Impact Wrestling Results (5/5/2020) — Sami Callihan Returns


Here are the results for the episode of  Impact Wrestling airing May 5th, 2020. Check the link if you missed last week’s Rebellion episode here: Rebellion 2020

Sami Callihan Addresses His Loss

Sami Callihan is out first. He’s still standing after going down to Shamrock at Rebellion. It’s going to take a whole lot more to keep him down. He went toe to toe with the World’s Most Dangerous Man, and look what happened? The referee stopped the match. But he’ll be damned if anyone helps him again. oVe thinks he needs help, but he needs help from nobody. Callihan’s got unfinished business with Shamrock.

Shamrock enters and tells him to calm down as he’s got something to tell him. Sami didn’t tap, so he’s one tough S.O.B. He lists the people who he made tap out in the past, including The Rock. They can either take it outside and finish this, or they can go after the Impact World Championship belt. Michael Elgin enters and says he’s the only one going after it. He doesn’t need any tricks or to be told not to spit or cuss. He is the rightful #1 contender, but Callihan isn’t convinced and tells Big Mike he’s going to choke when he gets the opportunity. After a brawl, Calluhan gives Shamrock a thumbs down and disappears following his ICU graphic.

#1. Jake Crist & Madman Fulton (w/ Dave Crist) vs. Triple XL Acey Romero & Larry D – Winner: Triple XL with the Best Hand In The House

– Madison Rayne’s locker room talk. She’s here with ‘Swing Man’ Johnny Swinger. Rayne introduces “boring” Havok. Madison asks how she’s doing after being pulverized by Rosemary at Rebellion. Havok says she’s perhaps forgot what happened to the last person who crossed her.

Rayne asks her about Neveah, and Havok tells her she’s an old friend. Madison has a surprise for her.. it’s Kimber Lee! This crown jewel is ready to take her place at the top. Havok grabs her and says she knows exactly who she is too. Ok, that was a little strange. Nice to see Kimber Lee though, it’s been forever.

– Cody Deaner shows us what he’s up too on the farm and how he’s coping with self-isolation. Let’s just say, he isn’t dealing with it the right way at all, and is trying to sell merchandise at road side. Doing his part to show others how to get through this.

#2. Johnny Swinger vs. Suicide – Winner: Suicide

– Ace Austin isn’t impressed with Chris Bey for saying he’s going for the X Division title. Willie Mack owes him one, so this match is a triple threat and he hasn’t got a choice.

– Moose is with Josh Mathews. He strongly disagreed with Elgin saying he should be crowned World Champ last week after his opponents couldn’t show up. Moose has beaten all the legends in Impact, so he’s the only man who should be known as champion. Josh asks how he even got hold of the TNA World title. Moose says it doesn’t matter, the only thing that does is that he is the real World Champion.

Josh tells him that he’s in a tournament bracket to decide the #1 contender for the Impact World title, but Moose says he’s going to take himself out of it as that title is second rate to his own. He won the TNA World title when he pinned RVD, Rhino, Ken Shamrock and all the TNA Originals. With all due respect, Josh says he still didn’t earn it. Annoyed, Moose decides to leave before he puts his hands on him.

#3. Cousin Jake vs. Joseph P. Ryan – Winner: Joseph P. Ryan with a rollup and a handful of tights

– Madman Fulton is attacking Dave Crist for some reason. Jake calms him down and shifts his focus to the World title.

#4. The North vs. The Creeps – Winners: The North*

*That was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in the history of Impact Wrestling. I don’t want to try to describe it. Kinda like a throwback? The only cool thing was the Kurt Angle mention; Josh Alexander wants to wrestle him apparently.

– Rosemary is playing with tarot cards to determine her fate. One of them speaks to her. “Death is us, crossed by the ghoul”. It mentions “The Bunny”, but they are long since past that. The cards tell her of some great rewards in her future, but not to get too greedy. She continues on reading her future as the commercial break interrupts.

– Roit Raju is on his own without the Desi Hit Squad and has high hopes in the #1 contender tournament.

#5. [X-Division Championship] Willie Mack (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey – Winner: Willie Mack with the 6-Star Frog Splash

Good match! Willie looks set to hold the title for a long time. Thanks for joining me here for this coverage of Impact Wrestling. See you next week.

–Impact Wrestling Results 5/5/2020–

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