Impact Wrestling Results (7/8/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing July 8th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: July 1st

Impact Wrestling Results (7/8/2021)

#1. Brian Myers (w/ Sam Beale) vs. Jake Something — Winner: Jake Something with Black Hole Slam

Brian Myers gets on the mic and is ready to say something, but Sam Beale jumps Something from behind. Matt Cardona rushes to the ring to get revenge on Myers for taking him out.

– Deonna Purrazzo has no viable challengers, so what’s next? She is a two-time champion without Kimber Lee & Susan’s help and she hasn’t seen them do anything in the month’s they were by her side. The Virtuosa is so confident in herself, she is going to the ring to issue an open challenge.

– Sami Callihan is asked about how he feels before the contract signing tonight. He doesn’t get much time to answer before the sheriff shows up and tells him they have an arrest warrant. Callihan asks why, and is told it’s because he assaulted Don Callis, so he resists and is swarmed by security and put in cuffs. All Callihan can say is “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

#2. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost — Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via submission

Gail Kim comes to the ring and tells Purrazzo she is proud of her, but she’s here for Slammiversary. And to be clear, she is retired from wrestling and has nothing left to prove. Kim has talked to Scott D’Amore, and it has been decided that at Slammiversary, Purrazzo will face a mystery opponent. She better be prepared, because it’s not just their world that changes, it’s hers.

– Alisha asks The Swingerella’s how many hours they work, and it’s in the range of 180 a week. Chris Sabin enters Swinger’s Palace and wonders where the main man is. Oh well, he still loves this place. He’s about to sit down to play a game, but Moose charges in and completely destroys him and Swinger’s Palace. That’s what he gets for challenging him to a match at Slammiversary.

– Chris Bey is asked why he finally decided to pick a side last week. Honestly, he didn’t like his chances against the big guys in Ultimate X, but it doesn’t mean he likes those he sided with, he’s just helping himself to have the best opportunity.

Before the next match, W. Morrissey accepts Eddie Edwards’ challenge for a match at Slammiversary. He’s not going to show him respect to prepare, instead, he’s going to demonstrate and show you right now, exactly what will happen to you.

#3. W. Morrissey vs. Manny Smith, Jason Page & Jobber #3 — Winner: W. Morrissey

– Don Callis is asked if Sami Callihan assaulted him, and he confirms this to be true. It will take him a while to get over this, but should we be surprised? Look at his track record. He has proven to be a hazard to himself, other wrestlers and an entire company. Don isn’t taking this lightly, he didn’t come to Impact for this. He has footage of the incident and thinks everyone should see the kind of person he is.

We see footage of someone dressed up like Sami Callihan attack Callis, but we can’t see his face. Scott D’Amore apologizes for the unfortunate incident. Despite this, there will still be a contract signing and a match between Kenny Omega and Sami Callihan at Slammiversary.

#4. Susan & Kimber Lee vs. Rosemary & Havok — Winners: Rosemary & Havok

– Jazz is invited to ask Tenille Dashwood questions on It’s All About Me, but she completely no sells it and infuriates Dashwood to the point she attacks her from behind. After the break, Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace come to her aid and promise they will find her.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack come to the ring. They like to fight straight up like men, but there is a team back there who like to jump them from behind. That’s cool and all Violent By Design, but bring those tag titles down and they’ll knock their teeth down their throat. TJP & Fallah Bahh make their entrance, and they believe they have a common enemy, but here’s the thing, they both have scores to settle. If you think you can use that opportunity to leapfrog them for a shot at the titles, it’s not happening because they are at the front of the line. Willie Mack says they already had a title shot lined up, but Swann got an injury, so they are first. Fallah Bahh says that has an expiration date. Here comes Violent By Design.

The battle lines are drawn… and here come The Good Brothers. They say their priority is still Impact Wrestling because they will become champions again, and it doesn’t matter who is holding the titles, a Magic Killer will put that right. Tommy Dreamer’s music plays and here he comes. At Slammiversary, the tag team titles will be defended in a four-way with all of them involved. Tonight, we will have Fatal 4-Way with one wrestler from each team.

#5. Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows) vs. Rich Swann (w/ Willie Mack) vs. Deaner (w. Violent By Design) vs. TJP (w/ Fallah Bahh) — Winner: Karl Anderson

Next is up is the Slammiversary contract signing between Kenny Omega & Sami Callihan. Before that, Kimber Lee tells Susan she has a back up plan… it’s Father James Mitchell! Susan vaguely remembers him. Mitchell asks Lee if she’s sure this is what she really wants, and she agrees it’s all she has left. No promises on how long it will take to bring back Su Yung, but trust him, he’s a man of the cloth.

Slammiversary Contract Signing

Scott D’Amore didn’t expect his challenger to not be there, but he is confident Sami Callihan will be at Slammiversary. We do have the World Champion though, so let’s introduce Kenny Omega & Don Callis to the ring. Callis is disgusted and calls himself a victim after what happened, so Callihan may not be here, but Kenny Omega is, so why don’t we get this party started? D’Amore says sure, he asks Omega to check everything over in the contract. He wishes him luck. Blackout!

A video recording at a different angle of Callis’ earlier recording airs. This time, it shows that it was John E. Bravo dressed up as Callihan. The lights come back and he’s here with the bat! Omega knocks it out of his hand and they go at it. He tries to drive him through a table, but Sami low blows him. Thumbs up… thumbs down! He drops Omega square on his head with a package piledriver. Sami signs the contract to make it official. He isn’t done yet! Callihan powerbombs Omega through the table! He holds the Impact World title up high.

— Impact Wrestling Results (7/8/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (7/8/2021)

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