Impact Wrestling Results – May 3rd, 2019


Here are the results for this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling airing 5/3/2019. Check out the link for last weeks results: April 26th

– Michael Elgin starts us off in the ring. He tells us the first thing a champion should do is show up and celebrate .. but where’s Brian Cage? At Rebellion, he made sure Cage couldn’t be here to celebrate. In fact, he found his way to the hospital. The only thing worse than Cage being champion, is the Canadian fans cheering him. He’s clearly jealous they didn’t cheer for him .. seen as he’s from Canada.

Elgin talks to Cage, claiming he is the only person deserving of a shot at the World Championship. Cue Johnny Impact, the former World Champion. He insults Elgin’s size, intelligence, and entitlement. Elgin says he has luscious locks, but luckily still has his balls .. while Johnny’s are in his wife’s purse. Johnny says it’s a luxury, expensive purse, but clearly Elgin doesn’t know anything as his gear is cheap.

According to Johnny, it was he who sent Cage to the hospital .. so Elgin showing up meant nothing. But Michael corrects him, saying Cage was standing til after his powerbomb. Johnny says there’s a rematch clause around here .. and he’s entitled to one. Konnan enters. He was wondering as they were looking in to each other’s eyes .. if they were about to kiss. Konnan wants to inform them of something, the Lucha Brothers and LAX have made peace, so he represents the Lucha Brothers now .. and Pentagon Jr wants his shot. Johnny says he’s not deserving.

Konnan says Pentagon is number one in line. Elgin’s got a message for Konnan to take back to Pentagon. He grabs him, prompting Pentagon to run out and save his manager. Security rush out and break up the fight. They do a good job, aside from letting Johnny go free. Pentagon goes to the back with Konnan. Elgin dispatches of the security surrounding him! He taunts Johnny, as the remaining security plead with him to stay in the ring.

#1. Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams – Winner:Ace Austin with The Fold

– Rosemary has the Undead Maid Of Honor chained up. Tonight, a firefly comes out.

– oVe cam. Here’s the thing, Sami Callihan is laying down a challenge. The Rich Swann story has run its course, and he was screwed by management. It’s bull crap. Getting screwed out of the X-Division was not enough for him. Next week, he wants a four-on-four oVe rules match against a team lead by Rich Swann; for the sake of family.

#2. Rosemary (w/  Undead Maid Of Honor) vs. Kiera Hogan – Winner: No Contest due to interference from Su Yung and the bridesmaids

After taking down Rosemary, Su Yung saves the Undead Maid Of Honor. Kiera Hogan thinks about saving Rosemary, but she finally wakes up and realizes she doesn’t want her help. As she watches on, Su Yung hits the Panic Switch on Rosemary. Hogan walks to the back .. but does she have second thoughts? Su Yung has all her bridesmaids back.

– Taya Valkyrie says no one doubted her retaining the Women’s Championship against Jordynne Grace at Rebellion. Who’s left? Madison Rayne pops in and reminds her of their history; with Madison being 2-0 over her. Taya dismisses it, saying she can’t just challenge her to a match on the spot. Maybe one day, but it’s not happening soon.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Kurt Angle debuts in TNA Wrestling, confronting the NWA World Champion Samoa Joe. (10/19/2006 on TNA Impact)

– After the GWN moment, Taya Valkyrie walks out of the management office, happily stating she does not contractually have to defend the title for thirty days. Madison will get a match against her, but the title won’t be on the line.

– LAX segment. Konnan says they should have more money thanks to their partnership with the Lucha Brothers. Konnan tells them they have a busy schedule, but should be able to handle business. Ortiz laughs at the fact The Rascalz have invited them to the Treehouse.

#3. Eddie Edwards vs. Fenix – Winner: Fenix with “passive” assistance from Killer Kross

Killer Kross stood on the entrance way for much of the match, severely putting Eddie Edwards off his game. He slowly shuffles closer to the ring. Kross picks up Kenny (the kendo stick) and extends it to Eddie to grab it .. but won’t let go. This is enough of a distraction for Fenix to pick up the win. Kross walks out with Kenny, leaving Edwards distraught when he finds his best friend missing.

– Rob Van Dam’s return. He could mention the current stars, but the fans know who they are and who he is. Ethan Page enters with some chairs, and wants to show him something he’s never done before. So he sits down .. and asks RVD to sit and talk to him. Having no idea who he is, RVD unconventionally sits on the chair. Ethan tells him he never idolized him, and has never done any of his moves. After some mocking, RVD gets tired of it and kicks the chair in to his face. Backstage, Moose offers taking Page’s place in the tag team match next week, so he can have a singles match against RVD.

– A video package highlights Gail Kim’s thoughts about her last match; and she’s at peace knowing it ended the way it did. Afterwards, we see Tessa Blanchard embrace her dad Tully after the match at Rebellion. Tully’s asked how it felt watching the match. He says when you watch your offspring blossom in to something Tessa is, with a win over Gail, he gets flashbacks to Wahoo McDaniel and Dusty Rhodes. You knew those guys gave everything they had, and they gave it everything tonight. He was in the front row, and it was magnificent to watch. It was great seeing the respect after the match, much like how they had respect in the business back in the day.

#4. Johnny Impact vs. Pentagon Jr vs. Michael Elgin to become #1 contender for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship – Winner:Michael Elgin with the sitdown powerbomb on Johnny Impact

Johnny Impact has a rematch with Brian Cage due to his contract, but Elgin has earned a shot too with this win. Pentagon Jr goes to the back of the line. And that’s all folks, see you next week.

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/3/2019–

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