Impact Wrestling Results – June 14th, 2019


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing 6/14/2019. Check the link if you missed last weeks results: June 7th

#1. [Extreme Rules] Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. The North – Winners: The North with Moose’s assistance

Tommy Dreamer enters to help out. The Extreme Originals try setting up the Van Terminator, but Moose escapes.


– Backstage, Father James Mitchell briefs Jessicka Havok and Su Yung. Meanwhile, Moose gets in The North’s faces, asking why they weren’t there to back him up. They remind him of his comments from last week when he called them worthless; so this relationship is over. With or without them, Moose is on a mission to take out the ECW guys for good.

#2. Havok (w/ James Mitchell & Su Yung) vs. Masha Slamovich – Winner: Havok with the Chokeslam & Tombstone Piledriver

James Mitchell on the mic, reminding Rosemary that every time she loses her temper it has consequences. He’s a reasonable man, and is only pointing out the facts, but he won’t forgive Rosemary for putting her hands on him. Therefore, he’s unleashing his secret weapon Havok, a voluptuous, beautiful women of perfect symmetry. He will mold her in to the next Knockouts Champion.

#3. Raj Singh (w/ Desi Hit Squad) vs. Cody Deaner (w/ Cousin Jake) – Winner: Raj Singh due to Gama faking a heart attack, giving Rohit Raju the chance to interfere while the referee checked on him

– Michael Elgin talks about how he’s beaten up Willie Mack in recent weeks. Johnny Impact pops in while talking on his phone, and mocks Elgin for not sending Mack to the hospital yet. Elgin tells him to save the phone number, as he’ll need it on speed dial if he keeps pushing it. He don’t need Johnny’s help, so he warns him to stay out of his business.

– Rosemary laughs, Mitchell sure likes the sound of his own voice. There’s no time for diplomacy as she’s a creature of action. It’s fine that he took her pet last week, she’s not much of an owner anyways. All of this is a big joke, and it doesn’t matter what he thinks because it’s given her a mission. She tells him to continue along the path to destruction set for us.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Samoa Joe vs. Lashley at Slammiversay XII (2014)

– Sami Callihan barges in to the women’s locker room. Alisha Edwards screams at him to get out, but he spouts equal rights. Tessa Blanchard walks in, and tells Alisha she’s got this. They’re in each other’s faces, as Tessa demands a match for next week. She suggests Callihan bring Jake, and we’ll see who’s better. Sami was hoping she’d say something like that, and accepts the challenge before walking out the door.

#4. Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne – Winner: Madison Rayne with the Cross Rayne, and a slight distraction from Kiera Hogan

#5. [Extreme Rules] Killer Kross vs. The Sandman – Winner: Killer Kross with the Kross Jacket

Eddie Edwards rushes to the ring and clotheslines Kross to the floor. “It’s not over”, as Kross walks away.

– LAX are celebrating their huge success. Konnan warns them they almost got beat last week. He’s worried that they didn’t take The Rascalz seriously. Speaking of which, they show up uninvited. Rascalz still think they won so they demand a rematch. It soon gets heated when Wentz claims they are the best tag team in the world.

After a shove, there’s a bar room brawl. LAX come out on top .. and before walking away, tell their former friends they can have a title match next week. In the closing moment, Laredo Kid shows up (he was invited by Konnan) and stumbles across The Rascalz’s bodies.

– It’s The Smoke Show. For some reason, Beauty & The Bahh are with Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo. Fallah opens a bottle of wine, but it’s not to Taya’s liking. Scarlett asks the champ about her husband, which Taya quickly shoots down. Bordeaux reminds the champ about her 30-day clause to defend the title, or be stripped. Scarlett knows who she will face, and Taya demands to know. It’s Su Yung .. which angers Taya enough to leave the set of The Smoke Show.

#6. Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack – Winner: Michael Elgin with the Elgin Bomb

Bike Mike is not finished with Willie. He goes for another Elgin Bomb, but Rich Swann rushes in to the ring and kicks him in the head. Johnny Impact runs out and attacks Swann. He hits a unique slam no one has a name for, downing the X-Division champ. Johnny nods at Elgin, sharing his delight with their work. As Impact turns his back, Elgin hits him with a German Suplex! He picks up Willie and smashes his back against the turnbuckle post. And that’s all folks! See you next week.

–Impact Wrestling Results 6/14/2019–

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