Impact Wrestling Results – May 17th, 2019


Here are the results for this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling airing 5/17/2019. Check the link if you missed last weeks results: May 10th

#1. Knockouts Over The Top Battle Royal – Glenn Gilberti, Tessa Blanchard, Scarlett Bordeaux, Madison Rayne, Jordynne Grace, Kiera Hogan, Alisha Edwards, Tasha Steelz, Solo Darling, Karissa Rivera & Ashley Vox – Winner: Glenn Gilberti*

*At the start, Gilberti was pushed out of the ring by the Knockouts, but did not go over the top rope. He joined commentary and remained there til late in the match, where he would take advantage by eliminating Tessa Blanchard.


– There was an altercation last week between Willie Mack & Michael Elgin. After some insults, they begin brawling in the parking lot. Elgin power bombs Mack hard in to the side of a truck. Later, an interviewer catches up with Elgin. He says if you want something, you got to take it for yourself. Everyone Big Mike comes across ends up in hospital; Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr & Willie Mack. Rich Swann butts in, and they quickly get in to a fight before security break it up.

#2. Demon Collar Match: Winner Claims Their Opponent’s Soul – Rosemary vs. Su Yung – Winner: Rosemary with the F-5*

*With this win, Rosemary claimed Su Yung’s soul. The Demon Assassin collared The Undead Bride and dragged her away.

– Melissa finds Madison Rayne to ask her about Taya Valkyrie’s interference in the battle royal. Madison says the time on her 30-day clause is up, and next week when she has to defend the title? Her reign is up.

#3. Madman Fulton (w/ Sami Callihan) vs. Randy Shawn – Winner: Madman Fulton with the End Of Days

– Rob Van Dam announces he will be facing Tommy Dreamer next week. RVD’s going to really enjoy giving him the Van Daminator in Philly.

– An update on Brian Cage from his doctor. He’s suffered significant spinal trauma. Spinal injuries are very serious, so he cannot predict when the champion can return to action. Looks likely the World Heavyweight Championship will be vacated.

#4. Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: Killer Kross with the Doomsday Saito

Afterwards, Kross kicks Edwards in the head as they play tug of war with “Kenny” the kendo stick. He gets zip ties from under the ring and ties Eddie’s arms to the ropes. Kross laughs while putting on black gloves. He picks up Kenny to hit Eddie in the face .. but hesitates? Wait .. no! Instead, he breaks Kenny clean in half! Eddie’s distraught, as Kross leaves the broken kendo stick laying in front of him.

– Rascalz Smoky Segment: They’re not hungry, but still talking about food. Maybe they should go train? Next up is a “Rocky” montage featuring them. The only problem? It’s not inspiring, as they struggle to complete the easiest training routines.

GWN Moment Of The Week: LAX (Ortiz & Santana) vs. OGz (Homicide & Hernandez) in Concrete Jungle Death Match at Bound For Glory 2018

– The North are looking for inspiration. Ethan Page wants to go after Rob Van Dam, but Josh Alexander thinks they should move on. Moose hints at going after LAX, as they’re handing out title shots left and right. Page still wants to go after RVD though.

#5. Michael Elgin vs. Rich Swann – Winner: Rich Swann via disqualification after Elgin pushed the referee

Willie Mack storms out to the ring to save his friend. He hits the Samoan drop, and a standing moonsault. Johnny Impact ambushes Willie and welcomes him to Slam Town. Elgin gets up and has a brief staredown with Impact .. and we’ve run out of time. See you folks!

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/17/2019–

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