– What’s next for Moose & Kross? Moose feels fabulous and looks great in a pink suit. Kross says there is a crisis situation. Seen as they aren’t getting any title shots, no one’s getting a title shot. The next time he sees Johnny in Impact, he’s gonna’ send him back to the hospital. Moose is more positive, jokingly saying if they’re not getting a title shot, they might as well go celebrate in Vegas. He offers to take the interviewer out, but she quickly refuses.

– Rascalz smoky segment. They talk about becoming super heroes .. so they need masks and super powers, but Dez only brought one mask. They giggle about Moose’s pink suit from the last segment, among other things. Just having fun. Next up is The Dark War, with the ring illuminated by a red hue.

#3. -The Dark War- Rosemary, Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace vs. Su Yung, Allie & Undead Maid Of Honor (w/ Father James Mitchell) – Winners: Team Rosemary with Rosemary’s spear on the Undead Maid Of Honor

Was expecting much more from this. Rosemary has a collar for Allie and claims her (per stipulation), while Mitchell holds Su Yung back. Both Allie and Su are distraught at the thought of being separated.

– Glenn Gilberti’s with Konnan, who tells him that Don Callis has been saying he will be nothing but a mascot for the company. Konnan tells him to barge in to the room and a cut a promo on Callis. He enters and cuts a promo on the guy sitting down, calling him a bald son of a bitch. Killer Kross slowly turns around .. and Gilberti immediately regrets it. He apologies profusely, but it doesn’t stop Kross from kicking his head in. Gilberti never learns.

– After the ad break, Gilberti hears voices. He keeps thinking he’s seeing wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett. Glenn sees three guys (from the back) who look a bit like Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks, and asks if they’ve got a spot open in AEW. They turn around and it’s just three random backstage workers. He meets up with Scott D’Amore, who has a go at him for disappearing. Gilberti finally finds Callis, he’s out doing commentary .. which he would know if he watched the show. He joins Callis at the commentary table, and Josh Matthews gets in the ring. Josh introduces the “Smoke Show” Scarlett Bordeaux.

Scarlett Bordeaux’s Opponent Revealed

Callis & Gilberti drool over Scarlett’s entrance. Josh takes us through the quick highlights of her Impact career so far. When he asks who was the worst talent who reached out to her, she answers Disco Inferno. He gets up from the table and enters the ring as she apologizes. With an angry tone, Disco asks Scarlett what’s wrong with her? For six months, all she’s done is come out here, show herself, and she’s the hottest star in the business. But now she wants to wrestle? He says she’s going to suck if she wrestles. Women’s Wrestling hasn’t been good since they had bra & panties matches .. and seen as Impact don’t have those, there’s no point seeing her wrestle.

She wants to send Gilberti a message from all the women out there .. a sweet slap to the face. Scarlett thinks she could kick his ass. Gilberti laughs, saying the “women’s revolution thing” is making her think irrationally. Maybe the Desi Hit Squad was right .. she should go home to her husband, do the laundry, wash the dishes etc. When she’s done all that and her head is in the place it needs to be, and she still think she can kick his ass ..  he won’t be hard to find. So basically, he accepted her offer without saying yes. Scarlett says the next time she sees him .. she will make him her bitch! It looks set in stone, her first opponent will be Disco Inferno.

– Tessa Blanchard is pissed she’s having to face Jordynne Grace to become #1 contender. Still insulting Impact management, and she always gets what she wants.

#4. *Main Event* The Lucha Brothers Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs. Dez & Wentz of The Rascalz – Winners: Lucha Brothers with the superkick/pentagon driver combo

Always a fun main event with The Lucha Brothers. Solid effort from The Rascalz. Konnan congratulates them backstage. They ask Konnan to tell his boys not to touch their masks again as it’s disrespectful to their lucha heritage. Also, they say it’s too soon for LAX to get another title shot. Konnan isn’t having it. Before walking away, he straight up orders them to give LAX another shot. Lucha Brothers are reluctant, as Pentagon Jr asks Fenix why they have to take orders from him. Tension building. See you next week.

–Impact Wrestling Results (3/8/2019)–

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