Impact Wrestling Results (4/14/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing April 14th, 2022. Check the link for last week’s results: 4/7/2022

Impact Wrestling Results (4/14/2022)

W. Morrissey says the last time he was in this arena, he was at rock bottom and being taken to the hospital. He is happy to be back here, clean and sober. The fans give him a big chant and gets emotional. He’s in the best shape of his life, and for the first time in his life, he can finally admit that he is not alone. And that is because of all the fans. Thank you for continuing to show the support. Morrissey was given a second chance, and he is going to take full advantage of every single one of those… here comes Brian Myers.

Boo freaking hoo, says Myers. Does he expect everyone to feel sorry for him? He was handed a golden opportunity that some could only dream of, and let’s be honest, he pissed it all away for a good time. All the people should be sorry for him, because he is the best in Impact Wrestling, and Morrissey has been hurting his commentary career. So here’s a little warning, history is going to repeat itself. If you mess with him, he will be leaving this arena like he did the last time. Myers says they will fight on his own terms. Morrissey runs after and gets his hands on Myers. He drops Myers’ back on to the ring apron, before pulling out a table.

Morrissey gets Myers in position, but Chelsea Green stops him. Matt Cardona blindsides him, and it looks like the old friends have reunited. They collectively smash Morrissey through the table and gloat about it.

#1. [Champ Champ Challenge] Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Willow Nightingale — Winner: Purrazzo via submission

– Chelsea Green and Mickie James brawl backstage after the latter has an interview. Cardona gets involved and makes it easy for Green to knock her out with the cast on her wrist.

– Tasha Steelz says she will be ready for Rosemary’s mindgames. Speak of the devil, Decay appears on the nearest screen and mocks her.

#2. Jonathan Gresham vs. Rocky Romero — Winner: Jonathan Gresham

After the match, Gresham extends his hand. Romero shows him respect by shaking it, adhering to the continued code of honor.

#3. Steve Maclin vs. Alex Shelley — Winner: Alex Shelley

– We see a clip from earlier on BTI, where The Influence fired Kaleb with a K for siding too much with The IInspiration. Back to the present, Gisele Shaw feels sorry for Madison Rayne’s loss, but not the match she won, but the loss of Kaleb. Rayne doesn’t need her to worry about them, but Shaw says she will have to wait and see on that.

– Honor No More is out and Eddie Edwards brings up the fact ECW and ROH grew up here in Philadelphia. He says the Philly fans are the most passionate in all of professional wrestling. The thing is, Honor No more says the real truth is that they are the most fickle. They are spoiled, entitled and aren’t worthy. Mike Bennett takes over on the mic and says this building is the birthplace of ROH and ECW. But what you may not realize, is that it’s the birthplace of Mike Bennett.

Each and every single fan turned their backs on ECW, ROH, and Mike Bennett. Matt Taven says they never turned their backs on each other. They had no idea they would be surrounded by hypocrites. His fans never left. There was only one man to have the balls to put the company on his back. Look around right now, he has plenty of fans right here. But something that’s not a trend if Honor No More. They are here to stay, and succeed, because I am Matt Taven… the Bullet Club music plays.

Here come Jay White, Chris Bey and The Good Brothers. White says there is a lot of talking, and it sounds like Taven and Honor No More think they are the best. Bullet Club knows that’s not true, and so does Philadelphia. All of us, and the world included, everyone knows that Bullet Club is best. Doc Gallows says people should be sending out some Bullet Club thank you’s, including The Kingdom after they put them over in 2015. Impact Wrestling is Bullet Club’s house.

Karl Anderson says Honor No More is like the old toys no one wants to play with anymore, while Bullet Club are the best toys in the box. Bullet Club is simply just too sweet. Maria says their too sweet can go right here on her ass. I guess you could say Honor No More is here for life… but she’s a lot more original than that. Chris Bey says we could go bar for bar, but since we’re in Philly, do you want to fight about it? Bullet Club approaches the ring. They get up on the apron and climb in to the ring. Honor No More and Bullet Club go at it! And for a change, it is Bullet Club who is outnumbered.

The action spillss out to the floor. PCO flies from the turnbuckle and takes everyone out. Here comes JONAH, because it’s time for his match with PCO.

#4. PCO vs. JONAH — Winner: JONAH

–Impact Wrestling Results (4/14/2022)–

Impact Wrestling Results (4/14/2022)

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