Impact Wrestling Results – 5/3/18 – Rosemary vs Su Yung


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results. Please do not post spoilers. 

OVE def Fallah Baah and KM after they hit Fallah with several kicks before a roll up pin.

Taya Valkyre and Kiera Hogan fought to a no-contest when Tessa Blanchard came out and attacked Kiera. She brutalized her outside the ring before throwing her into the ring and delivering a vicious hammerlock DDT.

Brian Cage def three guys in a fatal fourway down in Australia. GWN Exclusive.

Andrew Everett, Desmond Xavier, and DJZ def Aerostar, Drago, and Fantasma is a wild, Lucha rules match. After a while, there was no tagging and all six men were in the ring for most of it. Everyone had their shining moment flying over the ropes. Incredible spots. DJZ did a flip DDT onto Aerostar who was on the top rope for the win.

Matt Sydal def Ishimori to retain the X Division Title when he countered Ishimori’s finisher and turned it into underhook slam for the win.

Rosemary vs Su Yung never got started. They brawled outside the ring and Yung hit the Panic Button finisher on the outside. She then summoned the undead bride’s maids who brought a coffin. Allie came down and attacked Yung. Rosemary yelled at her to get out before it’s too late. Yung commanded the bride’s maids to attack Allie. Yung then hit the Panic Button finisher off the stage through a table. The brides maids then dragged Rosemary back to ringside and Sung put her in the coffin while the brides maids made Allie watch.


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