Impact Wrestling Results (4/21/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing April 21st, 2022. Check the link for last week’s results: 4/14/2022

Impact Wrestling Results (4/21/2022)

#1. Violent By Design, Eric Young & Deaner (w/ Joe Doering) vs. Decay’s Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus — Winners: Violent By Design

Brian Myers, Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green come to the ring. Cardona says the major players are here. And how appropriate that he is here in the ECW arena, because he is the deathmatch king. He’s all about three things, buzz, money and gold. Here in Impact he is is the Digital Media Champion. He wants to scratch that itch, so he’d like some tag team gold, and there’s no partner better than Myers, who says they have not always seen eye to eye.


Brian thinks he is the best he has ever been. Cardona is also the best he has been with his wife Chelsea Green by his side. She says that individually, everyone talked about them, so together, they make the strongest unit in all of wrestling. The strongest woman Chelsea Green was the only one who could take Mickie James. They also took W. Morrissey out with a table. The Major Players is the best team that has ever been and they are taking over Impact.

Wait, who is this?? It’s Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke, the FBI from ECW! Guido says his career started right here in this building. He has seen hundreds of wrestlers bleed buckets to pave the way for them to have the privilege to stand here tonight. Never disrespect this building and what it has done, because this building isn’t yours, it belongs to the fans. Guido calls them the Major Sissy’s, and Cardona says they haven’t been relevant since ECW closed twenty years ago. They try attacking them, but the FBI force them out. Guido says if Cardona has any guts he will defend his title against him tonight.

#2. [Digital Media Championship] Matt Cardona (c) w/ Brian Myers & Chelsea Green vs. Little Guido w/ Tony Mamaluke — Winner: Matt Cardona

The Major Players set up a table to put the FBI through, but W. Morrissey is here for revenge. He grabs Myers, but Chelsea Green low blows him. Jordynne Grace makes the save, just because she didn’t forget what Cardona did to take the title from her. She gives Morrissey the chance to chokeslam Cardona through the table! That was extreme. The ECW arena is proud of that one.

#3. Shera w/ Raj Singh vs. Gabriel Rodriguez — Winner: Shera

#4. Honor No More’s Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Kenny King & Vincent w/ Eddie Edwards & Maria Kanellis vs. Bullet Club’s Jay White, Chris Bey & The Good Brothers — Winners: Bullet Club

– The IInspiration is focusing on becoming two-time champions now that Kaleb is out of the way, which will be iconic and inspirational.

– Taya Valkyre is back to get what she never lost in the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. She will become a four-time champion at Rebellion.

#5. Mike Bailey & Ace Austin vs. Laredo Kid & Trey Miguel — Winners: Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid

Afterwards, Ace Austin held Miguel in place so Bailey could knock him out. Instead, ‘Speedball’ kicked Austin’s head off and knocked him out. The triple threat at Rebellion should be exceptional.

– Honor No More isn’t happy after their loss and they are clearly missing PCO. Vincent has a plan, so he leaves them to get some battery charging clamps and applies them to the head of an unconscious PCO. With a huge dose of electricity, he awakens the monster from his slumber, because he is not human. The world needs monsters, and PCO is ready to get revenge on JONAH.

Moose Apologizes

Moose is here to issue an apology for his actions against Josh Alexander and his wife. He hands it over to his attorney. Please show some respect for this important message. To whom it may concern, namely Josh Alexander and family, after much consideration and consultation with this legal team and Impact management, my client professionally known as Moose, currently in his first reign as Impact World Champion, understand that his behavior exceeds the legal bounds… Moose takes the microphone.

He says they should do this right. He has to admit, what he has done was low. No one deserves what he put them through. You’re right Scott, Josh deserves a fair apology. Josh… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for showing all these people how much of a loser you are. I’m sorry for exposing you for not being a protector to your wife. I’m sorry for exposing you for not being a role model to your kids.

You know what he’s not sorry for? Whooping your ass at Bound For Glory and becoming the face of this company. He walks around saying he is the Walking Weapon, and hell… you can’t even protect your damn family. You know what he’s not sorry for? What he’s going to do to him in two days. He plans on hurting him and sending his sorry ass home for longer than a month.

Look in to his eyes. At Rebellion, he will get on his knees and beg him to come to his home to show his wife and kids what a real man looks like. Here comes Josh Alexander, he’s heard enough. Josh and Moose go at it. Moose throws him down to the mat two times before setting up a table at ringside. Josh fights back and drills Moose with the C4 Spike through the table! He’s coming for the World Championship that Moose took from him.

–Impact Wrestling Results (4/21/2022)–

Impact Wrestling Results (4/21/2022)

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