Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing on June 23, 2022. Check the link for last week’s results: 6/16/2022

Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2022)

Honor No More has something to say after losing at Slammiversary. They apologize for interrupting the celebration, the never-ending celebration. Slammiversary was on Sunday, but the celebrating continues today. Eddie Edwards says everyone loves the TNA nostalgia. There is a reason that this company left Nashville. They wanted to achieve something bigger and better, which they could never achieve in a place like this.

You are looking at the one thing that should be cheered and applauded, but the people who are doing the most celebrating are the Impact originals. As far as they are concerned, the Impact originals did not win that match at Slammiversary, just like Honor No More didn’t lose. Well, except PCO. Vincent brought the monster back for Honor No More. Let’s talk about the facts, like Traci Brooks attacking Maria from behind.

Let’s talk about D’Lo Brown trying to save the day. And above all, let’s talk about the artificial referee, Mr. Earl Hebner. While this is going on, Scott D’Amore is sitting on commentary with a smile on his face, like Impact planned the whole thing. Taven says they were set up from the beginning. 20 years of what? 20 years of mediocrity? That’s all Impact has ever been until they showed up.

Unfortunately, Honor No More puts money in Scott D’Amore’s pockets. Taven gave ROH his life, and that place would have died in 2019 if it wasn’t for him. Hold up a minute! It’s America’s Most Wanted, James Storm & Chris Harris. Storm says it’s the same old dog and pony show, only with different faces.

You see guys, they grew up in a time where you had to claw your way to the top. You had to earn respect from your peers and the fans right here. And that’s what he & Harris has done in over 25 years of professional wrestling. In a time when wrestlers looked like wrestlers, and not bums. But you see, the problem is if Honor No More were any good, they would have taken that loss, gone away, got back, and come back stronger. You suck.

Kenny King says James Storm has come out by himself, as he’s come out with a domesticated pussy cat in Chris Harris, who says they are hurtful words. If he keeps talking, he will make him cry harder than he did on The Bachelorette. His time in the ring may have broken him down a bit, but they are proud of everything they accomplished. 20 years of being the backbone of TNA Impact. Wars in the ring with New Church, Team Canada, XXX, and I tell you what, he and this man came into TNA together, and they will go out together.

When they came in, they met a couple of friends at Slammiversary. Here come the new Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers. AMW and Good Brothers storm the ring and a fight ensues. After a minute of fighting, The Briscoes come to help out against Honor No More. That’s one too many for Honor No More, so they back off.

– Backstage, Alisha is frustrated with Gisele Shaw because they were meant to be a team. Gisele says they only teamed once, so that doesn’t make them a team. Alisha says if she doesn’t want to team she’ll find someone who will, like Lady Frost, while also finding Knockouts who hate Gisele. Shaw says good luck with that.

– Honor No More gets in Scott D’Amore’s face, so he gives them The Good Brothers, The Briscoes, and James Storm at Against All Odds. They also get a six-man tag tonight.

#1. Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Mia Yim — Winner: Mia Yim with Eat Defeat after Mickie James attacked Purrazzo and distracted Green

– Backstage, the former Knockouts Tag Team Champions have some words. Madison Rayne has a broken nose, so they won’t get a rematch any time soon. The injury happened because they bashed their heads, and they have a little argument about it, but agreed they will get their shot soon.

Gisele Shaw asks if she can fill in for Madison while she’s injured. The Influence wants to know why they would team with someone they beat. Rayne thinks if she can take out Rosemary or Taya Valkyrie, they would consider it.

#2. Shark Boy & Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice — Winners: Shark Boy & Gujjar

Joe Doering & Deaner appear and destroys everyone. Deaner says they are going nowhere until Josh Alexander comes to the ring. When we come back from commercials, and after some words, Deaner says that Josh Alexander is afraid of Joe Doering. He can’t beat him. At Against All Odds, he will face Joe Doering for the championship, and the VBD family will bring the title home.

Alexander asks why Eric Young isn’t here to say this himself, and Deaner says it’s none of his business. The champ says it is his business. He knows that he’s behind this, and pretty soon, the big man will get what happened to Eric. From that point, Deaner can be on his own. Doering attacks Alexander, but the champion fights back. The numbers game catches up to the champion and security tries to get control, but Doering stops it.

Alexander takes this opportunity to get back on his feet and fight back. Doering assaults security to the point that Deaner tells him to stop. VBD leaves the champion frustrated in the ring. After it gets sorted out, Deaner has a match with Alexander without Doering at ringside.

#3. Josh Alexander vs. Deaner — Winner: Alexander via submission

– Frankie Kazarian says Slammiversary was one of the greatest nights of his career. You see, when he returned to Impact a month ago, he answered a challenge from Chris Sabin. They had a rivalry back in the day which helped their career. Frankie wants to go one more time with Sabin, to prove who the real future is.

– Jordynne Grace will defend her title against Tasha Steelz at Against All Odds. Before that, she will have to go through Savannah Evans.

#4. Sami Callihan vs. Jack Price — Winner: Sami Callihan

Moose blindsides Callihan from behind. He viciously assaults him with a chair before driving him through a table. That was revenge for Slammiversary.

– Chris Harris wants to go out there with James Storm but is told that he made a promise to his family. Storm doesn’t want him going down that road again. Harris doesn’t like it but he promises.

– Sami Callihan will be getting a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match with Moose. That’s taking us back to the Raven days.

#5. Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett (w/ Maria) vs. The Briscoes & James Storm — Winners: Honor No More

The show ends with Honor No More viciously beating up The Briscoes and James Storm. Conspicuous by their absence is The Good Brothers, who said they would have their back.

–Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2022)–

Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2022)

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