Impact Wrestling Results (5/12/2020) — Mighty Moose Main Events


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing May 12th, 2020. Check the link if you missed last week’s episode here: Sami Callihan Returns

TNA World Champion Vignette

“A Man Like No Other” – Impact Wrestling kicks off with an old school, TNA-style vignette hyping the new TNA World Champion Moose. The only real undisputed champion on the planet, and a true gift to the world of professional wrestling. Not many has done what he has done. A multiple sport athlete. Former TNA stars Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode sing his praises. He has joined a long line of greats, like AJ Styles, Sting, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Chris Sabin, EC3, Magnus, Eddie Edwards and more.


Even Hulk Hogan thinks he’s the best. The mighty Moose is a man among men, a champion of champions. Bully Ray says he’s made a lot of money in this business and has always been successful. Whenever he steps in to the ring, it is always the biggest event of the year. Jeff Jarrett sells him as the game changer. Dixie Carter tells us how much he means to this industry. All hail the mighty MOOSE!

#1.  [#1 Contenders Tournament 1st Round] Hernandez vs. Madman Fulton (w/ oVe) – Winner: Hernandez with the Big Splash

– Backstage, Fulton is pissed and oVe is breaking down. Crazzy Steve interrupts them with maniacal laughter, saying you can’t have a crazy person leading the flock. Jake books his brother against him for next week. Joseph P. Ryan walks by and asks if someone used the “C word”. He thinks that’s offensive to crazy people. Meanwhile, Madison Rayne calls Josh nerd boy.

#2. Kylie Rae vs. Tasha Steelz – Winner: Kylie Rae with the Smile To The Finish (STF)

– Rohit Raju has been here for three years and hasn’t had a single shirt made, or had his face on any posters. He’s just a joke to the meatheads out there, but he won’t be disrespected anymore. There is no more Desi Hit Squad, only the Desi Hit Man. His mother called him son, because he shines like one.

– Suzie says hi to Kylie again. She really likes her match again. Kylie says her last name isn’t again, it’s just a word she uses sometimes. She tells Suzie her last name is Rae, which Suzie likes as it reminds her of sunshine. Suzie says it’s nice to see her again, before skipping away. This is nice, but also a little weird.

#3. Kimber Lee vs. Havok – Winner: Kimber Lee punches her in the face with brass knuckles

Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne & Johnny Swinger

– Ken Shamrock is on this week. Johnny Swinger’s looking for some respect, but gets told to get him some water. Swing Man’s going to get him a muscle shake instead. Madison Rayne says Shamrock’s had problems with a few wrestlers since his return, and he says Moose was likely the worst due to how much he talks. Callihan’s another who thinks he’s something, but if he carries on he’s gonna’ get hurt.

There is no doubt however, that his next goal is to win the Impact World Championship. Michael Elgin barges in unexpectedly and smashes Shamrock over the head with something, but it’s hard to make out. He does a conchairto to Ken’s face and leaves him laying.

– If there’s one certainty, it’s that Big Mike (Michael Elgin) fails. He wants to walk in Sami Callihan’s footsteps once again, but first, the target is Ken Shamrock; who he’s not finished with. Next week, the footsteps of Callihan & Elgin converge yet again. Everyone knows he will do whatever it takes to win. It doesn’t matter how much Elgin tries to convince himself he’s the best… because he sees everything. Thumbs up, thumbs down.

#4. Impact Wrestling Results (5/19/2020) Rohit Raju vs. Trey – Winner: Trey with the Small Package

– Cody Deaner is keeping active in isolation, and giving tips to help with mental health. But yeah… he’s anything but helpful to the community. Deaner also seems to be wrestling a tree and his stuffed red dragon teddy.

#5. [Tag Team Championship] The North (c) vs. The Smoes – Winner: The North

From the Battle Arts Academy. Worst. Tag Team Match. Ever. In all fairness though, it’s so bad it’s borderline good; even more so with Josh Alexander’s frustration.

– Rosemary is still talking to her tarot cards. Taya Valkyrie’s plush toy dog Mr. Mundo is there with horns and everything. Johnny Bravo comes in and asks who told her she could take the dog? Rosemary says she didn’t, it just appeared here… lured by the same thing he was. Bravo says that she must have taken her due to the way the dog smells like Taya. Rosemary says he really must be missing her, which he admits.

– Chris Bey stirs the pot by tricking Johnny Swinger in to thinking Willie Mack’s been talking crap about him. Later, Swinger walks up to the X Division champ and tells him he’s got a big ego and that he’s going to take the title from him. Willie laughs and is fine with giving him a shot next week.

Before the next match, Moose demands David Penzer get in the ring and announce this will be contested for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

#6. [TNA World Heavyweight Championship] Moose (c) vs. Suicide – Winner: Moose with the ‘No Jackhammers Needed’ Spear

Impact Wrestling Results (5/12/2020)

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/12/2020–

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