Impact Wrestling Results (8/19/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing August 19th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: August 12th

Impact Wrestling Results (8/19/2021)

Josh Mathews & Gia Miller are in the ring. They let us know Christian Cage is the new Impact World Champion after beating Kenny Omega on AEW Rampage. A fight between Eddie Edwards and W. Morrissey spills over in to the ringside area, interrupting proceedings. Sami Callian gets in the ring to help Eddie, just so he can grab a mic. He has a match tonight, but he doesn’t feel like waiting, so let’s get it on right now!

#1. Moose & Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Chris Sabin & Sami Callihan — Winners: Chris Sabin & Sami Callihan

Sabin stole the pinfall from Callihan, so he’s dropped hard on his head with a Piledriver.

– We see footage from NJPW Resurgence, when Guerrillas Of Destiny showed up to confront The Good Brothers. Anderson & Gallows got out of dodge. In a backstage promo, they quickly move on from that to talk about tonight. Gallows is in a match with Joe Doering and he’s more than ready.

– Sami Callihan wants a #1 contender match between himself, Moose, Ace Austin and Chris Sabin, and the winner will face either Christian Cage or Brian Myers. He says everyone should thank him for getting rid of Kenny Omega, because he was the one chipping away at him each week. Eddie Edwards comes in and tells him just because they teamed once doesn’t mean he can come help him out. Callihan again, isn’t happy that no one is showing him the respect he deserves.

#2. Matt Cardona (w/ Chelsea Green) vs. Shera (w/ Rohit Raju) — Winner: Matt Cardona

Madison Rayne’s Locker Room Talk

Johnny Swinger joins her, daddy. He tells her that while she was away, he came in to some cash and started up his own casino. Madison says at least it’s better than being on trial for shooting a man. She introduces Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K, although she seems to be sitting in another room that looks exactly the same (for her show “It’s All About Me”).

Madison asks Tenille why she sided with Madison Rayne. Dashwood has been looking for a perfect partner for a while, but she was under her nose the whole time. They couldn’t get it to work a year ago, but this time it will be different.

They introduce themselves as “The Influence”, because Tenille has all the social media followers, while Madison has the experience and title success. Johnny Swinger gets Kaleb’s back up, so he gets blocked and reported on social media. Tenille tells Kaleb to chill out, they have cloud now. He corrects her by saying they have clout… which is what she said. Either way, this is a long way of telling us their team is called The Influence.

– Josh Alexander is more than ready for Jake Something, and to become the face of this company. Christian Cage is a legend in this business, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to carry the Impact banner in the future. He doesn’t care how tough Jake Something is; he isn’t concerned. Jake gets in his face and tells him he should be, before he walks off to find Scott D’Amore. Kaleb is also there, asking for a match. Oh, he’s got it sorted out… let’s put them in the ring and make it a No DQ match! Sounds great.

Christian Cage Returns To Impact

He says it’s damn good to be back in the Impact zone after nine years, standing in the ring as Impact World Champion. Although he works for AEW, it was a pleasure to take the titles from Kenny Omega and bring them back to where they belong. In 2005, he walked out of the biggest company in the world, and Impact took a chance on him. They gave him the opportunity to main event for championships, to raise his stock, and that’s all he ever wanted. Like he said, this is surreal, thank you.

Talking about the history of Impact, this isn’t really about his history anymore. Maybe it’s time. He & management agreed that while the TNA Championship means so much, they should respectfully retire it. This isn’t about the past, it’s about the future. The Impact World Championship represents that, not the TNA title. From now on, the Impact World title will be recognized as the biggest prize in the company. The TNA Championship will be ingrained in his soul and the history of the company forever. We hand it to David Penzer and respect that it needs to go. The crowd chants “TNA”.

Now, as Impact World Champion, it’s time for business. Brian Myers enters. He says that maybe we should get Shark Boy out, or get the fans a brown bag special. It’s wonderful to reminisce on old times, but he’s here to talk about the future. He’s #1 contender, and for one calendar year he has been killing it in Impact. At Emergence, the title belongs to the Most Professional Wrestler.

Cage applauds him for getting out of Matt Cardona’s shadow and showing his face. He has it all figured out. Here’s the thing, he has all the potential, but he hasn’t figured out how to use it til now. There’s a saying though, you got to learn how to lose before you can learn how to win. He may have won the battle royal, but he has won nothing yet. There are levels to this game, and Christian says he is the best professional wrestler. Brian Myers looks as if he is walking out, but he pushes Sam Beale in to Christian. He takes him down and goes for Myers, but he backtracks. We’ll see this match tomorrow night.

Backstage, Melina asks Trey Miguel if he still has the treehouse. He still knows how to go high, but he asks if she can still do the splits. Melina says he will have to wait and see.

#3. Melina vs. Brandi Lauren — Winner: Melina via submission

Deonna Purrazzo attacks Melina from behind. Matt Rehwoldt comes out to help Purrazzo, but Trey Miguel is here to make the save. He & Melina hold the ring, as Purrazzo holds her title up high.

John Skyler talks about his shocking win from last week. He doesn’t think it was, he was simply the better man. It wasn’t Raju who rolled him up… oh wait, the camera pans away to show Juice Robinson has been attacked, and David Finlay is seeing to him.

#4. [No Disqualification] Jake Something vs. Kaleb with a K — Winner: Jake Something by spearing Kaleb through a table

Josh Alexander comes down to the ring for a brief staredown with Something.

Su Yung is holding a lock of (Kiera Hogan’s) blue hair. Kimber Lee calls her Mother, and says they have a new soul, but it won’t be the last.

#5. Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) vs. Joe Doering (w/ Violent By Design) — Winner: Joe Doering with a Lariat to a flying Gallows*

*This came after both wrestlers went through the stage floor (because of Gallow’s Sky High), passed out, and slowly made their way back to the ring minutes later.

See you tomorrow night for Impact Wrestling Emergence!

— Impact Wrestling Results (8/19/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (8/19/2021)

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