Impact Wrestling Results (5/5/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing May 5th, 2022. Check the link for last week’s results: 4/28/2022

Impact Wrestling Results (5/5/2022)

#1. [Tables] Brian Myers vs. W. Morrissey — Winner: W. Morrissey*

*Jordynne Grace, Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green got involved. Cardona was put through a table as well.

Cardona & Myers are backstage and upset about what just happened, but Rich Swann thinks they’re whining and he’ll take that Digital Media Championship from him down the road.

#2. [X-Division Championship] Ace Austin (c) vs. Rocky Romero — Winner: Ace Austin

Trey Miguel attacks Ace Austin after the match and lets us know he will get a rematch for his X-Division Championship at Under Siege.

#3. Masha Slamovich vs. Mystery Jobber — Winner: Masha Slamovich

The Briscoe Brothers say wherever they go, they run the show, so Violent By Design better be worried. Eric Young cuts their promo short by cutting to his own. He recognizes what they have done, but they are wrestling a family of brothers by choice and design. You’re trying to take away our power and control, but they will learn that this world really does belong to VBD.

An EGV video shows the numbers 5, 7, and 22, indicating the person behind this will show up at Under Siege.

#4. Bullet Club’s Jay White & Chris Bey vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack — Winners: Bullet Club

After Bullet Club’s victory, Honor No More rush out to take them out. The rest of Bullet Club are here and all hell breaks loose again!

Meanwhile, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans walk through a door and end up in the Undead Realm! They get split up among the confusion, and Rosemary has Savannah to herself, while Havok and Crazzy Steve stalk Tasha in this crazy place.

#5. Tomohiro Ishii vs. Steve Maclin — Winner: Tomohiro Ishii

Johnny Swinger tells Zicky Dice outside a sex place that he needs to get more dominant. After Dice gives him some lip, Swinger gives him a bondage gag. One of the girls likes this and asks Dice to find her when he gets in there. Whoa… what did I just write?

PCO has been without light, food or water for 24 hours, because he has been locked in a small room to prepare him for Monster’s Ball. As soon as he’s let out, Jonah attacks him and starts the match.

#6. [Monster’s Ball] Jonah vs. PCO — Winner: PCO

–Impact Wrestling Results (5/5/2022)–

Impact Wrestling Results (5/5/2022)

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