Impact Wrestling Results – May 24th, 2019


Here are the results for this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling airing 5/24/2019. Check the link if you missed the results from last week: May 17th

#1. Sami Callihan vs. Fallah Bahh (w/ Scarlett Bordeaux) – Winner:Sami Callihan with the Cactus Special Piledriver

– Tommy Dreamer talks about the first time he wrestled Rob Van Dam. They had a long feud which carried over in to WWE, and now (all these years later) it continues with Impact. He feels so proud to be facing RVD for what is likely the last time; it’s an honor. Tommy knows he’s going to bring it, and for one last time .. they’re taking it the extreme.

– Johnny Impact interview. Why would he help Elgin? Simple. Because that meathead likes putting guys in the hospital, and he’s got a future X-Division title shot .. Elgin interrupts the interview. He suggests they team up tonight, but it’s not just Willie Mack he wants to put in the hospital; it’s everybody.

#2. Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Madison Rayne for the Impact Knockouts Championship – Winner:Taya Valkyrie retains with The Road to Valhalla

Post match, Rosemary enters with a chained up Su Yung pet. She confronts the champ and stakes her claim to the title. Valkyrie quickly retreats.

– The Deaners are eating fast food. It’s time to get serious against the Desi Hit Squad. They’ve been clean since signing their contracts, and Cody wants Cousin Jake to take this seriously by eating less. Jake points out that Cody could do with putting on some weight, so he can’t be easily pushed off the top rope. Despite not drinking for four days, Cousin Jake pulls two bottles of beer out from the under the table and convinces Cody to go with his diet.

– Father James Mitchell tells Rosemary “well played”. He’s always seen Rosemary like family, but her stealing bridesmaids is treading the line. Rosemary shows no mercy, telling Mitchell she got everything they wanted, and he needs to crawl back to wherever he came from. Also, she is planning on killing Su Yung sooner or later.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Pentagon Jr vs. Sami Callihan in Mask vs. Hair (No DQ) at Slammiversary XVI

– Rascalz tree house segment: Things have changed, there’s no smoke anymore. They seem stressed, like they aren’t under the influence. Upset about not being able to do the Rocky steps last week. The Rascalz need a little inspiration. A few seconds later, the tree house is creamed up with smoke. Suddenly they feel more relaxed, and ready for another montage. This time, they complete the training regime and celebrate topless at the head of the Rocky steps.

#3. LAX (c) vs. The North for the Impact World Tag Team Championship – Winners: LAX

Glenn Gilberti is in the ring spewing crap as usual. He’s having trouble talking though, as the crowd’s booing him very loudly. Gilberti calls out Ashley Vox for a match, and he asks how long she’s been wrestling .. she says four years. Gilberti asks if she likes it more than working at hooters? He also implies she must have a job as she’s sleeping with someone in the back? Like how other girls got jobs back in the day? Gilberti keeps the microphone and belittles Ashley as he works her over.

#4. Glenn Gilberti vs. Ashley Vox – Winner: No Contest due to Tessa Blanchard’s interference

#5. Rohit Raju (w/ Gama Singh) vs. Petey Williams vs. Ace Austin vs. Dez – Winner: Dez

#6. Extreme Rules: Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer – Winner: Rob Van Dam with the 5 Star Frog Splash

Some good 1999 nostalgia there, according to Don Callis. Better than expected, and the finish was pretty cool. The North run in and assault Van Dam & Dreamer. The ECW legends fight back, but Moose comes down to stop it. The lights go out .. it’s SABU! His manager throws chairs to him, so he can throw them at The North. Van Dam finishes Moose with a Van Daminator to the chair! The ECW legends end the show celebrating together in the ring. See you next week folks.

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/24/2019–

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