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Impact Wrestling Results (7/29/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing July 29th, 2021. We will see a huge rematch from Slammiversary, as well as Jay White teaming with Chris Bey vs The Good Brothers. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: July 22nd

Impact Wrestling Results (7/29/2021)

– Before the matches get started, Scott D’Amore is shown backstage with “big plans” reportedly in the works.

Chris Bey and Jay White vs The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson):

Jay White and Karl Anderson start the match off. The pair begin by trying to get a feel for each other. White begins to assert some control over Anderson and he tags in Bey. Bey quickly uses his speed, over and under Anderson before hitting him with a dropkick. Anderson moves the pair into the corner, and Gallows makes the tag. It’s all Gallows once he gets in the ring. He holds Bey in the air for a suplex, delaying the drop before planting him down and securing a two-count. Gallows works on keeping Bey isolated, before tagging back in Anderson. Anderson works over Bey with some rest holds in the middle of the ring. Gallows comes back in, and Bey needs to make the tag. A huge backbreaker, followed by a stiff lariat and Bey looks to be fading. Another rest hold as Anderson locks in a tight headlock. Bey pushes away before making his way to the top rope laying Gallows out with a cross body, and both men make the tag. Jay White doesn’t give Gallows a moments rest, fluid motions as Gallows gets no offence in. Bey is back in and secures a two-count on Anderson. Anderson grabs Bey and him and Gallows go for a Magic Killer but, White stops it. White only delays the inevitable, as the Good Brothers lift Bey up again and this time they hit the Magic Killer. 1-2-3, Good brothers win.

Winners: The Good Brothers

– Fire ‘N Flava appear in a backstage promo talking about how they’re still after getting their Impact Wrestling Knockouts Titles back. Fallah Bahh invites Tasha Steelz to be his partner at Impact Homecoming

Kaleb with a K w/ Tenille Dashwood vs Taylor Wilde:

Wilde’s return match and she quickly goes for a pin, only securing a one-count. Wilde launches herself at Kaleb who catches her, before throwing her off and laying her out. Wilde is floored, but she starts to use her speed to her advantage. Wilde looks to be racking up some serious momentum before Kaleb hits a superkick for a two-count. Kaleb attempts to hit Wilde with a bag whilst the referee is distracted but misses. The pair head to the outside with Wilde being caught in a cross body. Back in the ring, and a quick two-piece combination, followed by a german suplex pinning combination gets her the victory.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

– Backstage, Chris Bey is with Jay White. Bey says “he wanted his first match in the Bullet Club to be a W”. White reminds him he’s not in the Bullet Club yet, but says he believes in redemption.

– After an ad break, Josh Alexander demands a new match. Scott D’Amore says most people would relish a day off. He then announces that at Impact Wrestling Homecoming, it will be Josh Alexander vs Black Taurus of AAA.

– Deonna Purrazzo announces she is going to enter into the tag team tournament at Homecoming. She refuses to say who her partner will be at the event though.

Fallah Bahh, No Way and FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) vs Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera:

Bahh and Fulton start the match, Fulton attempts to lift Bahh but can’t manage it. Fulton is sent to the corner and all four men (No Way, Bahh, Robinson, Finlay) get sent into Fulton in the corner. The roles are quickly reversed, as Bahh is isolated away from his partner. Austin gets in some offence, but Bahh seems to revel in it. Bahh sits down onto Austin, and both men tag out. David Finlay is moving quick as a flash, going at Raju who also tagged in. He then takes out two men on the apron at the same time with a crossbody. He’s gathering real pace, but Fulton slides in and lays him out with a big boot. The match then turns into complete carnage as every man is in and out of the ring, attacking one another. Ace Austin begins to break down Fallah Bahh, kicking him to the outside. Austin then follows them outside, Fosbury Flopping onto the masses outside. The two legal men (Finlay and Raju) are back in the ring, and Raju attempts a roll-up. He doesn’t get the win, and Finlay hits the Trash Panda for the win.

Winners: Fallah Bahh, No Way, FinJuice

– In a backstage promo, Tommy Dreamer announces an Impact World Championship number #1 contenders battle royal in two weeks to determine Omega’s challenger at Emergence. Omega and Callis were less than pleased at the news.

– Back from an ad break, and the same “Drama King” Matt promo airs.

– Chris Bey and Jay White jump FinJuice backstage. Jay White made it clear last week that David Finlay was why he was in Impact Wrestling. White shouts at Finlay, telling him he can’t hide, and he will never beat White again.

– Omega, Gallows, Anderson and Callis head to the ring. Omega is without his Impact World Championship. The group brag about their conquests at Slammiversary 2021. Don Callis calls Tommy Dreamer an idiot, whilst Kenny Omega performs a Ric Flair strut around the ring. The lights go out and Sami Callihan is in the Impact Zone! Callihan calls Omega and co a bunch of b*tches. Callihan says Slammiversary was just the beginning, and proclaims in two weeks he will win the number #1 contenders Battle Royal match. He then announces that next week, it will be Callihan and two partners vs Omega and The Good Brothers. Callihan says he’s going to jump the guardrail, dropping a hint which wasn’t picked up on by those in the ring. Frankie Kazarian slides in and attacks the group. “The Elite Hunter” and Callihan clear the ring. They head to the back and bump into Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer confirms next week’s match. Kazarian says he needs Tommy Dreamer to be the partner, he declines. Instead, he whispers who the partner will be Kazarian and Callihan’s ears.

– Su Yung is back! She appears with a transformed Kimber Lee in the background. They proclaim, “my time is now”.

Brian Myers asks ECW wrestler Francine to be his partner. She says she should have been the first person asked. Since she wasn’t asked, she declines the offer.

VBD (Deaner and Rhino) w/ Eric Young and Joe Doering vs Rich Swann and Willie Mack:

VDB jump Mack and Swann before the match gets started. Mack and Swann quickly get back in control, sending the pair to the outside as the show heads to an ad break.

Back from the break, and Rich Swann and Willie Mack are dominating Deaner. Deaner creates a little distance and starts working over Swann. He tags in Rhino who proceeds to damage and taunt Swann, keeping him far away from Mack. Rhino asks if Deaner wants some and tags him back in as Eric Young shouts ‘hurt him’ at Deaner. Deaner does as Young requested, catching Swann in midair as he tries to tag out. Swann finally makes the tag and Willie Mack throws his body around, taking Deaner down. Mack keeps up this momentum until Young distracts the referee. Rhino and Deaner both secure two-counts on Mack, but can’t secure the win. Swann blind tags himself in, and gets a two-count from a spingboard cutter. The 1-2-3 comes shortly after, as a cutter from Mack followed by a 450 splash secures Mack/Swann the victory.

Winners: Rich Swann and Willie Mack

– Swingers Palace promo backstage. Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona, W.Morrissey and various others show up.

– Eddie Edwards tells W.Morrissey that he has nobody. This Saturday at Homecoming, he promises to beat Morrissey. Tommy Dreamer then asks Edwards if he will be Callihan and Kazarian’s partner next week. Edwards is reluctant due to his history with Sami Callihan but, he says he’ll do it for Tommy Dreamer.

Moose vs Chris Sabin:

Sabin gets four two-counts within the opening moments of the match, rolling Moose up over and over again. Moose heads to the outside, Sabin goes to meet him with a hurricanrana on the outside but Moose catches him. Moose proceeds to slam Sabin into the ring steps. They head back into the ring, as the crowd start performing duelling chants. Moose launches Sabin, and then begins to stalk his opponent. He grabs a bottle of water from a member of the audience, throwing it into Sabin’s face to wake him up. Sabin is tied in the ropes and Moose hits him with a huge chop. Someone in the crowd remarked, “I felt that”. and it’s tough to disagree. Moose teases another chop but decides against it. He starts trash-talking Sabin, who then bites his fingers. Sabin looks to be back in the match, unleashing a three-piece combination, rounded out with a beautiful springboard crossbody back to the outside. Sabin goes for the pin, but Moose kicks out at 1! Up to the top rope, Moose is attempting a Spanish Fly, but Sabin again bites him. Sabin drops Moose with a tornado DDT. Sabin can’t get the win, and then blink and you’d miss it Moose was back in control. Moose lined Sabin up for the spear, which he hits securing the win.

Winner: Moose

Post-match, Sabin and Moose had a brief brawl closing this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

— Impact Wrestling Results (7/29/2021)–

Moose vs Sabin Impact Wrestling

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