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Impact Wrestling Results (8/5/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing August 8th, 2021. We will see a #1 Contender’s Match for the X Division Championship, and much more. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: July 29th.

Quick Results and Important Moments:

  • Chris Bey defeated Juice Robinson
  • Melina vs Deonna Purrazzo for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship at NWA Empowerrr was made official.
  • Jake Something defeated Daivari, Rohit Raju and Trey Miguel – X Division Championship #1 Contender’s Match
  • Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering defeated Fire ‘N Flava – Post-match Savvanah Evans debuted as Fire ‘N Flava split
  • Steve Maclin defeated JAH-C
  • Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian defeated The Elite (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson & Kenny Omega)

Impact Wrestling Results (8/5/2021)

Chris Bey w/ Jay White vs Juice Robinson w/ David Finlay:

Bey is showing a far more vicious side to him from the word go, not waiting for the bell and taking it straight to Robinson. He remains in control for much of the early stages, if this is Bey’s chance to show Jay White he’s a good fit for the Bullet Club, then he’s taking it. Robinson creates an opportunity for himself, but he misses a senton in the corner and it’s once again all going Chris Bey’s way.

Bey hits a fameasser for a two count, before Robinson strikes back with a spine-buster, however he can’t make the cover and is visibly exhausted. The pair trade offence, as both men try to get that big break. Jay White climbs onto the apron and David Finlay pulls him down. The pair then begin to brawl up the entranceway. Amidst the confusion, Chris Bey hits the Art of Finesse for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Chris Bey

Post-match, Finlay attempts to slide into the ring and attack Bey, but the latter swiftly gets away. Jay White then hands Chris Bey a Bullet Club shirt, officially making him a member of the stable. His arrival is sealed with a two sweet.

– A backstage promo airs as VBD tell The Good Brothers they will be using their rematch clause for the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships at Emergence. This promo also saw a call back to Doc Gallows time as Festus in WWE, as well as The Elite declaring themselves as the three best trio of wrestlers in the world.

– Back in the ring, and “Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt says tonight he shares his spot as the Homecoming King with his queen Deonna Purrazzo. The Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion heads to the ring, as the lights dim and roses are thrown at the pair. The crowd begins to chant, ‘no one likes you’ at the duo. Purrazzo says she has been racking up accolade after accolade since she joined Impact Wrestling. She proceeded to list her accomplishments as the crowd again voice their displeasure chanting ‘no one cares’, Purrazzo takes the comments in her stride. She laughs at winning the Homecoming crown with Rehwoldt, as Hardcore Country comes through the speakers, and Mickie James heads to the ring.

Purrazzo says Mickie is once again trying to steal her spotlight. James says that isn’t the case, instead she is here to have Purrazzo sign the contract for her Knockouts Championship match at NWA Empowerrr. Purrazzo says before she will even look at the contract, she needs to know who her opponent is. James says she’s in luck, as her opponent is here tonight and former WWE Women’s Champion Melina heads to the ring. Purrazzo signs the contract and so does Melina, and it’s official for NWA Empowerrr. Purrazzo tells Melina it’s an honour to meet her, but at Empowerrr it’ll be an honour to beat her. Melina says she knows on her first attempt Purrazzo won the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship, and that Empowerrr, Melina declares she will do the exact same thing.

– Backstage and Taylor Wilde says she has been off ‘taking a walk on the wild side’. The reason she has not been seen on Impact for some time is that someone called border control and said she was a suspicious person. As a result, she was stuck in Canada, and could not appear in America. Wilde implies it was Kaleb with a K, and that’s why she beat him last week. Now, she wants Tenille Dashwood next week.

– A vignette airs showing the new dark side of Kimber Lee, she is with Su Yung and calls her mother. Just like last week, Su Yung declares Lee’s time has come.

Jake Something vs Daivari vs Rohit Raju w/ Mahabali Sheera vs Trey Miguel – X Division #1 Contender’s Match:

The herd in the ring immediately thins, as Jake Something takes out Daivari. Raju and Miguel run the ropes, and Raju dives to the outside. Miguel then heads to the top rope, performing a picture-perfect moonsault to the outside. Raju, Daivari and Miguel end up sitting on the apron, as Jake Something runs down the ramp and hits all three men with a cross-body.

Back from an ad-break, and Something is in control. He has all three men in separate corners, and is making his way around the ring. Daivari and Raju join forces in an attempt to take out Something, but the bigger man gets the better of them both. He launches Raju at Daivari as the former hit a DDT on the latter. Jake Something is finally taken down as Miguel hits a series of kicks. With Something out of action, Miguel begins to take down both Raju and Daivari, locking one in a hold as he suplexed the other. Jake Something heads back into the ring breaking up a pinfall attempt, as him and Miguel run through a sequence of moves with neither man getting an advantage. Something hit a huge powerbomb on Miguel, followed by throwing out Raju. He then sent Daivari bouncing off the ropes, before laying him out with the Blackhole Slam for the win.

Winner and new #1 Contender: Jake Something

– Backstage Raju and Sheera have an altercation with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green.

– After an ad-break Josh Alexander tells Daivari if he beats him, he will face him for the X Division Championship as well.

Fire ‘N Flava (Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan) vs Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering:

With Grace/Ellering’s music still playing Fire ‘N Flava try to get the jump on their opponents. The strength of Grace/Ellering proves to be too much, as they quickly get the advantage. Tasha Steelz is kept well away from Hogan as Grace and Ellering make a series of quick tags, dominating Steelz. Grace lifts Steelz up for a Muscle-Buster, but she slides off and manages to send Grace towards Hogan in her corner. Hogan tags in for the first time in the match, as she goes on the offensive. Hogan and Steelz remain in control of the contest until they attempt a double-suplex on Grace who reverses the move.

Grace and Ellering run riot on Hogan after a hot tag. Steelz was sent outside of the ring, as Hogan was left on her own. Ellering and Grace lift up Hogan, who shouted for Steelz to help. They then hit Hogan with an assisted slam, as Grace and Ellering get the pinfall victory.

Winners: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

Post-match Tasha Steelz turns on Kiera Hogan as Savannah Evans arrives in Impact Wrestling. Steelz stands still with her arms crossed as Evans attacks Hogan.

– Backstage, Kazarian promises that he will rip out the heart of The Elite tonight. He says he trusts Tommy Dreamer’s choice to partner Eddie Edwards with Sami Callihan.

– VBD tell Scott D’Amore that they want to activate their rematch clause. He grants the match at Impact Wrestling Emergence, but also adds Willie Mack and Rich Swann to the bout.

Steve Maclin vs JAH-C:

Maclin attacks JAH-C before the bout begins, and maintains total control over JAH-C. On multiple occasions, he could have won the match but would let JAH-C out of his pinfall attempts at the count of 2. He then argued with the referee, saying that he knows the rules and he’s allowed to do it. He finally lifts JAH-C up for the Mayhem for All and gets the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Post-match, Maclin attacks JAH-C and then goes to grab a steel chair. Before he can use it, Petey Williams hits the ring and makes the save. The pair have a face-off, as Maclin heads to the back. Seemingly setting up a future match in Impact for the pair.

– A new episode of Tenille Dashwood’s ‘It’s All About Me’, she introduces Impact Wrestling’s doctor. Scott D’Amore says the doctor has better things to be doing, and sends him away. He tells Dashwood investigations were set to happen into Taylor Wilde’s accusations from earlier in the show. Instead, he proposes a match between Dashwood and Wilde, which he schedules without Dashwood replying.

– Chris Sabin says in his 21 years in the wrestling business, no one has made him feel hatred like Moose does. He says he is going to win next week’s Impact Wrestling Title #1 Contender’s Battle Royal, and will make sure Moose never lifts the Impact World Title.

– Daivari vs Alexander, Dashwood vs Wilde, and FinJuice vs Bey and White are confirmed for next week’s show.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs Frankie Kazarian, Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards:

Main event time! Pre-match, Don Callis runs through his usual Kenny Omega hype promo this time mentioning Charlotte, Ric and David Flair in the list of names Omega is better than.

Kazarian, Edwards and Callihan make a beeline for The Elite before the match gets started, plenty of bad blood in this one. The bell rings and Callihan immediately goes for the piledriver, but Gallows makes the save. Kazarian tags in and gets a very solid reception from the crowd. ‘The Elite Hunter’ is finally getting his hands on Omega and co, and isn’t pulling his punches. Omega gets some offence of his own in, as the show heads to an ad-break.

Back from the break and Gallows has tagged in, Kazarian is on the floor in The Elite’s corner. He dodges and ducks all three of his opponents, as he rolls over to his corner taggign in Edwards. Edwards makes an immediate Impact, but misses a top rope hurricanrana due to Omega holding Karl Anderson’s feet down. Anderson hits a diving neckbreaker and tags in Omega. Omega gets in a few blows before tagging back in the big LG. Edwards has a brief moment of hope, but Gallows quickly drops him. Anderson tags back in, and both The Good Brothers run at Callihan and Kazarian on the ropes. Omega gets Gallows on his back, and Anderson leaps over as they hit a triple splash for a two count. The Elite keep regularly rotating the active man, maintaining plenty of stamina in the group. Despite all the damage he’s taken Edwards fights back, as both men make the tag and it’s Omega vs Callihan for the first time since Slammiversary.

Carnage ensued as the match broke down, with all six men hitting big moves on each other. As some sense of normality was restored, Edwards had Anderson lined up for the Boston Knee Party, but Omega looked set to stop him. Out of nowhere, Callihan would emerge and hit a piledriver on the apron on Omega. Edwards would seize the opportunity, hitting the Boston Knee Party on Anderson for the win.

Winners: Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan and Frankie Kazarian

Post-match W.Morrissey attacks Edwards, hitting a giant powerbomb on him as the show goes off the air.

— Impact Wrestling Results (8/5/2021)–

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