Impact Wrestling Results – July 26th, 2019


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing July 26th, 2019 (7/26/2019). Check the link if you missed last weeks results: July 19th

#1. Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan (Madison Rayne on commentary) – Winner:Jordynne Grace with a roll up

Really good opener, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordynne gets back to challenging for the Knockouts title.

– Brian Cage says tonight he’s got what he wants, which is a Street Fight with Michael Elgin. Cage is gonna put Elgin in the hospital so bad he will never return. They go head-to-head in the main event.

– Rosemary & Taya argue over what happened at Slammiversary. The champion is looking for some backup against Havok. Rosemary says their contract ran out, so unless she’s got something to offer? There’s no more help from her. Good luck against Havok. John E. Bravo says he will take care of it.

Callihan & Blanchard Standoff

Sami Callihan has a mic in the ring. The draw has something to get off his chest, demanding Tessa Blanchard’s presence. He’s not gonna lie, when he heard he was wrestling Tessa at Slammiversary, he figured it would be a cakewalk. The only thing is, Tessa showed she has heart, spunk, and fire. He mentions their win in the mix match tournament, to earn the chance to become #1 contender to the World title. Maybe he was wrong about Tessa? People want to talk crap online, but he should be looked at as a hero for giving the fans what they want.

Other guys refused the chance to wrestle her, so they took the chance and lit the world on fire. People like to use the term “intergender wrestling”, but it’s not intergender wrestling .. it’s just pro wrestling. And from one wrestler to another, he respects her. Callihan extends his hand, to show the respect she deserves. Tessa is reluctant at first, but does reciprocate. Rather arrogantly, Sami tells her he will “see you there toots”.

Tessa doesn’t like that and holds on to his arm, and then punches him in the face! She nails the Magnum as well. Backstage, oVe say they need to stick to the plan. Callihan gets back to them and is pissed. He tried to be a good guy .. he tried to treat Tessa like an equal. If she wants to play with the big boys? Then let’s see how tough she is on a date with Madman Fulton. And after that? They can get back to the plan of taking over everything! Thumbs up, thumbs down.

#2.  Moose vs. Ray Steel – Winner: Moose with the spear

Very quick match. Moose is starting to see things clearer now. It seems the only way to get an opportunity is not to be loyal to the company. He calls out Impact management for their choices of past World Champions, who conveniently are not around anymore.

Moose has put the company on his back. He’s the guy with the moniker “Mr. Impact Wrestling”; working day in, day out. He just beat RVD at Slammiversary .. and all he gets is this piece of garbage? Moose has a go at Don Callis, before assaulting his opponent further to send a message to management.

– John E. Bravo confronts Havok backstage. He says they can either do this the hard way .. or the fun way. He flirts and tries to kiss her .. but she chokes him out. Bravo manages to escape, telling her it looks like it will be the hard way after all.

– Rascalz smoky segment. They are still getting over dressing up like oVe. Dez says they have a singles match coming up, so they have to decide which one of them it will be. Lots of ramblings ensue about Wentz needing to go early to see the Jonas Brothers, and other Trey high jinks.

Gail Kim magically appears next to Wentz .. saying she is going to see the Jonas Brothers with him. They walk out and leave Dez & Trey on their own, with the goal of working towards the tag team titles. And after they win? Wentz isn’t invited.

– Madision Rayne calls Kiera Hogan a loser .. and they bicker. The interviewer wants her mic back, and leaves because they’re too much for her.

GWN Moment Of The Week: Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan at Bound For Glory 2009

– Ace Austin asks Alisha Edwards if she likes magic. He shows her a couple of tricks, but she’s not impressed and leaves. Some random brunette walks up and tells Austin she likes magic .. but Ace isn’t interested, as he does not go after single women.

#3. Rob Van Dam vs. Willie Mack – Winner: Rob Van Dam with the 5-Star Frog Splash

Mack looked great, and Rob really had to push himself to get this win. They shake hands afterwards.

– Ace Austin has a box for Alisha. A live bird will appear if she opens it .. but she doesn’t believe him. Austin pleads with her to put her hand in the box, and he promises there is a bird inside. Oh oh, Stone Rockwell is back and Alisha scarpers. He opens the box and grabs what’s in there .. which umm, is clearly Austin’s privates. What a horrible backfire.

– LAX are back. Ortiz has a lot on his mind. Konnan asks if he’s going to the ring drunk. Ortiz is anxious, saying Santana’s torn MCL isn’t going to heal over night, so he needs to think of something. Konnan tells him no, don’t do this emotionally .. let him take care of it. Daga is introduced, asking politely if Ortiz would like to team up while Santana is sidelined. But Ortiz is having none of it, and plans to take care of The North his own way.

– Michael Elgin feels scared of what he’s capable of doing tonight. He thinks Cage is scared too. Brian likes to call himself The Machine, but it keeps breaking down because of him.

#4. [X Division Title] Rich Swann (c) vs. Jake Crist (w/ Dave Crist) – Winner: Jake Crist becomes the new X Division Champion! With the Buck Eyed Drop and Madman Fulton’s interference.

– Jake Crist is so excited. He brings the title backstage to Sami Callihan, saying he did it. Callihan tells him no .. oVe did it. Jake reminds Sami he couldn’t beat Swann for the title. In future, he wants to go by the nickname the “Golden Draw” .. but Sami thinks it’s a stupid idea because the title is silver. Dave wants to know why he’s so upset with them, so Sami grabs him and yells in his face “Tessa! Blanchard!”.

– The main event doesn’t happen because Michael Elgin attacks the champion Brian Cage with a steel chair! He rolls Cage in to the ring and continues the assault. Elgin gets on the mic and says everything he said about the champ is true. Why would he not put the title on the line? Non-title means the only thing going for him is to break The Machine. Six security guards storm the ring and Elgin takes them all out.

Elgin sets Cage up in a nasty looking chair spot, but Melissa Santos rushes to the ring to save her husband. A masked man enters the ring and tries to spear Elgin .. but unluckily runs in to a steel chair. Elgin goes to unmask them .. but another masked man appears and reveals himself to be Rhino! GORE to Elgin! Rhino gets deep in to the crowd and reveals he’s wearing an Impact Wrestling shirt, displaying his loyalty to the promotion.

–Impact Wrestling Results 7/26/2019–

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