Impact Wrestling Results – August 9th, 2019


Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing August 9th, 2019 (8/9/2019). Check the link if you missed last weeks results: August 2nd

#1. [X Division Championship] Jake Crist (c) vs. Aiden Prince  – Winner: Jake Crist retains with the Super Cutter

Impact are making it a habit of starting shows with good matches. The home boy Aiden Prince certainly impressed, but he’s not ready for the title yet.

– Konnan and Daga are talking. Santana’s still in the hospital, so Konnan explains Ortiz is a little emotional. Ortiz walks in and Daga tells him he doesn’t need any apologies for the way he was talked to. Daga’s handed a beer, which is Ortiz’s way of saying he’s onboard with them teaming tonight.

– Jimmy Jacobs gets a word with Taya Valkyrie. Impact management want her to defend the Knockouts title against Havok, but she’s not happy about it. John E. Bravo is sporting a neck brace after being chokeslammed last week.

#2. Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: Ace Austin by disqualification

Alisha isn’t happy with Eddie for continuing to hurt Ace. He gets frustrated and walks off, telling her to stay with him. A continuation of last week’s beat down.

– Tessa Blanchard gives her thoughts about Jake Crist interfering in her #1 contender match with Sami Callihan at Unbreakable. Understandably, Tessa’s very upset as she wanted to prove herself one-on-one with Sami; like two professional wrestlers. So what does this mean for her going forward? It means she’s coming after Sami.

– Moose catches up with Fallah Bahh while he’s eating. He says Impact Wrestling doesn’t need him anymore, as he’ll always be a fat joke. Fallah’s having none of it and a brawl ensues. Moose throws food in Fallah’s face, temporarily blinding him, and forces more food down his throat. Fallah is left laying in catering.

#3. Alexia Nicole vs. Madison Rayne (Kiera Hogan on commentary) – Winner: Madison Rayne with CrossRayne

Kiera Hogan enters the ring and bickers with Madison. Alexia starts brawling with them, but they quickly partner up and take her down. Jordynne Grace rushes out to save Alexia, and scares the duo away.

– Rascalz Treehouse segment. They’re not pleased about failing to win any titles last week. The good news is, Wentz saw someone really cool in the corridor. They talk about the legends behind the man; like how you can get a contact high just by touching him. Rob Van Dam enters like an angel and confirms everything they said. They’re so psyched to see him, they start wrestling each other and imitate his moves. RVD can only say “what the f**k, I thought this was meant to mellow us out?”.

#4. [Knockouts Championship] Taya Valkyrie (c) (w/ John E. Bravo) vs. Jessicka Havok  – Winner: No Contest due to Su Yung’s entrance

Havok & Su Yung fight in the ring. Su gets the claw on and sends her falling to the outside. Havok screams in frustration. I have no idea who the face is in this situation.

– Jimmy Jacobs interviews Melissa Santos. He asks about the relationship between her & Brian Cage. Melissa says not many expected it as they kept it quiet, because they wanted to be professional at work. Watching Elgin trying to take her husband’s career away wasn’t easy to watch, so she had to do something about it. Wrestling is Brian’s life, and she doesn’t want anyone taking it away.

Melissa wishes she could say Cage would be better tomorrow, but he has to see more specialists to find out exactly where the injuries are. Jacobs asks about the status of the World title, and Santos isn’t thrilled to admit there may be more important things to worry about than World Championships.

– The Deaners are drinking in a bar. Desi Hit Squad walk in and tell them they look and smell like trash. Rohit Raju spits a drink in their faces and provokes a bar room brawl. The Deaners take them out, leaving Gama Singh to beg for his life. He runs away through the entrance doors.

Deaners celebrate prematurely, and are struck in the heads by two beer bottles. Raju tells them they are beneath them. Later on, The Deaners cut a serious promo outside by a tree, probably on their farm. They want to show the Desi Hit Squad what hard work is all about.

#5. Stone Rockwell vs. Nate Mattson  – Winner: No Contest due to Rhino’s Gore on Mattson

– After the match, Rhino gestures to the crowd for another Gore. Stone Rockwell offers him food .. but it’s not enough to stop the Man Beast. Rhino grabs a mic and calls out Michael Elgin, who quickly enters with a microphone in hand.

Big Mike says Rhino only targeted him because everyone’s being talking about him. Elgin lists everyone he’s sent to the hospital so far. And the only bad news, is that he only does things on his terms. Rhino impatiently says if he’s not coming down to the ring .. then he’s going to him! They meet outside the ring and wild punches are thrown before security rushes out to split them up.

– Ace Austin is bragging to backstage staff about his win over Eddie Edwards. Austin says he’s got a full proof plan for Eddie .. he’s gonna bag his wife.

Flashback Moment Of The Week: Abyss vs. Mick Foley in Monster’s Ball, with (Dr.) Stevie Richards as Special Guest Referee at Bound For Glory 2009

– Desi Hit Squad talk about the challenge from The Deaners. After showing some initiative, Gama Singh slaps Rohit Raju and steals his idea of making The Deaners their servants when they win the match.

– oVe have trouble getting their promo started, due to Madman Fulton being fired up. Sami Callihan says he is now the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. He doesn’t agree with Tommy Dreamer saving Tessa Blanchard at Unbreakable. Sami chooses Dave Crist as his partner, as they challenge Tommy & Tessa to a tag team match next week. And in case you didn’t know, the winner will take over everything! Everything! Everything! Thumbs up, thumbs down!

#6. The North, Ethan Page & Josh Alexander vs. LAX, Ortiz & Daga (w/ Konnan)  – Winners: The North with the Alleyoop

A good main event, but nothing to write home about. Despite losing, Ortiz shows respect to Daga. LAX will continue like this til Santana is fit to return. And that’s all the time we have .. so good night everyone! And thank you.

–Impact Wrestling Results 8/9/2019–

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