Impact Wrestling Results (6/16/2020) — Edwards vs. Austin Street Fight


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing June 16th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Who Attacked Trey?

#1. [Tag Team Championship] The North (c) vs. The Rascalz, Dez & Wentz — Winners: The North

– The North come backstage happy, but they look around and it seems no one is watching them! Ethan Page is irate. No one can be bothered to up their games and appreciate greatness.


– Someone’s taken out Trey again! Who is doing this?! The Rascalz think it’s Reno Scum.

– Ace Austin talks to Jimmy Jacobs, although he didn’t request any interview time. He brings up Trey, but Ace says he had nothing to do with that. He deflects to Elgin, Callihan or Hernandez. Eddie Edwards jumps in and wants some of him right now, but security hold him back.

*Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are sitting at ringside watching this match while eating popcorn.

#2*. Kimber Lee vs. Neveah (w/ Havok) — Winner: Neveah with a modified DDT

Havok wants some of Steelz & Hogan but Neveah holds her back. They throw some popcorn at her and run off.

– Some guys are backstage with Reno Scum watching something on an iPad. The North ask what they are watching… them? Nope, it’s Ken Shamrock’s greatest hits on Impact Plus. Ethan Page asks if he can take a look… so the guy hands it to him. He slams the iPad down on the floor and tells them if they aren’t watching The North, they aren’t watching anything.

– Crazzy Steve remembers all the times he has been told “no” in his life. That word seems to come out of the mouths of #CancelCulture a lot. Next week, he’s going to mix all the colors together and carve out a masterpiece.

#3. Rhino vs. Rohit Raju — Winner: Rhino with The Gore

– Suzie & Kylie Rae are backstage. She likes being good, but every time she is good people step all over her… so should she be bad? Kylie Rae tells her no, she’s perfect the way she is. Taya Valkyrie chimes in and says that’s how losers talk, and it’s better to be bad.

Valkyrie tells them they are both super annoying and need a makeover before waking off. Kylie keeps trying to convince Suzie that being good is good, and she shouldn’t be sucked in by the bad.

#4. [TNA World Heavyweight Championship] Moose (c) vs. Hernandez — Winner: Moose with the Spear

As soon as the match ends… Ethan Carter III’s entrance music plays! “Trouble trouble trouble trouble”. Moose looks confused. The music ends abruptly… then Moose’s music plays instead. Looks like EC3 returning to Impact Wrestling is confirmed!

– The Rascalz confront Reno Scum about the Trey incidents. They tell ’em to go ask TJP & Fallah Bahh as they have some grown men stuff to do in the ring.

– The Deaners are hanging out with Willie Mack. The X-Division Champion channels Stone Cold Steve Austin and says he gonna’ whoop Chris Bey & Johnny Swinger’s asses… Ohhh Hell Yeah!

#5. Reno Scum vs. Triple XL — Winners: Reno Scum

– A rare win for Reno Scum, wow. Johnny Swinger & Chris Bey are on hand to respond to the challenge made earlier. Bey isn’t here for the alcoholics, he’s only here for the X-Division Champion.

Swinger gets on the phone to someone to help them out, but apparently they have a 90 day no compete clause… don’t worry, he will find someone to team with them to even things up.

– Jordynne Grace is impressed with Deonna Purrazzo’s video package, but there’s no point in doing what she did last week. All she had to do was find her and ask for a shot… Purrazzo jumps Grace from behind again! And leaves the champ in pain.

#6. [Street Fight] Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin — Winner: Ace Austin with The Fold after a major assist from Madman Fulton

It seems Madman Fulton has aligned himself with Ace Austin! And it’s very likely he is the guy who has been taking out Trey the past several weeks. Madison Rayne says it all makes perfect sense now. Things may never be the same again, now Fulton has formed an alliance with Austin.

— Impact Wrestling Results (6/16/2020) —

Impact Wrestling Results (6/16/2020)

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