Impact Wrestling Results (8/11/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing on August 11, 2022. Did you miss the previous episode? You can catch up with the results here: 8/4

Impact Wrestling Results (8/11/2022)

#1. Kenny King vs. Karl Anderson — Winner: Karl Anderson with the Gun Stun

King attacks Anderson with a chair after the match. Heath saves the day before King can put Anderson on the shelf.

#2. Deaner vs. Kushida — Winner: Kushida


Eric Young says there is only one option. The designer needs to take control of what is rightly his. He has been saying this world does not belong to them, or us. This world belongs to Eric Young. That is Violent By Design.

#3. Tiffany Nieves vs. Killer Kelly — Winner: Killer Kelly with the Killer Clutch

#4. Mia Yim vs. Madison Rayne — Winner: Mia Yim

#5. [X Division Championship] Mike Bailey (c) vs. Rocky Romero — Winner: Mike Bailey with Ultimo Weapon

Scott D’Amore says he will always, in his heart, be a coach. He is honored that two of the best he has coached will square off one-on-one. He introduces Alex Shelley and Impact World Champion Josh Alexander. To any wrestling fan, this is a dream match, and Scott is excited to make this official tonight.

Alexander has exercised his right to sign first. Before they get too far, Josh says no one is more excited about this match than he is. See, the first time he bought a ticket to a wrestling show was in 2005, and Shelley was on the card that night. He remembered Shelley more than anyone else because he saw what everyone else has seen. He is unique and dares to be original in an unoriginal business. The day after that show he stepped in the ring for the first time. Since then, in those 17 years, they have never had a one-on-one match.

He’s faced so many Alex Shelley copycats along the way, so he will be honored to step in the ring with the real Alex Shelley. It will be his honor to beat the real Alex Shelley. Ok, it’s Shelley’s turn. He draws some parallels between their careers. Truthfully, he’s Impact World Champion and that’s something he wasn’t able to do. He asks if Alexander thinks he’s any different from those Alex Shelley clones. Josh says he’s more of a Chris Sabin guy, at least he’s won the big one. Why hasn’t he been able to do it? Unless the problem is self-sabotage?

When you have the World Championship on your shoulder every night, it comes with responsibility. He thinks Shelley is scared of that, but he hopes he’s over it. Alexander needs to beat Shelley better than his best because his best hasn’t been good enough to get the job done in the past. Shelley says he’s had an Impact title shot. He’s been in and out of the company over the years. He wants to talk about the pressures. At its core, Chris Sabin represents the company better than anyone. He worked through a lot of injuries to get there.

Shelley lists all the injuries Alexander has picked up over the years. But none of those will matter because he’s going to target his psyche. He will be transported back to 2005 and all he will see is a mark. At Emergence, he’s not leaving empty-handed, but he’s also not leaving with the World title. There’s your autograph, Josh. See you tomorrow for Emergence!

–Impact Wrestling Results (8/11/2022)–

Impact Wrestling Results (8/11/2022)

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