Impact Wrestling Results (7/21/2020) — The North vs. MCMG


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing July 21st, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Grace & Purrazzo Contract Signing

#1. [X-Division Championship] Chris Bey (c) vs. Willie Mack — Winner: Chris Bey

– The Good Brothers Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows are heading to the ring and grab microphones. “Hey yo!” – For months and months and months the rumors were circulating. People were wondering where they were going to land. They have arrived in Impact Wrestling. Slammiversary was trending worldwide because of the Good Brothers. Karl got text messages from everyone, even from guys in other companies.


What we have with them is not only the best tag team in the world, but we have literally the best big man in the business right now in Doc Gallows. “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson is the best wrestler in the world. Gallows confirms they were the reason Slammiversary trended. Good Brothers shirts sold out immediately. They plug TalkinShopAMania. These days they dont even need a “Too Sweet” to celebrate, just a couple of beers.

Ace Austin’s music hits. He forgives them for what happened at Slammiversary, they just wanted to make names for themselves. Austin says he & Fulton are the top guys around here. No one is a better big guy than Fulton. Why don’t they share a beer and get an apology? Ace slaps Anderson’s beer out of his hand and they start brawling. Good Brothers quickly clear the ring.

– Heath asks the security guard if his name is on the list, but it’s not. He can’t use his last name anymore… so it’s just “Heath”. Meanwhile, Rhino’s arguing with Hernandez about the money they split last week. They’re going to have a match later to decide who gets it all.

– Chris Bey is getting pampered backstage by his girls. Rohit Raju sneakily takes his bubbly and wants to give a toast. Raju says he’ll be there for him if he needs someone to watch his back; certainly better than Johnny Swinger.

#2. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Havok & Neveah — Winners: Havok & Neveah by DQ after Tasha hit Havok in the back with a chair

– Sami Callihan finds Ken Shamrock and places blame on him for their loss at Slammiversary. Ken knows it already, he blames himself and tells Sami to talk to him next week.

– Rob Van Dam is with Katie Forbes. There’s been many changes and RVD’s all for it. Next week, Katie is charging fans to see even more of her body? Crazy.

#3. Hernandez vs. Rhino — Winner: Rhino with The Gore! (quickest match on record)

– The North have dominated the tag team division, at least til Slammiversary. Fans clamor for the Motor City Machine Guns, saying they changed the game. But the real fact, is The North has held the titles for over a year. Let’s put opinions over facts, and see if they can take the titles from them tonight.

– Deonna Purrazzo is here for a few words. She isn’t going to divulge her plan for the future. As the greatest technical wrestler in the world, there’s no one to compete against right now as Jordynne Grace is injured. Kylie Rae butts in and introduces herself as the #1 contender; it looks like she has an opponent after all. Deonna offers her a handshake. Kylie accepts, but Deonna tries locking in an armbar. Kylie fights back and the two need to be separated.

Eddie Edwards Address

Looking at the title, he says this feels right to once again, call himself Impact World Champion. Leading up to Slammiversary he talked about his journey, the ups and downs. That journey brought him back to the World Championship. It’s now over, and it’s time for a new journey to begin. Over the last couple of years, there’s been something missing. Stability. As a champion he has a goal. To be a champion the company can be proud of.

He has a duty to be a champion the fans can be truly proud of. The only thing harder than becoming a champion is staying champion. The last title defense was five months ago, but he’s about to change that. People have called him crazy in the past, but he’s here to tell us that as our World Champion, he is going to defend it every single week against anybody who thinks they deserve a shot.

Eddie Edwards is living proof that anything is possible. In his new journey, he will bring stability and credibility to the World Championship. Here comes the “World Class Maniac” Eric Young. Eddie cuts EY off before he can say anything, and tells him he deserves an ass kicking for what he did to Swann. Young calls him pathetic that he thinks he has any power in the way the title will be handled.

You want to talk about right? Nothing that’s happening right now is because of his journey. The reason they are swapping words about the world title, is because he made it so. Edwards hits a suicide dive on Young and some referees are out to split them up.

– Moose is backstage with the white strapped TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The interviewer asks him if he would defend it as often as Edwards said. Moose says that’s a dumb question, the only way anyone will get a shot is if he personally invites them. EC3 is one guy who would not get an invitation, but Fallah Bahh has one. That’s the message from the legend known as Moose… he better get ready.

– The interviewer asks Eddie Edwards if he’s got anyone to defend against. Trey shows up and asks if he’d be up for a title match next week. Eddie says if he wants it… he’s got it.

#4. [TNA World Heavyweight Championship] Moose vs. Fallah Bahh (w/ TJP) — Winner: Moose with the Lights Out Spear

EC3 surprises Moose and drops him with a Reverse DDT! Looks like he’s after the TNA World title.

– Outside in the parking lot, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton goad The Good Brothers in to an ambush from Reno Scum. Anderson & Gallows manage to fight them off before Austin & Fulton drive away to avoid another beating.

– Rosemary compliments Johnny Bravo on his good housekeeping. There’s some major flirting on going from Rosemary’s side. Taya Valkyrie is here and Rosemary is upset because she thought it would just be them. Rosemary asks Valkyrie if she likes a good party? So she summons several Impact wrestlers out of thin air. Crazzy Steve goes wandering and sits down on a sofa. He says “this is the craziest reality show ever”. Apparently, this will be a show called “Wrestle House”.

#5. [World Tag Team Championship] The North (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns — Winners: Motor City Machines become the NEW World Tag Team Champions!

After the show, Heath sneaks his way in to the building. What is he up too?

— Impact Wrestling Results (7/21/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (7/21/2020)

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