Impact Wrestling Results (4/22/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing April 22nd, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: April 15th

Impact Wrestling Results (4/22/2021)

#1. The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Decay, Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus (w/ Rosemary) — Winners: The Good Brothers with the Magic Killer

Karl Anderson gets on the mic and sends a message to FinJuice. Maybe in 2021 they got a bit too comfortable, a little bit too cocky. Good Brothers thank them for waking them up. The only thing that matters in this world is reclaiming the tag team championships. Thank you for pouring gasoline on the unbridled fire that is the machine gun Karl Anderson. At Rebellion, it’s a Magic Killer, a 1, 2, 3, and a just too sweet.

– Many of the Impact Wrestling talent give their predictions on who will win at Rebellion between Rich Swann & Kenny Omega.

#2. Susan (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs.  Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) — Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Tenille is so happy to get the win, she asks Deonna if she saw that. The champion gets in the ring. Can’t forget this face, it’s the #1 contender. Tenille says Deonna wouldn’t be standing where she is without her, because she helped start the women’s revolution. Purrazzo has no words for her challenger and walks away.

– Brian Myers refuses to be stuck in the past. He keeps growing, while Matt Cardona is stuck in yesteryear. He needs to move on like he has, like he has done. It all changes at Rebellion, it’s over. He sees clearly now who Cardona is, someone who has been on his leg for too long. He’s getting the Roster Cut at Rebellion.

– Sami Callihan tells Trey he threw it all away. Is it pride? Or is he just stupid? Side by side, they could have took over everything. But now he has to make an example out of him at Rebellion in Last Man Standing. A date with the Death Machine. This time, he is getting an opportunity to prove he has a little bit of passion. This Sunday, he is going to make sure he never walks again. Thumbs up, thumbs down.

#3. Mahabali Shera vs. Jake Something (w/ Rohit Raju) — Winner: Shera with Sky High

– Trey Miguel is talking to one of his friends and trainers. Why does he have to prove himself to Callihan? He has worked too hard for this. Go out there Sunday and show him the passion. At Rebellion, Trey promises he will be the last man standing, and he ain’t doing it for anyone else but him. We get a montage of Trey training hard for what is the biggest match of his life to date.

– Rich Swann is on the way to the ring. Maybe we saw the press conference last week? Your boy Kenny Omega, the guy who is supposed to be the best bout machine. He put his hand out and Rich admitted to making a mistake. Security pulled them apart before he got the chance to do anything. He calls Kenny out for a fight.

Don Callis and Kenny Omega appear via screen. Don says when Kenny wins the title, they will parade the titles around AEW and Impact each week. Considering how many titles he has, Omega says it’s only right he has a little bit of ego? How bad is it going to be to add another title to his collection? The champion of three promotions. Don says he needs another house for all his titles. At Rebellion, it will be the first day of a historic time in wrestling. Swann just needs to sit back and enjoy the ride. And that’s all from them.

Here comes Moose! We haven’t seen him since he lost the TNA title. He tells Rich to simmer down as he ain’t here to hurt him. Moose is here to congratulate Swann on his victory. He’s had a long to think about what happened at Sacrifice. He showed Rich his hand, and as a true world champion he took advantage of it. So congratulations are in order. He is here to give Rich advice. At Rebellion, he will be going against a man who calls himself the god of pro wrestling.

He should be well prepared for this match, as he just faced the wrestling god Moose. And only Rich can answer this question. Who really hurt Rich and showed him what pain really feels like? Moose knows he is stronger, bigger, faster and more skilled than Omega. But Kenny has something he didn’t have at Sacrifice. Three stooges who will do whatever he says. Rich already knows this, so at Rebellion, good luck man. Oh and the advice. He better not lose those titles to Kenny or he will be paying the consequences to Moose.

Rich says at Rebellion don’t worry, he will win the AEW title. And he won’t have any problem pinning his ass again.

#4. Kiera Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) vs. Jordynne Grace — Winner: Jordynne Grace via DQ

Fire N’ Flava beat her down after getting DQ’d. Rachael Ellering makes her Impact debut by running down for the save! The daughter of Paul Ellering, manager of the Road Warriors. Looks like she is Jazz’s pick. Grace gets on the mic and points out the obvious.

#5. Eric Young (w/ Violent By Design) vs. Eddie Edwards (w/ James Storm, Chris Sabin & Willie Mack) — Winner: Eric Young

After the match, everyone got in to a fight to end the go-home show to Rebellion. See you then!

— Impact Wrestling Results (4/22/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (4/22/2021)

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