Impact Wrestling Results – July 12th, 2019


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing July 12th, 2019 (7/12/2019). Check the link if you missed last weeks results: July 5th

We open with Josh Mathews & Don Callis talking about the aftermath of Slammiversary. Tonight, there will be several video packages with post-match interviews and reactions.

– Rob Van Dam & Moose share reactions to their match. RVD is not used to losing, but it’s not a major setback. All he needs is another chance at Moose and he will redeem himself.

– Eddie Edwards enjoys the mind games with Killer Kross, he’s having fun. Blood is what drives him. It was all about spilling Kross’ blood. You can’t deny what he is, Eddie Edwards; whoever he needs to be. A bloodied Kross always knew it, before everyone else .. that Eddie is just like him.

War Room

– Callis & Mathews are backstage in the Impact War Room, where they get together after concluding a show. Jimmy Jacobs joins them; it’s been a while since we’ve seen him. They ask Jacobs about the Knockouts Monster’s Ball match. He says you either let chaos control you, or you control the chaos, and he was happy to see them bring it.

Callis says he’s seen every Monster’s Ball, and thinks it was the best one ever. Taya Valkyrie was ahead on points, so she deserved the win. We get an explanation from James Mitchell, on what he told Havok and Su Yung before the match; they would be co-champions, no matter who won. He questions the trust between Taya and Rosemary. We see him after the match, and he’s pissed off with Su Yung to the point he calls her a bitch.

– D’Lo Brown joins them, he’s signed a full-time contract with Impact. They talk about the change to the tag team title match involving The North, LAX and The Rascalz. D’Lo talks about having to prepare for the unexpected. All you can do is be the best you can be on the given night and hope it’s enough. The North tell everyone they have proved themselves, having won and defended the titles in a few days. The Rascalz think they deserve another shot, as they had the win stolen from them.

The North want to go down in the history books, so they accept all challengers. Konnan has a message for them, they are going around claiming that their destiny is to be champions? You know what? They only won due to idiots luck. He carries on with some crude comments involving late periods .. and I guess that’s the last we see of him and LAX on Impact.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Great Muta at A Night You Can’t Mist 2019

– Tommy Dreamer is on hand to let us know what it was like to team with Great Muta in the old ECW arena. It felt like being a kid again, as he looked up to Muta. And it was truly an honor to be allowed to main event a show at this point in his career.

They move on to the subject of Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard. Tommy says this is just the beginning of their story. Tessa is young with a chip on her shoulder, but Sami does also for the wrong reasons. After their match, Callihan calls Tessa a “tough, professional wrestler”. He wasn’t expecting her to last more than a few minutes, but she was in the ring for 20 minutes with The Draw.

Tessa is happy to have made history in their own way. Sami says he didn’t hold back, he brought it like he would any other opponent. Tessa says she left it all in the ring, and can be happy knowing that she gave it 110%; don’t let winning go to your head, and don’t let losing go to your heart. Callihan looks square at the camera and respectfully states: “From one wrestler to another .. let’s do it again.”

Impact Wrestling Results 7/12/2019

– Petey Williams looks up to Johnny Impact, but he also looks up to Rich Swann. But when he was watching backstage, he wasn’t sure if Swann could do it. Callis says he thinks Swann took it to another level, so a great job by him. They wonder if Rich is possibly in line to challenge for the World title, seen as he beat the former World Champion. What’s next for Rich Swann? Victory and party of course. Johnny blames the loss on the fans, the lighting, and John E. Bravo.

– Scott D’Amore talks about Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin. There’s no question Cage wasn’t 100%, so he did a great job to walk out as champion against a guy on a mission after leaving Japan. He’s excited for the World title division, which will have new additions moving forward. They make a joke about smart marks, and how you can’t fool people these days.

Cage compliments Elgin, as he was deserving to get a shot at the title. Elgin insults Callis, saying he needs the champion to protect him. Cage saw what happened after the match, and all he can say is karma’s a bitch. Elgin doesn’t care who the masked man is, all he wants is to continue their rivalry for the title.

#1.  Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne – Winner: Jordynne Grace with the Grace Driver on Kiera

After the match, Madison was upset as Jordynne took the win from her. They shake hands, and Grace starts walking away. Madison attacks her from behind, and Kiera joins in. Commentary assume it was orchestrated beforehand. We’re out of time, see you next week for an episode of wrestling matches.

–Impact Wrestling Results 7/12/2019–

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