Impact Wrestling Results (5/26/2020) — Battle at the Deaner Compound


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing May 26th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Elgin vs. Callihan

#1. [#1 Contender Tournament Semi-Final] Ace Austin vs. Hernandez — Winner: Ace Austin

-Ace Austin moves in to the final round. Madison Rayne hates Josh Mathews almost touching her with his hands as he talks, and asks for some social distancing.


-Meanwhile, Cody Deaner is making boneyard references, as some biker guy rides past where he waits before his match at the Deaner compound.

-Johnny Swinger tries to strategize with Chris Bey prior to his match, but he would rather just call it all in the ring. Swinger likes that idea because it’s old school.

-The North are on the way to the compound in their white limo; and Ethan Page is saying this place is pathetic. As they get out and check the sign saying “Deaners Compund”, some freaky random guy welcomes them. Ethan laughs uncontrollably. He tells them something happened to the last people who laughed at him… and then runs away at breakneck speed. The North are confused.

#2. Chris Bey (w/ Johnny Swinger) vs. Cousin Jake — Winner: Chris Bey with the Final Finesse

Swinger & Bey team up to beat down on Jake, but Willie Mack rushes out to make the save. They don’t want anything to do with the X-Division champion.

-Rohit Raju is wanting an opportunity. What’s next for him? Nothing. He’s at the bottom of the ladder once again. Chase Stevens is here to take the spotlight like all the other TNA originals. He’s a multi-time tag team champion, but what’s on Raju’s resume? Getting slapped around by Gama? Understandably, Raju doesn’t like that remark and demands a match with him next week. It’s clear what’s happening here, Stevens goaded him to get some airtime.

#3. Kimber Lee vs. Havok — Winner: No Contest due to Neveah’s interference

Neveah interfered to stop Kimber Lee using the brass knuckles again. It seems her & Havok are working together as good friends.

-Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are starting something after they bump in to Kylie Rae, til she screams. Suzie pops around the corner and tells them they are being bad. Tasha punches Kylie in the stomach and Kiera taunts Suzie. They start beating her up as well. Kylie consoles her.. but Suzie twitches and sees Su Yung in her head; which is really bad.

-The North finally make it to the Deaner compound. We cut to Joseph P. Ryan talking to oVe about facing “unwell” Steve next week. Jake & Dave seem excited for the opportunity to impress him.

Meanwhile, Cody Deaner is talking to his boys. The North walk up and ask who his partner is… they don’t want to be fighting all these guys. His tag team partner roles up in a tractor. She’s a woman?! Nope, that’s not wheels. Ethan Page completely loses his patience and demands Cody stops wasting his time. The ground begins to shake as Wheels enters. Ok, now they look concerned. Wheels is a pretty big dude who smashes a table with his bare hands.

#4. [Tag Team Championship] The North (c), Ethan Page & Josh Alexander vs. Cody Deaner & Wheels – Winners: The North with thanks to their manager making a quick count while wearing a referee shirt

I umm… do not know how to describe that match. It was very unique to say the least. Feels like they only did it to take the piss out of the other cinematic matches we have seen lately.

-TJP & Fallah Bahh are being interviewed backstage. After saying they are due a tag team title shot, Dez & Wentz interrupt by saying they already beat them. Apparently they are 1-1, so next week they are playing for keeps.

-Rascalz Treehouse segment. They are upset with TJP and Fallah Bahh for saying some unnecessary stuff. Trey’s sick and tired of hearing about #1 contenderships… he’s got a big match tonight. Moose appears outta’ nowhere and hands Trey some sweet shades to wear. Trey has to double check what Moose is holding however… as he clearly hasn’t been watching the product.

Moose suggests to Trey, that if he does become the #1 contender, doesn’t he want to come after the same title (TNA World Championship) legends like Kurt Angle, Sting, and Moose has held?? They laugh uncontrollably at the thought of him being a legend. But he reminds them what happened last time they messed with him.

-“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo is here! It looks like she is signing with Impact Wrestling. She cuts a very elegant, yet short promo.

-Rosemary and Johnny Bravo are still talking at the same bar as the last two weeks. Bravo opens up about the abusive relationship he endures with Taya Valkyrie. Rosemary says she is her ally, so he can be her ally as well. They need to find somewhere new next week… this place has lost its appeal. I think Rosemary wants Bravo in more ways than one.

#5. [#1 Contender Tournament Semi-Final] Trey vs. Michael Elgin – Winner: Trey pinned Elgin after being distraced by Sami Callihan’s mindgames

Well that’s a turn up for the books! Many figured Elgin was the clear favourite. This means Trey will face Ace Austin in the Final, and the winner will take on Tessa Blanchard (or Moose?) for the World Championship at a later date.

Impact Wrestling Results (5/26/2020) Impact Wrestling Results (5/26/2020)

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/26/2020–

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