Impact Wrestling Results (8/4/2020) — Moose vs. Heath


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing August 4th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Edwards vs. Trey

#1. [TNA World Heavyweight Championship] Moose (c) vs. Heath — Winner: Moose with a low blow

– Willie Mack is on hand. He tells us about not having any clue what Rich Swann is announcing tonight. Eric Young was an original here, but when he came back like a dirtbag he hurt his homey. There’s things he wants to see about the guy but can’t on TV. He’s having to wait to see what Swann says like everyone else, but he’s here for him.


– EC3 says he’s been punished for his name. To enjoy freedom he has to destroy his past. A personal goal and a personal surmise. There are no lengths he will not go to, to reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight title. Moose has been warned.

Motor City Machine Guns Address

– Jimmy Jacobs introduces the new champions, the Motor City Machine Guns Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, to the ring. Shelley says he’s known Sabin & Jacobs half of his life, and he knows how they have dedicated their lives to wrestling. It feels like their hard work is paying off, and they had to come back to Impact to challenge themselves. Shelley is proud of his work in New Japan and Sabin’s TNA title win. He calls Sabin a modern day medical miracle for coming back from all the injuries he’s sustained. Sabin says it’s been eight years since they teamed up, and he felt the chemistry when they started training together again.

They talk about some of the tag teams in Impact, including “the best” AKA The North. The former champs interrupt and Josh Alexander is not sorry. Jealous of the preferential treatment, The North had to earn their title shots while MCMG were given it automatically. Alexander saying they beat The North enrages Ethan Page. He says they didn’t beat them at their most prepared. Shelley says they had to learn the lesson that they wouldn’t be champions forever and calls them Rick Martel and Rick Steiner ripoffs. The North will get their rematch but it will be on their terms. Josh Alexander says they plan on taking their titles back at Emergence.

Backstage, Kimber Lee walks in to Deonna Purrazzo’s room. She’sgiving a warning to the champ, that she will lose the title if she allows Jordynne Grace to handle her like she did last week. Lee wants to make magic with her by taking out Grace, but wants a title shot if she does. Purrazzo agrees to the deal.

Wrestle House Episode 2

Taya Valkyrie encourages everyone in to the living room. Last week, she had a real eye opening experience (seeing Abyss). She feels like she is trapped in Wrestle House and is not making the most of it. Susie’s still making truces between the tag teams. Valkyrie says it’s not her fault everyone else in the house has bad hygiene. Nevertheless, she wants to do a bonding exercise and get rid of the BO (body odor)at the same time. Johnny Bravo hands out personal grooming kits. Alisha Edwards tells Susie that Cousin Jake likes her.

Kylie Rae hates to be that person, but she asks when they are getting back to the Impact zone, because she’s #1 contender to the Knockouts title. According to Rosemary, they can only leave when Bravo takes the hint (that she likes him). Alisha wants to give Susie tips in how to get a man, and Johnny Swinger cuts in. She says she’s married and he couldn’t handle her, but Swinger claims he could take ’em both. Tommy Dreamer thinks that sounds like a challenge… match time!

#2. [Wrestle House Handicap] Johnny Swinger vs. Alisha Edwards & Susie — Winners: Alisha Edwards & Susie with a double splash

Meanwhile, Johnny Bravo is picking up the grooming kits. Kylie Rae introduces herself and asks about Rosemary. Kylie was talking to her earlier, and she tells him they can’t leave the house til he gets the hint. Bravo knows what she wants and can take a hint.

– Back at the Impact zone, someone’s been messing around with The Good Brother’s car and their beers. Looks like Ace Austin is trying to get them in trouble with the local police. Gallows accidentally hits an officer and is arrested.

– Brian Myers AKA Curt Hawkins is coming soon to Impact Wrestling.

– Before the next match, Rob Van Dam assaults Sami Callihan before he can get to the ring. He embarrassed his girlfriend last week.

#3. [World Championship Open Challenge] Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Sami Callihan — Winner: Eddie Edwards retains with two Boston Knee Party’s

– Back to Wrestle House. Kylie Rae asks Johnny Bravo if he’s OK, but it looks like he’s leaving. Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary come looking for him and Kylie tells them he left. They ask what Kylie said to him, and she tells them it was something about hints. Dreamer appears outta’ nowhere… MATCH TIME!!

#4. [Wrestle House] Rosemary vs. Kylie Rae (w/ special guest referee Taya Valkyrie) — Winner: Kylie Rae with a super kick*

*Johnny Bravo appeared mid-match and distracted Rosemary by chanting for her. Valkyrie was slow counting the whole time, but still went through with the pin.

Bravo knows about Rosemary’s feelings and they talk about it while Taya is showboating about being the best referee of all time. When she’s finished, she tells Bravo off and grabs him by the ear

– Back to the Impact Zone, Karl Anderson attacks Ace Austin but is quickly taken out by Madman Fulton. Gallows is still at the police station, so there’s no one to save him.

– Hernandez is still annoyed about losing his money to Rhino, so he’s asking Reno Scum to get it back. As long as money is involved, they’re up for it.

#5. Chris Bey & Rohit Raju vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh — Winners: TJP & Fallah Bahh when TJP made Bey submit to a cross armbreaker

– Rich Swann enters the Impact Zone on crutches and is wearing an ankle brace. With hard work, dedication, heart, love and support, he was able to become a professional wrestler. He was able to prove the doubters wrong and live his dream. Swann blew everything in his ankle, to the point the doctor said he will likely be limping for the rest of his life. Months went by and Swann recovered, proving the doctor wrong. At Slammiversary, he knew he had to take a spot in the main event. But Eric Young’s jealousy and hate ruined his career and sent him back to seven months ago.

This time it’s a little different though, the doctor says if he gets back in the ring his life may change. After thinking about his family and future, Rich tells us he has no choice but to retire. He thanks all the fans, the boys and girls in the back, the production team, the commentators and everyone else. The locker room pours out and applauds him. In the final seconds of the show, Swann looks back on his peers from the stage. Eric Young appears and attacks his ankle again with the crutch! And the guys quickly chase him off.

— Impact Wrestling Results (8/4/2020)–

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