Impact Wrestling Results – August 2nd, 2019


Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing August 2nd, 2019 (8/2/2019). Check the link if you missed last weeks results: July 26th

#1. [X Division #1 Contender’s] Wentz vs. Aiden Prince vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chuck Mambo vs. Cody Deaner vs. Petey Williams  – Winner: Aiden Prince with the 450 Splash on Mambo

Another good opening match, this time with an unexpected winner. The 450 was picture perfect.

– Backstage, Jake Crist is still high from his X Division title win last week. Callihan wants the belt, but Jake refuses to let him see it, and stresses it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him. Sami moves on from that as there’s bigger fish to fry in Tessa Blanchard. He’s sick of her, and now she has to deal with Madman Fulton. She’s going down tonight, thumbs up, thumbs down.

– Tessa Blanchard enters the building and walks in to Rich Swann. He believes in her, but Madman Fulton is a psychopath. And not only is Fulton a loose cannon, he’s over 7 foot tall with oVe behind him running interference. Swann offers to back her up, but Tessa wants to handle this on her own.

#2. Jessicka Havok vs. John E. Bravo (w/ Taya Valkyrie) – Winner: Havok with the Chokeslam

Havok completely destroyed him. Immediately after, Su Yung appears on the titantron screen speaking a language the announcers cannot understand. Su has not been happy with Havok since she cost her a shot at the Knockouts title, so it’s likely she’s returning the favor when Havok faces Taya Valkyrie.

– Ethan Page tells Josh Alexander to stop yelling as they’ve got nothing to worry about. They won at Slammiversary and are returning home with the gold. Tonight, they got The Rascalz, next week they get some form of LAX. Page stresses Josh has nothing to worry about, but he’s only angry because he wants to go down as the most dominant tag team ever.

– Stone Rockwell is on the mic. He wants to reintroduce himself .. we’re looking at the first “adventurer” in Impact Wrestling. Ace Austin makes his entrance, and does not look impressed because Rockwell cost them in the Mix Match tournament.

#3. Ace Austin vs. Stone Rockwell – Winner: Ace Austin with The Fold

A rather easy victory for Ace. He celebrates momentarily, before being attacked from behind by Eddie Edwards. He destroys Ace for messing around with his wife Alisha Edwards last week.

– Madison Rayne catches Tessa Blanchard by the lockers. As the locker room leader, Madison feels really happy to see this match. She wants to help .. but again, Blanchard is not interested.

– Alisha screams at Eddie for destroying Ace, but Eddie tells her he’s just looking out for her. I’m siding with Eddie on this one, Ace was begging her to put her hand in a box with his privates in .. so it’s only right.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Moose is already there (on the mic) spouting truth about Impact management on the mic. He’s no longer responsible for his actions, and starts gouging Rockwell’s eye out. Fallah Bahh enters, and Moose insults him by saying he can now see his balls having lost 100 pounds? Alright then. He beats Fallah down because he’s that damn good, apparently.

#4. Moose vs. Fallah Bahh – Winner: Fallah Bahh with the Banzai Drop

A very short match, and so much happened in the span of five minutes I’m still trying to process. In a post match interview, Moose is in disbelief and calls Fallah a fat piece of garbage.

#4. Tessa Blanchard vs. Madman Fulton (w/ Sami Callihan) – Winner: Madman Fulton by DQ due to Tommy Dreamer’s interference

Madman Fulton dominated much of the match. As Callihan wants to add a steel chair to the mix, Tommy Dreamer runs to the ring with a kendo stick and attacks Fulton to force the DQ. Tommy & Tessa get kendo sticks each, and take out Callihan’s monster.

– Michael Elgin thinks it’s very fitting how Rhino targeted him. Elgin doesn’t know what it’s like where he used to be employed .. but the fact is, he’s going to put the Man Beast in the hospital. Everyone who’s been put in front of him since getting to Impact has been a coward. He hopes Rhino did not pack too many bags, as he won’t be staying around long.

– Some new girl walks in to the locker room and sits down on the sofa. Kiera Hogan tells her to get out of her seat. Madison Rayne walks in and argues with Kiera about the locker room rules. They bicker to the point the new girl gets tired of it and walks out.

Flashback Moment Of The Week: AJ Styles (c) vs. Sting at Bound For Glory 2009 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

– Jimmy Jacobs has gone all the way to Brian Cage’s house to get a word on his status. His wife Melissa Santos answers the door and tells him he’s not available. Jacobs badgers her for answers, til she caves and tells him she’ll give everyone all the details next week.

– Rhino says f**k legal actions. He’s having more money thrown at him than any other time in his career. But he don’t give a f**k about money, because only one thing is true .. which is wherever he goes, violence follows. There’s a Rhino on the loose, and everyone’s gonna get a motherf***ing Gore! Gore! GORE! – Holy bleep Batman, that’s an old school Rhino promo right there.

#5. [World Tag Team Championship] The North, Ethan Page & Josh Alexander (c) vs. The Rascalz, Dez & Trey – Winners: The North

The North say they are the best tag team in the world. They walk backstage and are ambushed by Ortiz with a trash can lid. They fight back and hold him with some cable, but luckily Daga’s there to save the day. We’re still unsure if he will partner with Ortiz in LAX while Santana’s out. Konnan does not look impressed with Ortiz. And that’s all folks! See you next week, thank you.

–Impact Wrestling Results 8/2/2019–

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