Impact Wrestling Results – April 12th, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing April 12th 2019. Check out the link for last weeks results: April 5th

#1. Moose vs. Wentz (w/ The Rascalz) – Winner: Moose with the spear

– Rosemary is getting ready to avenge the fallen, as we go to the first commercial break.

– Josh Mathews announces RVD’s return to Impact Wrestling on April 29th, followed by a video package of RVD talking about his contract signing.

– Madison Rayne feels good to be back, and while her loss against Jordynne wasn’t what she wanted, she knows the competition is stacked so it doesn’t bother her. Tessa Blanchard pops in and tells Madison she’s like Gail, expecting opportunities to relive past glory days. Madison reminds Tessa she has beaten her twice before in Impact, and she’ll gladly make it three. She tells Madison to bring it on.

#2. Su Yung vs. Rosemary – Winner: No Contest due to the bridesmaids and Kiera Hogan getting involved

In the post match fight, the bridesmaids held Kiera Hogan and forced her to watch Su Yung drill Rosemary in to the mat with the Panic Switch, before she too suffered the same fate.

– Ace Austin promo: All bets were off last week, he had the winning hand, and Jake Crist was about to fold. Aiden Prince took the Ultimate X win away from him. A new story is starting between him and Aiden Prince, but in the end it will result in Aces Up.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Taylor Wilde (w/ Rhino) vs. Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky & Kip James) at TNA No Surrender 2008

– Willie Mack’s sitting on some steps and Killer Kross takes a seat next to him. He’s got a question .. does he like jazz music? Kross likes it because it’s improvisational, and the musicians have to be masters of their craft. Apparently .. Rich Swann plays jazz. He tries placing seeds of doubt in Willie Mack’s head, making a claim that Swann is just using him. Kross says Willie should think about his future, before walking away.

– The Deaners are finally here in Impact Wrestling. It’s time to put in the work. No more smoking. No more drinking. Ok .. maybe one more drink. Cody slaps his tag partner for drinking Hopps.

#3. Ethan Page & Josh Alexander (The North) vs. Sheldon Jean & El Reverso – Winners: The North with a death valley slam double team move

– Ethan Page says The North are going to take over the tag team division. Josh Alexander is after tag team gold, and the rest of the division is on notice.

– Gail Kim is on commentary for the next match.

#4. Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard – Winner: Madison Rayne with the school girl rollup

– Backstage, Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake challenge the Lucha Brothers to a title match. LAX jump in from nowhere and take it to the champions, while Eli Drake encourages Eddie not to get involved.

– The Deaners again, this time in a corn field. They’re going to run over all the competition, apparently.

– Johnny & Taya interview: He puts Cage over, saying he’s an athlete who only comes around once in a generation. But on the other hand, someone as dumb as him comes around once every thousand years. He’s so dumb, he reminds the marks (fans) of themselves. Taya thinks he’s being a little harsh, she thinks Cage & Grace go well together. They probably get a lot of “hard” cardio (emphasis on the hard) together as well; they would make a good couple.

– oVe cam: Someone’s peed. But Callihan knows exactly what the smell is .. it’s this dumpster fire of a place; the hometown of Rich Swann. This is where Rich would’ve died, if Callihan was not there for him. oVe would have given him everything, but at Rebellion Rich will be nothing. Callihan’s coming for the title, and he’s going to beat him so badly no one will recognize him. They are taking over everything .. everything .. everything.

– Tessa Blanchard says Gail Kim couldn’t wait to interfere in tonight’s match. She couldn’t wait to make it personal. That’s fine .. if she wants to play games, she can make it personal too.

– Fallah Bahh is backstage looking for someone. He goes in the women’s changing room and gets screamed out .. and he enjoys the sight for a moment. Scarlett Bordeaux pops up behind him .. and Fallah screams bahh! She doesn’t understand the word, but she likes it. Scarlett’s not done with him yet, she’s looking for a tag team partner for next week. She spanks his big ass, which I assume seals the deal.

#5. Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie vs.Brian Cage & Jordynne Grace – Winners: Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie due to the corrupt senior referee Johnny Bravo delivering a chop block to Cage, followed by a quick count on the pin

Valkyrie low blowed Cage again after the match, giving Johnny the opportunity to further damage The Machine. They snog in the ring and laugh at Cage, before holding up their championships for the audience.

–Impact Wrestling Results 4/12/2019–

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